Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


Honestly their obsession with locking things to events still is really bringing things down imo. For a game that is for the most part singleplayer, thats around what, 30? pokemon that you flat out will likely never get(unless they do what they did last year every year. I didnt get a 3DS til november :P) It’s just frustrating.


I’m gonna copout somewhat and say SuMo is my favorite just because they finally got rid of HMs! But probably my favorite is XY. It’s hard for me to pick, there are too many variables.

My favorite Pokemon is my beautiful perfect bell boy, Chimecho

I haven’t played any of the spin-offs but I own a copy of Conquest and want to try playing through it really bad. I imagine it’d be my favorite, given how much I enjoy turn based strategy games.


SuMo is really, really good but it still hit a few weird snags for me.

  • The performance during double battles, battle royals and totem pokemon is really bad.
  • Hau and Gladdy are cool rivals but I really want them to be just a little stronger, or at least give them six pokemon.
    Spoiler stuff:
  • Oh my god I really wanted Lillie to be a trainer at the end too, like with nebby or something cool.
  • The buildup for the villain transforming into this monster only to just throw out a bunch of meh pokemon was really weird.


SuMo is the best in the series thus far even with the weird snags. It’s usurped Unova as my favorite region, too; it’s just all-around really good.

But yes, I do wish the rivals were stronger, and the Royals/Battle Tree seem to be balanced for competitive right from the get-go which is really obnoxious. Also the second spoiler snag is a really big one. The UBs just seem kind of poorly handled in the main story as a whole… It’s a real shame.

My faves are probably Salazzle and Mimikyu. I love my depressed shitty halloween ghost pikachu.


I’m pretty sure my favorite Pokemon is pretty clear given my current avatar. :3:

But yeah, even though I’m a big fan of Pokemon, I’ve played surprisingly few of the mainline games. All I’ve really played are Blue, Gold and SoulSilver. I’ve never owned a 3DS, so I haven’t gotten the chance to play any of the newer games. But the few games I have played, I’ve played a ton of. My SoulSilver save file time is maxed out, has been ongoing since 2010, and I’ve still not actually made my way to the endgame. That’s mostly due to me being a very sporadic gamer and insisting on training up every Pokemon I have instead of using a set team. :stuck_out_tongue:


I pretty much spent the first two weeks of this year playing through Moon and I regret nothing. Most fun I’ve had playing Pokemon since Gold/Silver when I was ten and thought I could tough it out with Chikorita. Alola is just as fun to walk around in as Johto was. Also, the quality of life changes in Sun/Moon were really smart–Poke Pelago being my personal favorite.

First got into the series through the card game and the show, which led me to getting my first gameboy on Christmas with Blue and Yellow. I only managed to make it through the former, with merely a Venusaur and maybe a few others.

As for my favorite pokemon, it’s a cross between Dragonite and the Slowpokes, plus “Bro” and “King”.


My favorite Gen 1 pokemon is Growlithe so I feel a little cheated that they included them in Alola but didn’t give them a redesign or new typing. Gimme a good water boy riding a surfboard or something!


One of the rumors said there was going to be a lifeguard themed alola Machamp, and I’m still disappointed we didn’t get it


It was deemed impossible to make people thirstier for Machamp.


remember in gen 1 that growlithe doesn’t learn flamethrower until LEVEL 50.

i love that stupid boy but holy hell.
duuuuuuuuude, i would have LOVED to have seen him with a different type set. That would have been awesome.


I will say that I am more than happy that I can have a full team of doggos and then some. Growlithe, Houndour, Lillipup, Electrike, Rockruff, Poochyena, Furfrou, etc.

It’s pretty nice.


i was a little apprehensive at first to use Lilipup but dang, i was proven wrong when it evolved.

I also like Braviary because who doesn’t enjoy an america bird.


I loved the Mystery Dungeon games and i’m mulling over getting Super Mystery Dungeon sometime in the future.

also I’m very fond of Dunsparce

  • I’d say SuMo is my current favorite generation.
  • Not sure which is my favorite Pokemon, though. I’m always partial to grass types, so probably Celebi.


Nobody’s mentioned it yet, so I’ve got to through in my favorite spinoff: Pokemon Conquest. What a hell of a game. It’s a surprisingly good tactical RPG with a whole bunch of Pokemon and whole bunch of people who have one specific Pokemon they like best. Not only that, but the game is huge once you finish the main story. It’s absurd. It’s the crossover that nobody expected and the fact that it’ll never get a sequel makes me sad.


did it ever get an american release? i don’t think i’ve ever seen it over here at all. I would love to play it.


Pokemon Conquest? Yeah it got an english release, it was just a tiny obscure one.


Oh snap, when did the Pokemon Bank thing get updated?

I can finally get back to breeding for the perfect

~Good Jelly Boy~


In any case, I’m really curious if they’ll end up doing a third game for this generation and having it release cross-platform on the Switch and 3DS or something.


I got a copy of Conquest from Gamestop which I’m pretty sure was burned onto a flash cart because on the 3DS menu it just comes up as a blank cart on the menu screen. Don’t know why I kept it, I’m afraid to invest time in it out of fear it’ll break in some way.


So unpopular opinion probably but I absolutely loved the Black/White and Black 2/White 2 portion of Pokemon. I think the music and story in that gen were just super good. Sun/Moon is also fantastic, especially with the whole “no more HMs” thing.

My favorite Pokemon is…I’m going with Spheal. It brings me joy. They’re so happy and rotund.

Fave spinoff is probably…does Conquest count as a spinoff? It’s way more challenging than I was expecting and I wasted so many hours on it.