Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


Who knew, a global mission that was attainable…


I have to say, I was really disappointed with Super Mystery Dungeon. I really liked the gameplay in Explorers of Darkness/Sky/whatever but I feel like they totally dropped the ball with SMD. One of the first missions has you fight like a level 50 Salamence and then he joins your team afterward, which makes dungeons pathetically easy… the difficulty curve doesn’t make any sense.


Absolutely. The recruitment mechanic alone made me put down the game. The older Pokemon Mystery Dungeons recruitment was way more interesting for me, and it made you feel like you were making your own team. Flat out giving you the pokemon was way less interesting.


One thing I really like about Sun and Moon is the Hyper Training mechanic, because A.) only works for level 100 pokes and B.) the trained IVs aren’t passable down through breeding. It means my favorite Lvl 100 Dragonite that a friend traded to me in LeafGreen over 10 years ago can now have perfect IVs, but all the time I put into breeding good Pokemon hasn’t gone to waste.


If it didn’t learn Swords Dance, anyway. Better to keep your Z-move open and have the ability to set up again if need be, than to get that extra +1 to attack.

The only thing that has Splash, has no other set-up moves, and really wants to spend a turn to get really ripped is Solgaleo. Tsareena would if it had the speed to use it, and Lopunny would have to give up its mega stone which is not a good trade.


Favorite Gen: Probably Gen 4 (where I started) or Gen 7. Gen 4 has alot of Pokemon that I like (Lucario, Weavile, Staraptor, etc), while Gen 7 is basically QoL improvements out the wazoo along with my absolute favorite starter.

Favorite Pokemon: Thats a toughie. Before Gen 7 I’d probably say Lucario, Eevee (or one of it’s eeveelutions), or Absol. With Gen 7 I’m just gonna plant my feet firmly in the ground and say Rowlet. That thing is my goddamn spirit animal. Not to mention the Rowlet in the anime is a perfect little goofball. Look at this special boy! If we’re talking strictly Legendaries, I’m gonna fudge a bit and say the Eon duo.

As for spin off, I’m gonna say one of the spin off game series and say Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.


Anime Rowlet is extremely good, yes.


The other problem with Z-Splash is that it’s inferior to Life Orb + Swords Dance. It’s a 2.5x damage boost compared to a 2.6x boost, and LO + SD can be set up again, where you only have one use of Z-Splash, period. Though when the Item Clause is in effect (and it is for all official formats),and you already have a Life Orb user, Z-Splash is something worth considering.

I can’t say I liked how Hyper Training was handled, though. I like the idea of it, but the execution seems kind of botched in concept. Namely because grinding to 100 in Sun and Moon is an absolute chore, and there aren’t many good ways to do so (RIP Blissey Bases.) If the level cap was lower, or they just locked it off to the post-game, I would be fine with it.

Anyways, favorite new Pokemon this gen is Tsareena, though Breloom and Clefable are my favorite Pokemon overall.


to be fair, the one before super mystery dungeon was gates to infinitely. and that one was SUPER BAD. I couldn’t get past much of it because it was so stupid. Super was a step up but it was a little bit of a let down. I think I still have to face primal Dialga in explorers of sky but i have no revival seeds, so i keep dying :C I’m pikachu and my partner is squirtle and he’s useless.


To be fair, I used Super as my introduction to Mystery Dungeon in general and then tracked down a copy of Explorers of Sky soon afterward.

I actually like Super’s partner over Explorers in terms of character, but in terms of story/gameplay, Explorers of Time/Dark/Sky takes it by a country mile.


That fight is so hard. I remember he’d just use Roar of Time from across the room and kill me and my partner instantly. :confused:

I remember as a kiddo I loved how you could rescue your friends using the password system in Red/Blue Rescue Team. The GameFAQs message boards had this huge community of people rescuing each other and it was awesome.

But then SMD had the ability to rescue yourself, or something, and all the dungeons were so short it seemed like a waste of time to try and get someone to rescue you.


that’s fair. i loved the partner pokemon in Super but like you said, Explorers had the better if not the best storyline for these games. Though, the very first one with Gengar’s story was pretty good, too.

My problem was that I only used me and partner. I never brought anyone else. Last time I did that, the fucker kept using my fucking revival seeds. I think they got rid of that in the later games but holy god I would get so mad.


Apparently there’s a trick with setting the 3DS clock and being in the shop interface when midnight passes to make it stick, so you can get Poke Pelago to go at warp speeds. A full EXP training there is 29,700 EXP which is not insignificant when it’s 18 Pokemon at once.

Don’t know the exact steps for the trick, though. I imagine there’s eight youtube videos with clickbait thumbnails already.


What actually determines whether wild Pokemon in Isle Abeens decides to stay or not? Is it completely random or is it affected bt the quality of the beans in the crate?


AFAIK the beans themselves don’t have unique levels of effectiveness when used on Abeens. I believe the different bean types are more like denominations of a currency: 1 rainbow bean = 6 regular beans; 1 rainbow bean = 2 patterned beans; therefore using 3 regular beans is like using 1 patterned bean or 0.5 rainbow beans. Each wild Pokemon that you examine on Abeens has a chance of choosing to join your team at any point after that, but they will leave the island once it runs out of beans. So the more (and higher level) beans you use, the longer the effect is active, the more chances you have that the wild pokemon will choose to join.

To be clear, this is purely based on personal experience. I couldn’t find a definitive answer about how Abeens’ bean effect works on the internet, or info about specific increments of time for their checks to join you, or whether wild pokemon on Abeens have different “join” rates similar to their catch rates in the wild.

The transitive property of beans is pretty obvious from experimenting with the timers on the other islands.


My favorite type is Normal type but my favorite Pokémon is Houndour (also I really love Excadrill.) The only Gens I played were the Red/Blue and Gold/Silver Gens until Black/White came out so I liked Silver best.

I don’t really like to min max or battle and I don’t even like doing eugenics stuff to make perfect statted and perfect EVed Pokémon. But of you do? More power to you. I get weirdly attached to cute and silly Pokémon and just run with whatever I get with no real meta in mind. Yeah, I beat the Elite 4 with a Furret, what of it?


Nothing wrong with that. I beat Silver with only a Farfetch’d at one point.


Reuniclus is the Besterest and I will hear no dissent on this.
Black/White are probably my favorite games by extension of the above.


You’re limited to how often you can use your Big Boy recruits, though. At the start, you can use that Salamence maybe once, then it goes on vacation for a while. Lower-stage recruits stick around, because SMD tries its best to encourage smart play instead of the way we played up to Gates to Infinity, which was just mashing your best move over and over until the credits popped out.

I also like how they redid the recruit system for SMD, because recruiting used to be horribly grindy and RNG-based. Now it seems you get one of every species through networking, and some are characters from older PMD games.

e: When it comes to comp stuff, I’m pretty into it. Including making a perfect Skitty, because nobody can’t tell me I can’t!


Pokemon is 100% about picking the pokemon you think are cute/cool and using them the whole game regardless of how optimized that pokemon is.