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So do we share battle videos in this thread? I have a few recorded from recent online competitions, and I swear they’re not all Nidoking sweeps.


May as well. The 2 week pause makes me think that just about anything would be welcome right now.


Heck yeah! I don’t see why you couldn’t post videos.


Okay, it’s battle video time! These are from Sun/Moon, and can be viewed by going to Festival Plaza, entering the castle, and using the PC inside to view battle videos by entering the codes.

International Challenge February

The Murkrow/Alolan Marowak opener really grew on me in this competition. Why people didn’t try to squish the bird faster, I’ll never know.

Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble

Okay this one’s just a Nidoking sweep.


I only sent out Pyuku because I didn’t know what to expect from Umbreon and Magmar. I might have just dumpster-stomped some kid’s story team, whoopsie.

You can also fight AI-controlled versions of these teams if you want! :grinning: Here are some details about the star players in these videos:

Nailbat Jr. the Nidoking @Life Orb
Sheer Force

Re-bred from my Gen 6 Nidoking, Nailbat, who fought the exact same way. But he’s in a Dream Ball this time.

Vomitron the Pyukumuku @Leftovers

My first time using Pyuku in a competitive setting. Bred in a Friend Ball, just in case I got a matching shiny while breeding for it (I didn’t).

Taco the Murkrow @Focus Band

Trashbird doubles support, with the egg move Feather Dance to make it even trashier. Despite Prankster’s nerf versus opposing Dark types this gen, it’s still damn useful.

Megalovania the Alolan Marowak @Thick Club
Lightning Rod

My first time using any kind of Marowak since I started playing Pokemon almost two decades ago. Alolan Marowak rules, you guys. Please use one, even if you don’t use it online.


I bought my favorite pokemon last year.


In case you want to see what competitive battling in VGC looks like at the top right now (regionally):

The commentary rolls by pretty fast, but it’s packed super-dense with info about every little thing happening in the matches.


Went out yesterday to buy a computer chair, came home with a friend


What is it, like a piggy bank? Does it store your change, and spend it on adorable dolls for your room when you’re not looking?


Actually it only spends money on super potions, you only get the dolls once in a blue moon.


If we’re talking recent plushie purchases have a gander at this little fighting pupper, acquired a week or two ago :


Don’t be silly, it’s clearly a Pokemon bank.

Now how do I put my gen1 team in


Oh, are we posting our Pokemon plushies now?! Here’s my collection.


Marshadow has been announced to appear in the 20th movie, and will be released.

Also, you can get a number of Mega Stones with Mystery Gift using the code INTIMIDATE


Specifically Beedrill, Mawile, Medicham and Audino. I’m still not sure if any of them are actually very good other than Mawile, but I bet Beedrill has more potential with the advent of Psychic Terrain blocking priority.


Mega Beedrill still has the strongest U-Turn in the game, if I recall. Also it looks cool.


Welp didn’t take long for that Pokemon Sun hack to take a bit of a nosedive.
I’m playing Nova Sun

So literally everybody this early in the game has some silly team with a ton of moves they could only have if they breeded them to death. That’s okay but if I can’t really get access to moves like this then it’s annoying to deal with.

In one case they threw out a Cottonee with substitute, leech seed, cotton guard and cotton spore so it just uses leech seed and subtitute and it’s not a difficult setup to beat but my god it’s just a big waste of time.

My Favorite was the Furret that just use Giga Impact to just murder a team member out the gate.


I had a similar experience in Star Sapphire, only it was a trainer Horde Battle with 5 Unown that spelled out “MOIST”. I think that’s basically the same thing right?


Man it’s almost as if most fan made products for Pokemon are kinda terribad hmm.


Honestly all the other changes are fine but some of the trainers are just annoyingly designed. It not like Uranium levels of bad.

But hey i’m all set for the first trial with 6 different ghostly kids.


My Ghost kids did it through pure spite.
Literally Spirittomb kept using Spite and had the Pressure ability until the totem stopped using Bite.

I’m warming up a bit more to the hack, the cavern had a Treeko in it.

Why :clap: would :clap: you :clap: give :clap: a :clap: trainer :clap: an :clap: Inkay :clap: with :clap: Contrary :clap: and :clap: Superpower