Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


Most are only two steps, or one if the move already does a really useful thing.


Life Life’s boost is ridiculous. It’s GREAT because half my team could learn it, but it’s like…X Scissors is now strictly inferior than LEECH LIFE of all things. It doesn’t even have an increased crit chance like other scissor/blade like moves. It’s so silly.

Also if they ever have Alder show up again he’s going to be busted as hell, bug types have become so strong.


I really love how SuMo buffed way more attacks than nerfed, so many attacks are now SUPER GOOD/better. Giga drain being 70 power now makes my Quiver Lilligant even more of a powerhouse.

(Fuck the dark void nerf tho, Darkrai is so boring now)


Manectric is my only “fav” that got a mega, and I at least appreciate how goofy it makes them look.


My setup for Mimikyu was Z-Splash/Play Rough/Shadow Sneak/Shadow Claw.

Play Rough is terrifying.


Please don’t tip this pup over.


I’m fine with Dark Void nerf only because of Smeargle’s using it in the VGC tournaments. I’d almost bet that’s why it got nerfed.


I keep forgetting about Smeargle and every few months am always surprised at being reminded of those set ups so I understand the nerf now lol. They coulda atleast not made it worse than Hypnosis though.

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Man, Team Skull was pretty great all around. I actually felt sorry for Guzma for a while, too.
Did you know that you can purchase the Team Skull wifebeater? It’s pretty awesome.

Also Nanu. If I was any character in the pokemon world, It would totally be Nanu. He is the best and no one can tell me otherwise.


Incidentally, would this be a good place to discuss Pokemon Showdown, or should there be a separate thread for Pokemon battle simulators of the same sort?


I’d suggest a new thread if you want to, like, organize a league. Crosstalk would get in the way here, probably, and you wouldn’t be able to edit the OP for brackets or anything.


Wait wait wait, Z-Splash raises Attack? hahahaha i had no clue about that, that’s beautiful and busted

ANYWAY I really disliked Megas myself, and while I’m not happy that a lot of stones are just not available I am glad that there aren’t any new ones. Most of them looked bad, too (it was nice to have shiny Gengar be visibly different, but most look like someone’s edgy teen redesigns).

and if they re-add HMs I will scream, HMs are The Worst and have always been The Worst


Z Splash DOES raise attack by two stages but like… Sword Dance still exists.And is a move Mimikyu can learn. You may as well give it a Z Fariy or Ghost stone and get some more millage out of it =w=

Also, would it be too much if I made a thread for Pokemon Duels? I wanna talk about it a lot


Z-splash raises attack three stages, so you can pump your Gyarados for one turn pretty high then go to town.

Three stages is like a 2.5 attack multiplier, right?


Generation II was to me the emotional core of Pokémon, where it mixed the region and story and slight sense of legacy which makes the game endure into older ages while giving a double sized world to explore(which really made a person feel like they were travelling the world to discover new species) and all around being perfect for its time.

After that I only played them through emulators or more competitively, but although I finally loved the physical/special split and the addition of Fairy types, certain changes like Mega-evolutions felt to me like fixes to the mechanics which put a bit into question the story and themes.

I will eventually buy Sun or Moon because from what everyone says its a return to that coherent world that I love.

My precious lovable beautiful boy is the stuff of most people surfing traumas, but I love him nonetheless.


Oh huh! For some reason I clearly remember it only doing +2 attack. Weird. Egg on my face! ZSplash Gyardos would be terrifying then, totally beats Dragon Dance


The first Pokemon game I ever played was Blue, which was actually before I could read, so I wasn’t very good at it… I remember I did manage to beat Brock exactly once and felt so accomplished I never played it again until after third gen was out. I specifically remember KO’ing his Onix with a level 2 Pidgey after all my other stuff was dead, and my jerk brother wouldn’t believe me!!!

My favorite gen was probably second though. I also love the remakes of Gold and Silver because I like walking around with the Pokemon following me.

My favorite dudes are the ones I can relate to most, specifically…


I’m six crystals into Sun and liking it a lot! I haven’t played so far into a Pokemon game since the original (I did a few gyms of Gold and got fed up of Y after a few hours), so like 600 Pokemon are new to me.

I’m not using it at all, but my favourite “new” Pokemon is Spinda.


It really doesn’t because DDance also raises your speed which is pretty essential for Gyarados being able to actually sweep. DDance also allows you to run a useful item, like Gyaradosite, an offensive Z-move, etc. And if you’re forced to switch Z-Splash becomes a wasted item and moveslot where as DDance can be reused.


Z-Splash is better for Mimikyu because of the one hit window it gets.