Overwatch: The Team Could Always Use More Hanzos


I’m actually really surprised how much I got into Overwatch considering I’m not too big on pvp shooters. Though that’s probably why I stick to Quick Play.

I try to play a lot of characters to still keep the game fresh and be able to fill any role when I take the QP road alone, though my best characters would have to be Junkrat, 76, and Lucio. Though I also like playing as Pharah, Mei, Zarya, D.Va, Symmetra and Zenyatta.

Considering how Bastion went from a cheap OP character to a joke once everyone learned how to counter them with basically anyone, I’m interested to see how this rework to turn them into an actual tank/barrier -oriented counter effects the game. Especially with how well it worked for Symmetra.

Unlike the previous three events there’s not much I really care for in these crates. I do like the Mei skins however. Though I hope they fix her crushed ribs soon.

  1. Zenyatta is the character I play pretty much 80% of the time. I love the way he controls, and micromanaging your team’s health and which enemies deserve some discording scratches some itch deep inside of me that I can’t quite explain. I’ll also be happy to pick up Lucio if our team needs one.

  2. Semi-competitively. I pay decently close attention to the meta and play competitive mode most of the time, but I don’t really care too much about improving. I’m around ~2700 in SR; I’d like to try to hit Diamond by the end of the season.

  3. I think it’s good that Blizzard is doing something to address the 3+ tank meta, since pretty much every semi-serious game has turned into a WW1-style trench fight in terms of pacing.

  4. I don’t use skins in the game at all (TF2 burnt me out on that, lol). Though Zenny’s new skin is genuinely sick as hell, and I’m tempted to get it.

  1. I tend to play offense / DPS tanks a lot and I’m not a big fan of rein because I like a little bit of independence, but truthfully I have like 10 more hours in Lucio than any other character in the game because wallriding and being a greedy nuisance is so much fun.

  2. I play both but I’ve been leaning off competitive mostly because I took a break after season 1 and I’m super behind the curve but also I don’t really have anyone who wants to play comp during the hours my internet functions.

  3. The balance changes have mostly been good, I have a dilemma as roadhog though as my muscle memory keeps telling me I can dive-hook people but also I don’t need to anymore as the new centering actually lets me easily one shot most “Small” characters. Also still feel like some issues surrounding DPS effectiveness need changes though, but the roster feels infinitely more playable than it did previous patch.

  4. I need Mei’s new skins, I got DVa’s in my first box, and given how often I play him, Probably should nab Zenyatta’s too. I wish Lucio would get some new headpiece skins tbh.


So the newest update added the server browser, which allows you to create custom games and browse ones made by others, and it might be the greatest update to the game ever.

I took it upon myself to create a custom game called “Extremely Slow Overwatch”, which reduced movement speed by 0.01x. Literally the first three minutes of the match was my entire team melodramatically stumbling to the first point with no music or anything playing, and then dying fucking instantly upon meeting an enemy. It was probably the most hilariously anticlimactic thing I’ve ever seen.

I had a few random people join the server as well:


I definitely want to try some of these custom game modes out over the weekend.


Especially with the fact that custom game modes will give EXP I’m almost afraid once this hits live I’ll never play in a normal rules server again.


If you haven’t seen, @ReaperNames is a twitter account dedicated to sharing the sharpest of edgelord names.


Along the same lines, @REAPERGOOGLING is also a solid Reaper account, this time of old Gabe frantically googling whatever he comes across. Also occasionally getting hacked by Sombra.


Couldn’t play this game before I got myself a new laptop for Christmas. Been playing a bit, and generally having fun! My general problem is just stop sucking and treating everyone like an assault tank (D.Va is my favorite so far for that reason), but Mystery Heroes is helping out since you’re forced to play whatever hero the game gives you. I still am atrocious at snipers, and it doesn’t help I’m missing fundamentals like the fact that Ana can heal allies by shooting them :sweat:


i love playing junkrat and roadhog, mostly. junkrat’s ult is terrible, though. i also like dva and soldier.
i only really play casual. i did the placement matches for competitive this season and ended up with 1700 something rating.
i don’t pay that much attention to balance changes.
i want ALL the skins. i got dva’s skin and it’s great


I managed to get D.Va’s Year of the Rooster skin, so there’s that!
I also tried playing 3 vs 3, but there’s no way I’m gonna win for now, it’s way too hard for me :disappointed_relieved:


D.Va, Winston & Sym were the only skins I unlocked via random boxes. Ended up dropping in game muns on Junk. Am pleased overall with this event, and hope Capture the Flag becomes a regular thing.


Got a pretty good PotG with Zarya, managed to blackhole the whole team hanging around the last checkpoint in the russian industries level! …still doesn’t beat the party wipe I got with Bastion’s cannon though :laughing:


Seems like everyone got D.Va’s event skin except for me. I got skins for Zenyatta, Reinhardt, and Tracer, and those are all pretty cool but I really really wanted D.Va’s! I hope she gets something else cool in whatever event comes next.


Favorite PotG I ever saw was the Tracer on my team managed to sticky bomb the enemy Bastion while he was ulting, right as they were about to push the payload into the last point on Gibraltor. The Bastion, for reasons I will never understand, then backed up onto the payload, where the entire enemy team was fighting, resulting in Tracer getting a Pentikill. We still lost, but it was hilarious.


Favorite characters are Mercy, Roadhog and Junkrat. But all I’ve been playing for awhile now is Mystery Heros, and I find that lately all I’ve been given is Winston and Hanzo…

I don’t pay attention to balance changes, and I got most of what I wanted from the event. I would of liked d.va’s skin, ended up buying Reinhardt’s at the end.


So did everyone see the Orisa reveal? I like her centaur design and her gameplay seems neat.


Here for our strong new Mom.


I’m a fan of the new ribi robo.


She’s good.


She seems like she’ll be able to fill a similar role to Reinhardt and it’s nice that we’ll finally have an alternative to having him in every game.

Oh also she can do this and it’s great. HALT.