Post funny voice acting!

We already have a thread for silly glitches, so let’s have one for another of my favourite game features: weird voice acting! You can post hilariously terrible voice acting, intentionally bizarre voice acting, whatever you want as long as it makes you laugh.

I’ll start with this amazing speech from Star Ocean 4.

Here’s Shadow the Hedgehog at his all-time edgiest.

I didn’t get very far into Star Ocean 5 because it got super boring, but I did enjoy this guy.

And to conclude, here is a wonderful video of Majima from Yakuza 0 getting way into a karaoke performance.


Now bear my arctic blast

There’s one that I really wanna find but can’t remember what exactly it is… it’s a video of all the lines Troy Baker (or someone similar) had to shout in some anime-ass game where everyone has to announce their attacks a million different ways. Someone pointed out that it just sounds like Troy Baker getting increasingly frustrated that he can’t remember his password and it transformed the video into the best thing ever. Someone’ll know it.


This one always comes to mind when I think of ridiculous voice acting.

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Dynasty Warriors has you covered.


How has noone posted the greatest line in VG history?

Also my absolute favourite line in any video game ever


I’m gonna go with the obvious here, but Chaos Wars is fantastic.

"Keee. Keee."

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All the videos from Geop’s Metal Wolf Chaos LP, running right now.


Michigan: Report From Hell is amazing.

It’s horrible what happened to Pamela.

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The PC-Engine is one of my favorite gaming systems. But the voice acting for it stateside as the Turbo left a lot to be desired. Every game that has English VA has these problems too it’s not just the bad acting but the fact everything sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom into a tin can.

Thank you Capcom in the 90s, for making Megaman 8 and X4 works of art.


This video is practically a piece of internet history at this point, but I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t post it.

The Tales of games are usually good for this.


Every spoken word in Extermination for the PS2 is sheer performance gold.

A funny line read from RE1 that hasn’t been made into a meme yet. Shout out to Lady Naga and her Resident Evil series LP for introducing me to this.

This entire scene cracks me the hell up every time.


I see Star Ocean 4 continued the series’ legacy for voice acting.
I bought Star Ocean 3 once and returned it in the same week. This is just a small example of why I returned it. (although this is an ending scene, so, :spoiler:, not one I saw while playing)

They’re trying to get to the UGHAIIIIEEYY

I didn’t see any Deus Ex, so here’s JC consoling a young woman over the death of her father.

The most phoned in AAA video game sex scene dialogue. (Video is safe for work)

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I know it’s not in a game but the Big Green dub of Dragonball is hilarious for this alone.