Overwatch: The Team Could Always Use More Hanzos



It’s even better from Orisa’s perspective

Seeing Reinhardt fall flat on his back from trying to charge you is amazing


A good, strong friend. I can’t wait to try her out!


I have mixed feelings about the Invasion Update. On one hand it’s fun and I like most of the new skins. On the other hand, why is this a timed event?


Yeah we need a permanent PvE mode.

Also I have pulled 10 boxes and got zero new skins, have you cocks Blizzard? Have you?


I picked up overwatch last month and loving playing it so far despite having a pretty bad PC and having to play it on low at 10 FPS.

I loving the new PvE mode but I am not going to play it again and have managed to get the Reinhart skin off of my first uprising box.


I’m trying to learn Sombra, and man, there is just so much stuff in that character’s design that stops you from having fun. The gun isn’t that good for ambushing (it needs either a tighter spread or more damage) and the fact that hacking is interrupted by taking damage is so punishing.

Gonna have to spend more time with her, but definitely a difficult character to play.


I’ve gotten like 10-15 loot boxes during this current event and the only skin I’ve gotten so far is McCree. My salt is real.


I just got this a few days ago and I’m having a blast. So far I’ve only used Bastion and D.va but I’d really like to learn Sombra because she looks rad as heck.

I feel like blizzard is telling me to try Widowmaker, I opened her new skin in my first loot box.


She’s basically a character that you to bring backup with to get the most out of. Namely someone who can draw fire/attention away from you while you hack them.


If you want to try out characters, I can’t recommend Mystery Heroes enough, since the game randomizes who you get and you’re forced to try out everyone eventually; I certainly like knowing at least what everyone’s deal is, even though i’m not good at them :sweat_smile:
I bought the D.Va and Zenyatta highlight intros, but the game’s been otherwise generous with the skins and I got all the Uprising uniform skins! Not that interested in the other skins though, so I’ll pass and try to get a few more boxes instead. Hopefully we’ll keep the PvE mode, it’s quite fun to play and it would be sad to see it go!


Overwatchers: Are any of you bad enough dudes to help me get skins in HoTS? Cause I want them.

((Also Zarya and Lucio are a blast to play as in HoTS))


Blizzard gave D.Va k-pop emotes in Heroes of the Storm and I’m gonna cry if they never make it to Overwatch.
(they’re references to the TWICE songs Cheer Up and TT if you don’t follow k-pop and are curious)


Not really a fan of any of the Anniversary skins but the dance moves and new maps are good.




Be fair, she’s considerably kawaii.


I NEED all these skins, but only have so many dollars and time. Also fuck 1v1.


hey i actually improved at this game, considering i was at like 550 or something when i started comp. yes, i was that bad.


They finally announced Doomfist and he looks great. Though the people who made his cell should have probably considered if a man named Doomfist could potentially punch his way to freedom.


Doom fist is real fun and I really like his “loop”.

I like to call him Funfist.