Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years

Y’know what’s good? Pokémon! Ya gotta love those pokes.

Questions for consideration:

Which Generation of Pokémon is your favorite?
What’s your favorite Pokémon?
What’s your favorite spinoff? Is it the show, the card game, or one of the many mangas?

Seriously, there’s, like, a million different mangas

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I’ve only ever play Pokemon Ruby so I guess that generation.
Favorite Pokemon is Raikawza

I’m liking sun and moon a lot so far, even if I haven’t gotten far in it. It’s got a pokemon snap minigame which I am all about.

I should probably elaborate on the generations for people not super familiar with the series.
Pokemon generations are defined by their introduction of new Pokemon, new moves, and a new region, along with the occasional remake of a previous generation’s games.

Generation I is Red and Green (these versions never made into America), Blue, and Yellow
Generation II is Gold and Silver, and Crystal
Generation III is Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen, and Emerald
Generation IV is Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, and HeartGold and SoulSilver
Generation V is Black and White and Black 2 and White 2
Generation VI is X and Y and OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire
Generation VII is Sun and Moon (so far)

My favorite pokeyman is Sudowoodo, a big doofus who pretends to be a tree.

My favourite Pokémon had always been Squirtle, until my perfect owl son came into the world.

Haven’t played a Pokémon game since Pearl, but Sun & Moon look fantastic and like a breath of fresh air in a series that seemed like it was getting kinda stale. The anime for it looks really cute too!


How have I not heard about this yet? This is what I get for not having played a main Pokemon game since Red and Blue.

The photos you take get comments too. It’s silly but also real fun to take all the pokepictures.

See also: the pokemon that pretends to be Pikachu so it can benefit from Pikachu’s popularity and the evil sandcastle.

My favorite generation was Gen2 (I still have my cart of Crystal), but man Sun & Moon really blew me out of the water. Lots of quality of life features and the really nice pacing overall for the game.

My favorite pokemon for the longest time was Vulpix, but after Pokken Tournament came out Braixen became my favorite. Basically if it’s a fire type I’ll probably like it.

Favorite spin-off is definitely Pokken Tournament. It’s literally the Pokemon game I’ve wanted since I was a kid. Currently I’m doing my best to build up a competitive scene for it in my state.

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Honestly my favorite gen is the Sun/Moon generation. There was just so much they got right with the two games that it still blows me out of the water.

Favorite Poke? It’s a tossup between Reuniclus and Mimikyu I think.

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I am a total dork and collect a whole bunch of Jigglypuff things.

Send me your Jigglypuff Amiibo and Plushes.

My favorite pokemon is probably Arceus, I love the concept of literal gods in the Pokeworld.

On a non legend scale though, I’d have to go with Magmortar(clearly), Emboar, Or Gengar. I love my chubby goofy babies.

Fav gen tho would probably be 4 or 5. 4 had the lore, 5 had the (Imo) best mons and story. 5 also did a thing where it kinda redid the concept of gen 1’s pokemon but in almost every case are better to me. Garbodor > Muk.

“Congrats, kid, you trapped our literal god in a ball. Our world religions are in a turmoil. Are you happy with yourself?”

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“I named him Pumpkin and deposited him into a box forever!!”


Got a new 3ds XL just for Sun because it looked incredible (and it is incredible) but I stopped playing it when I heard you could transfer Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow. Now I’m nearly finished with Red and excited to transfer my dudes and get back to Sun.

All that is to say: Red is still an extremely good, addictive game. I was really surprised at how well it holds up. I didn’t play the games past Red - I assume they hold up similarly well? What’s the general consensus here on ranking the games?

Fire Red/Leaf Green, the remakes for the GBA, are the only ones I’d definitely say avoid, especially since you have Red already. They’re the bad kind of remake that adheres to the original game’s design mistakes for fidelity, but are updated enough that that the fun, player-friendly jank is out the window.

ORAS are pretty good. They’re another set of remakes that take what X/Y introduced and improved upon them. Also, secret bases are back and they’re great.

I’d say, if you really wanted to catch up, just play Platinum/Heart Gold(or soul silver)/Black or White/ORAS. Those are probably the big ones.

I wasn’t too keen on Gen 5 and kind of worried that I was maybe outgrowing Pokemon, but Gen 6 was amazing to me, and Gen 7 was also pretty good (I blitzed through it in a week.)

I’d really like another Pokemon Snap, but I feel like the more Pokemon that exist, the less likely they’ll be able to implement them all into a game like that, unless they just cut a bunch of them to save on development time/costs. The camera in Sun/Moon was def a good thing though!

Definitely have Sun and Moon (I think that’s gen 7, right?) as my favorite gen. Favorite pokemon is Mawile because I’m just a sucker for that specific yokai. I don’t have a favorite spin off but I’m hyped for Detective Pikachu. Give me the Detective Pikachu!