Overwatch: The Team Could Always Use More Hanzos


The 6v6 Doomfist match is a lot of fun. I have trouble finding him useful against other characters though. I think it would have been better to make him a defense character with a little more health or regen.


Well the games getting a Deathmatch, where apparently Mercy’s rezzs will take way from the score, which sounds like a shit idea.


It only takes away the score though because it nulls that elimination. It seems fine to me since it’s only a score of one. Like in the actual game it just means that you didn’t kill that person and need to do it again. At most she can rez only three I believe. It’s something that can either be a game changer or mean absolutely nothing.


Since the start of the new season, I’ve dropped from 2050 to 1500. I’m pretty much done solo-queuing. If anyone here wants to try playing on a regular basis, let me know.


I also dropped from 2200 to 1700. I’ve heard people have dropped all over right now. It’s kind of crazy. Haven’t really done a lot of Comp until now. So I’m up for people to play with.


Seeing as there’s a lot of experienced people here - could someone explain why it feels like there’s two extremes with Mercy?

On one end of the spectrum, I have the games where I feel completely inconsequential due to my team being very very good. On the other end, there are the games where I feel completely inconsequential due to my team being very very bad.

(And the small outlier cases where my team needs a good healer to break a skill-stalemate and I suck. But shh.)

Is there a technique to have more impact as Mercy besides gittin’ gud with the pistol in clutch situations?


Honestly the strongest impact I think you can have as mercy is to skillfully damage boost your team mates when no healing is needed. If the team isn’t working well with Mercy, then it would probably be best to switch to something with more impact. Even though Rez is super strong still.

And if you’re feeling inconsequential due to your team being so good, odds are they’re able to play a lot better because you’re the Mercy. Her healing is so reliable that even if it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything, you’re probably doing a lot by topping them off .


so how about that new tank, y’all.


I really like Hammond. His play style is so interesting, especially as a tank. He has more mobility than D.Va, and just as much presence as Roadhog, but doesn’t have the insane damage of Zarya or Rein.

It feels like the tanks are really shaping up to build the teams around. You can basically make any combo of tank work and as a tank player I’m enjoying what’s going on.


the only thing that for some freaking reason that i cannot do well with is his damn grappling hook. other than that, he’s a solid tank. my only problem with him as of right now is how small his ammo is. i really feel like 80 is way too low for what he can do. at least make it 100 or something. hammond may be too much for my winston main tank play, lol


I think the 80 is put there because he isn’t meant to be coming in and killing everything with his guns. From what I’ve seen of good Hammond play, it’s about utilizing his survivability to disrupt and using the wrecking ball and slam to knock back and damage with his guns.

But I can agree the grapple is hard to work with.


yeah, that sounds fair, i can see them doing that for hammond. i’m also on console and i do eventually need to rekey it but holy cow it’s super hard for me to understand how to use the grappling hook, i don’t know why it is for me, though. i guess i’ll have to go into the training thing and just work with it for a little while. i’m not sure how it is/would be on pc. seems to me it looks a little easier.


I can’t imagine what Hammond must control like on console. I only played with a controller once and decided never to go back. I would definitely say you will have the harder time and I can’t really make any suggestions since PC controls so much differently. It’s almost a completely different meta.


So Ashe looks interesting, although the way they were going I thought the robot was going to be the new character. Probably next time.


He handles pretty well on console actually. It took a bit to learn how to use his grappling hook but I got it down after a while.