Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


Did people not like Black & White?

I thought it was really cool trying to do a fresh start.


Black and White was great. The plot’s ridiculous and N is silly, but people liked it. People didn’t like Black2 and White2 because it wasn’t changed enough.


I would kill for Black & White 2’s challenge mode for SuMo


I’ve heard mixed opinions on it, like the non-nostalgia junkie types seem to love it but I’ve heard it’s more like a Pokemon-adjacent story rather than “proper Pokemon”. Which. Idk. I get where they’re coming from but I’m glad they broke the mold a little on that one.

Also I can’t get over how good the music is in that gen.


oh man, i would be too afraid to even touch it. or at least, i would invest in an old DS to see if it’ll work.

also, can we all agree what we truly want is a new pokemon snap and a new pokemon stadium [lbr, we only played the side games]


I was really hoping the photo feature in SuMo would be like snap.

It was pretty bad.


i got annoyed with the Rotomdex pretty quickly in sumoon.


I honestly forgot about Rotomdex as a character around the second island.


Reminder that according to Serebii Genesect is available for download on XY & ORAS throughout the month of February in the US, Europe, and Australia.



The part where it was also in-character Instagram was pretty good tho


Just throwing this out there:

Team Skull is the best team-based antagonist in the Pokemon series by a mile.


They got my favorite battle theme and they’re all so cute with how tough they are/act


They absolutely are. They are lovable dorks and even the game itself understands that they are not actually a threat most of the time.


Know who I also loved, Galdion & Hau.
Glad cause of the posing and Hau cause he’s super chill. I just wish they had a stronger last battle before the end.


I us a good laugh when I first ran into Team Skull. Like “aww you guys are so cute with your music and your weird arm movements.” Lovable little dorks.

I’m not sure I have one favorite Pokémon. I pretty much love anything that is super cute. I wish there were more cute but good competitively Pokémon.


I like SuMo alot because of so many things, but [spoiler]the constant Kanto circlejerk while ignoring basically every other gen was shitty imo and kinda genwunner pander-y. Aside from the strange colress cameo, there was barely anything referenced that wasn’t gen 1 specific. Like, for christs sake, they made a whole new mechanic in Alolan forms but then made it EXCLUSIVE to Gen 1 pokemon.

I love it so much and am about to start a third playthrough but things like making the Bill/Clefairy joke into an actual plot point is just dumb. Like if you took out all references to Kanto, the game BARELY has its own identity.[/spoiler] Sorry for the semi rant but this is like the only thing that bothered me in SuMo.


I feel like the Alolan Pokemon is something they’re experimenting with now, using the Gen 1 pokemon as a testing ground. We’ll get new, regional forms of other pokemon later, for sure. And as for the plot point you mentioned in spoilers, I honestly think that’s FANTASTIC that they did that. Calling back to the ridiculous and stupid stuff that happened back in Gen 1 is kinda cool. And hey, they had gambledracula from Black and white in there as well.

If it makes you feel better, consider Sun and Moon a love letter to the series. Reflecting on the very first game, while setting the stage for the next chapter.


I had to read that several times before I accepted they were actually talking about that. This tiny one off scene never mentioned again is going to help cure Lusamine? Uhhhhhh okay SuMo


Which is weird because B2W2 by far changed the most out of any of the 3rd versions by adding like 3 new towns, a completely new start and characters, and is 100% full on sequels to BW.


I don’t consider it a love letter to the series, I consider it a love letter to gen 1, which is precisely my problem with it. For the anniversary of the series, they sure love only recognizing the first games.(the two characters from unova that showed up for 2 minutes were nice but not enough to justify how reliant on Kanto references they were imo)