Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


I can definitely see them only doing alt pokemon in increasing gens. So whatever next game comes it’ll have alternate gen 2 pokemon.


Eh, I kinda feel that was the intent. For the anniversary, let’s take a look at where we began, and compare it to now. But to each their own.


I really hope they keep region variants going, but seeing how they dropped megas INSTANTLY, I’m not sure anymore :confused:


I’m having such a hard time getting into Sun. It’s weird because I really like nearly all of the changes/additions to the game and yet I got it for Christmas and am still at the Fire challenge.

Favorite Poke is definitely Gardevoir and I have to join in the chorus of people liking Conquest for favorite spinoff.


To be fair, Megas didn’t work out nearly as well as they’d hoped.


Megas were in for two games and they’re still present in SuMo. I doubt they’ve completely dropped it and I doubt they’ll really drop region variants.


Literally half the mega stones aren’t even in SuMo, and are only being released as part of the tournament stuff. I see that as dropping support.

Also I’d argue megas were great additions that made some bad pokes better(Beedrill, Audino)

Sorry, I don’t mean to be so negative. I just want there to be more variation and them to actually keep supporting cool features they introduce.


Unless they’re completely wiped from the game I think we still have a chance to see them again, maybe revisit how it’s handled.

And there’s no way they’ll drop regional variants, they brought back Hanson:


The problem with Megas is, I understand, that they just moved around which Pokes were mandatory in upper level play rather than, as hoped, help make things more generally available to whatever you liked best. Z-Moves still don’t undo tier lists, but they at least are doing a better job.


The problem with Megas for me was that every design looked like an X-Treme form for the pokemon, compared to varients which were just neat redesigns of existing lines.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be so negative. I just want there to be more variation and them to actually keep supporting cool features they introduce.

You’re not being negative here, I understand that GF can be sorta flaky with new things in pokemon games.

E: Like I would not be surprised if they went and said “Oh Pokemon ride was only for Alola, welcome back to HM hell”


The thing with that is they could easily just not let megas in competitive, or something along those lines of restrictions. The majority of people who play pokemon aren’t super competitive and most non competitive people I know love megas. I understand the annoyance at some megas in competitive being OP(Like Mega Gengar was) but on a casual/single player perspective I loved using them.


Yeah I understand the “Xtreme/edge” diss to them, Mega Garchomp was… bad. I just want more like Mega Altaria or Audino, where it adds a whole new layer to how the pokemon work.

Also I s2g after replaying ORAS Hms are hell and I will scream if they get rid of Ride Pokemon.


I didn’t really get the switch from Megas to Z-moves until I started reading into the way z-status moves function and putting together combos in my head and that moment is probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to wanting to play Pokemon competitively.


Did you know that Mimikyu can learn Splash?

This is very important.


This(Z Splash) wrecked me so hard I’ve never been so tempted to rage quit in my life.


I’ll never forget how upset Mega Manetric looks that you mega evolved him.

I actually didn’t use much status z-moves, what were the other benefits for them?


Z-Geomancy is another super good one because it ups the stats 3 stages instead of 2. I love xerneas.


They tend to give you some really nice free buffs.

Z-Splash, for example, raises Attack three steps.

Gyarados and Mimikyu were terrifying enough before you realize that. After…


That dog is having a frighten.

Z Splash boosts your attack by I think three stages? That’s actually a lot. Mimikyu is a physical attacker that due to it’s ability, typing, and stat layout is decently strong and a hell of a tank. Z-Splash, using the Decoy ability to resist any attack they throw at you, then shadow claw everyone to death. Or Leech Life since that’s 80 base power now what the hell!


That is insane, I knew they boosted a stat but I didn’t know how much.

E: Leech Life boost is amazing.