Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


I’m participating in the upcoming tournament because I want my Beedrillite, dammit. Was surprised to find out the sixty-some mons I bred for battle in Gen 6 are ineligible under the current “must be caught/hatched in Alola” rules, so I’m basically breeding copies of the ones in the Alola dex. I’m gonna miss messing with people using Protean Kecleon, though.


Yeah, it’s really annoying that you can’t use pokemon BRED in previous gens. They’ve already confined the pokemon you can use to the ones available in the Alola Pokedex, so saying “only use pokemon that were caught/bred in SM” is frustrating when I’ve got good pokemon from xy.


It’s probably all because of tutor moves so that everything doesn’t have Knock Off again.


An additional reason could be that they didn’t want anyone dealing with a No Guard Machamp with Fissure.


All of the Pokemon from the Virtual Console gen 1 games have their hidden abilities, so the Machamps with Fissure would all have Steadfast as their ability


Ah, so that’s how they got around it. Interesting.


The online competition happening right now would be great, if my 3DS would stop disconnecting mid-battle. :weary: I gave up trying to finish battles after the last one connection-errored so hard I got stuck on a black screen with the battle spot theme playing on infinite loop. Couldn’t go to the home menu, and had to hold down the power button for like 10 seconds to turn the system off.

It’s always error code 003-4099. Been googling for months with no solution.

edit: Well, I fiddled with my DNS connections a bit, and managed to stay connected this time with no errors. Now I can lose my battles properly. :toot:


I did about nine battles and won two. Hoo boy, my ass got kicked six ways to Sunday.

I suppose that’s what I get when I put together a slapdash team at the last minute.


Not gonna make a new thread or anything for something that might never get off the ground, but I’m tired of just ripping on shitty fan projects like Uranium and Reborn without putting up something of my own. I kind of want to make a gameplay-centric Pokemon fan game that focuses less on fake bullshit Pokemon that aren’t cool at all and instead focuses on retooling, retyping, or rebalancing pre-existing species like form changes. I had tried to do something of the sort years back, retyping everything in the Sinnoh dex in a rom hack of Platinum, which was in turn an attempt to revive a project someone else had abandoned with the same central contrivance, but with the dawn of Alola Formes I feel like something of that ilk could actually get off the ground.

I wanted to do some parody of the over the top edgy shit in Reborn and the self seriousness and use of actual real life environmental devastation of Uranium at first, but satire is dead so I’d rather just try to make something in the vain of Red and Blue, where there’s no need to seek out a beast of legend unless you really felt like it, and the only reason you had to get involved in world events was because criminals were in the way of you going to the next gym.

Plus I want to redesign Medicham to have a big fur coat because why did Candice have a Fighting/Psychic Type? (the answer is there were only 2 ice families catchable in DP but I think there’s potential for inspiration there)

e: OH MY GOD the reason for all that preamble was because I was gonna ask which Pokemon deserves it the most? Retyping, rebalancing, new moves, etc? Who deserves to learn something it doesn’t already? Like I’ll just put this out there, Rapidash should learn High Horsepower, it’s a horse. It doesn’t learn it, but SNORLAX does.


Please give oricorio’s moves of their associated type. I really wanted to use them but they didn’t learn a type move for ages.


Oh yeah. At the very least Fiery Dance should be in its repertoire.


I was so excited for Oricorio before Sun and Moon came out, but I haven’t used the poor Dancebird since picking him up.


You said the magic words about Pokemon fan games so I’m legally required to come in here.

If your interested in making an Pokemon game I can give you some info on how to do it if you don’t want to sit down and hack a ROM file again. I popped the hood to take a look under Reborn, Uranium, and a few others for giggles so I got a idea on how it works, vaguely.

What you need is a copy of RPG Maker Ace or XP. I’m not sure if 2003 works because I havn’t found one yet to take a look with. After that you need a handy dandy program called Pokemon Essentials which somehow attaches (I think though a script) to RPG Maker game. With the combo of the two you use RPG Maker to set up the map and events while Essentials handles literally everything from the Pokemon, to the items, and trainers.

Please note, I have zero programming skills. Most of the stuff I figured out was hitting stuff with a hammer until something breaks or works as you can see what I did to Pokemon Ur.


Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s XP. Is Pokemon EDGELORD your Reborn folder?


A Pokemon fan game that doesn’t try to add new Pokemon and types would be nice to see. But, before nerfing and tweaking, I would suggest trying to make a good game out of it first, laying the groundwork, so to speak.

Like, coming up with a million ideas is fun, but unless you have a solid base experience, then you’re ideas won’t amount to much.


Nope! It’s another fan game called Insurgence!

It’s not done yet but the game involves EVIL CULTS RULING THE REGION with SACRIFICES and EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE. The starter Mon are Dark/Water, Fairy/Grass, and Ghost/Fire.


Wow that’s bad. It’s not even new Pokemon, it’s ugly retypes. Plenty of other things have Bonerdragons, you don’t need one in your Pokemon too.

E: sorry Bonerdagons.

Anyway yeah, while knowing how every mon would change would help for balancing when everything else is set up, but a good scenario design makes or breaks the whole thing. Honestly I don’t want to bog it down with plot because the more of a story a Pokemon game has, the more of a chance it is to be too bloated, bringing the whole experience down for it. It’s a silly monster fight game for children, and kids don’t like cutscenes.

Should I just make another thread for my delusions of fandure?


Nah, this thread can be pretty quiet so I don’t mind talking about fan-works as long as its Pokemon related!


So it seems like Megas are dead or dying, but I’m trying to think, what Pokemon could be improved substantially with a few tweaks, and what Pokemon could only be made viable by adding 100 points to its BST and giving it a new ability?


Man, I remember when the worst/best thing to happen to Pokemon was “Moemon”. The edgy fangames are…a sure hell of a thing.

Mega’s aren’t dead they’re just sleeping. They’ll be back.