Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


God I cannot get over how bad some of the Uranium designs are:


For anyone curious, yeah that first one is an evolution of Primeape. That’s what they’re going with.


Oh that’s horrible


Oh man, I looked though the file of Ur and so far my favorite mess of a 'Mon is what my friends lovely call it…

The Banksy Pokemon.

From what I can dig up it was a Pokemon Dex it said that it died in the Pokeball in storage and became A GHOST.


Token super-edgy pokemon.


Nawh, it would be this one.


What’s his edge-tastic dex entry? Ghost pirates who became pokemon, they’re your dad’s ghost or something?


I mean ghost pirate is actually kinda neat given it’s previous form? Not the best design by any stretch but better then the Bankymon chained to a pokeball.


Some of the designs in the game are kinda cute, like this little unicorn guy that you can get for talking to the Professor after filling your Dex up to a point.

And then if you slap an certain stone of them they become this!

Or this cutie pie who is one big ol’ reference to Hatoful Boyfreind.

Also I forgot these where legit trainers in-game.




Surf Ninjas.

Btw, a few friends and I threw shit at a wall to see what sticks, and

Pokemon Omikron Version: The Lotad Soul


You know what’s better than one Surf Boarders?


I wish I could give you all the graphic folder but I’m not sure it if falls under the Files rule or not.


That unicorn is not bad. If only they focused more on “cute” instead of edgy…


yo, do you have a list of Pokemon that you would like to use in your project? Maybe if you know which Pokes you want to use you could have an easier time re-balancing because you’ll be using a more limited pool.

Also, I love the name Lotad Soul, if only because Ludicolo is frikken great. He’s a dumb dancing piñata who’s just happy to be here.


I hope the main rival/villain in the game has an edgey name like…







I definitely have a handful of “Must Includes,” mostly personal favorites, some things that friends would never forgive me for excluding, but oftentimes the two overlap.

The Magnemite Family, Dunsparce and Qwilfish have reserved slots on the roster, though no changes are planned. I have an idea for Vileplume however, so I’d really want to include it, same with Parasect, Weezing and Medicham.

e: Kingler!

Hm, I may favor Poison Types, upon reflection. I’ll come up with a more comprehensive list but I’m definitely open to suggestions. There’s a LOT of Pokemon out there and it would sure help to know what things people like. I would like to focus on things with great designs but lackluster stats, but I’m also down for things with great designs AND good stats that could be played around with, or even things with trash designs that could be made good with a little work? (looking at you Stantler)


So this is a thing:


oh my god, what


So what, is it a movie? I don’t speak the language.


Yeah, it’s a movie that seems to be a retelling of the first few episodes of the anime.