Overwatch: The Team Could Always Use More Hanzos

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s astoundingly popular multiplayer FPS about shooting cowboys and pushing cars. Let’s talk about it.

You can talk about whatever you want, but here are some suggested talking points:

  • Who is your favourite character to play as?
  • Do you play casually or competitively?
  • What do you think of the latest balance changes?
  • Which items do you want from the latest event?

Also post highlight gifs if you want, those are fun.

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  1. On Defense I always main Symmetra/ On Offense I usually play Reaper.
  2. I always play casual.
  3. I don’t care.
  4. I want Bastions & Tracer’s Lunar outfits. (I’ve gotten Tracers so there’s that.)
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I mostly play Symmetra on both offense and defense. It used to get fiddly doing backdoor teleporters, but now the shield generator is just in most cases simply more useful. My second most played character is Mei, which I guess makes me the worst person online.

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  1. I usually play as Bastion, it’s fun to just camp in a spot and go nuts, but sometimes, if needed, I play as Mercy.

  2. I play casually, I feel Overwatch is a perfect game for that "I need something to do for 10-15 minutes, and it’s easy to pick up and play, that gives it that nice addiction. Anybody could really be “the hero of the game” if it’s casual and not competitive.

  3. I think it’s okay, I feel D.Va is a real tough nut to crack, because outside of the suit, should she be very weak, or should the robot be weaken, and DVA herself be the character. Reinhart needs to have the largest HP though, I think that big shield needs 2 or 3 people attacking it before it’s stopped.

  4. I actually don’t want any, maybe the cool Punk Hanzo from the Christmas Comic Book though.

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1- I can’t play every character but I can play at least a few from each role. Junkrat’s my closest to a main, but, depending on map and team, I can swing a decent Soldier, Tracer, Mei, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya, or any of the Supports except Ana.

2- Casual. My friends have gone competitive, but I’ve got basically no interest.

3- Don’t keep up with the meta enough to comment. Play feels pretty good compared to a few months ago?

4- All of Zenyatta’s good skins are event ones, and I think his Sanzang one is the best yet.

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I main mei or mercy. Mostly mercy in competitive as its more common to need to go support. I’ve got a mei skin and tracers cute highlight intro so i have most of what i want from this event, though more skins would be nice

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I’ve been playing Zarya a lot. She’s fun, though I really wish they hadn’t nerfed her barrier a few updates back.

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  1. Zenyatta is fun, for keeping both team mates and opponents in check. Also getting long killstreaks with this frail bot is always satisfying.

  2. Casual. I might’ve played competitively a little more if I can ever figure out how to fix my computers weird graphics driver issues.

  3. the only thing i really know is that they nerfed the crouching and i hate it

  4. I don’t really care for most of them unlike the Christmas/Halloween cosmetics. Though Tracer’s new skin looks pretty dope and I don’t mind that I got Zenyatta’s Handsome Squidward skin.

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  1. I love Roadhog, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Zarya.

  2. I play a lot of casual but I want to start shifting more into comp just gotta find more friends.

  3. I love the hook changes a ton but I still think the range needs to be a bit shorter. The upcoming Bastion changes look interesting as well.

  4. I still need to get Roadhog’s skin and highlight intro as well as Zenyatta’s skin.

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  1. I really love to play Lucio and Mercy. When I need to deal damage Soldier is my safe pick but I love healing.
  2. I play casual mostly and dabble in comp every now and then. Mostly I like it as a fun game to just chill out and play.
  3. I haven’t noticed too much of a difference personally though I don’t play D.va a ton.
  4. I got hot Zenyatta skin but I was really hoping to get the Wukong skin for Winston.
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I’m real bad at videogames, so I don’t play terribly much. I’m trying to get back into it a bit because there are some real good skins in this event. I wouldn’t know though as all I ever get are player icons.

  1. Usually D.Va, though I’m willing to try out anyone except for the snipers
  2. casual. I have no misconceptions about my ability to play videogame, so I would rather not bring everyone else down too
  3. ask me when they make mei good, but also fun to play and play against
  4. Mei and D.Va skin
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I am not very good at Overwatch but boy howdy do i try; it is the only remotely competitive game outside of TCG I play!

  1. I am almost always Mercy, as healing people and pulling off a clutch Resurrect is always satisfying, although I am trying to branch out a bit more. When I play a tank, though, I am D.VA all the way even if I couldn’t self-destruct the broad side of a barn.
  2. Casually, I used to try Competitive but got yelled at a lot and didn’t find it as fun as just messing around.
  3. I really like D.VA’s barrier change that came out a while ago, and the new way Symetra works is super cool! I play both of them fairly often, and they really made them more fun to play. Also, word down the grapevine is that they are changing how Bastion’s Self Repair works to be like D.VA’s shield in that it is a resource that builds up, which sounds interesting.
  4. I really want Mei’s skin, either of them, though I hope they fix them so that it doesn’t look like someone sucked out her organs :confused:
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  1. Lucio!!! Feel the healing beat, y’know? When I play as him, I just feel so zen and chill. No toxicity can get to me, because I’m jamming and healing and jet set radio-ing.

  2. Casually, because I’m in a PhD program and can really only play when I’m home for breaks. I very stupidly played comp while home for Christmas, and was terrible at it (like, silver level) because I just did not have the necessary gamesense since I hadn’t played in months. I’ve gotten very deep into the meta and how the game is played since that blow to my ego, though, so I’m hopeful when I make my grand return this summer I’ll be more prepared to re-enter the game, even if my mechanical skills will be very rusty.

  3. I think it seems good! Anything that topples the predominant triple tank gameplay is good in my book–it’s getting very stale. Also, while I also love playing D.Va, she needed some balance changes. In the future I think I’d like to see some balance changes that help out Sombra’s viability in high-level play.

  4. D.Va’s skin!!! She finally, finally got a good one in a holiday event, I’ve waited so long and her hanbok is so adorable. I also like Mei’s white/cream colored skin quite a bit, and Zenyatta’s new skin. (He’s…alarmingly handsome looking? Troubling.)

SO and I main Lucio and D.va respectively, although he’s also a really good Junkrat and I’ve been dabbling with Zarya and Roadhog. I WISH I was better with Reaper than I am, because I find his edgelord-iness so entertaining.

I am also a huge fan of OW fan art.

  • **Fav character**: I swap back and forth between Pharah and D.Va a bunch. Pharah's armor may be made of kleenex, but her ult is probably one of my favorite to pull off in the game. For D.Va, I just like the combat flow of the character. You can lose the mech, but get a second wind at getting it back.
  • **Cas or comp?**: Half a year ago, I was definitely more competitive, which probably put me off the game for awhile. Nowadays, I just jump in once a week to get the weekly arcade rewards.
  • **Balance and changes?** I generally don't keep up with the updates, but Roadhog has never been fun to go up against. Nerf please!
  • **Loot for new event?** Tracer in the dragon costume is probably my new favorite thing, and I rarely even play as her!

I planned on making a monthly video back in August to show off my highlights and play of the games, but that was quickly buried when I had to get back to college. First one of an extinct series is here; some lame, some not so lame:

(You can safely skip to the last minute and a half if you want to see my favorites.)

Gonna answer my own questions because I forgot to.

  • Favourite character is D.Va! I like not-dying and she’s really good for that. Her survivability means I can pull through seemingly unwinnable situations and it’s super satisfying when I manage to do that. She can also ram people off cliffs and that’s always fun. I also play lots of Lucio, Tracer, and Mei.

  • I play casually now. I did really great in competitive season 1 (occasionally got into the top 500 rankings, I think I peaked at like 470th or something), but then had some bad streaks in season 2 that just put me off the mode entirely because I was getting too angry at myself. Haven’t even bothered with season 3, might jump back into competitive if more rewards come out.

  • Not really happy with the recent changes to D.Va’s armour 'cause it feels like her mech dies a little too fast now. I’m kinda biased though, maybe it’s a good change and I’m just mad my main got nerfed. ;_;

  • D.Va’s new skin is eluding me so far and I’m scared I won’t get it! I spent most of my gold on Zenyatta’s Nutcracker skin at Christmas (I don’t even play him much, but I needed it…), so I only have like 1k left and that’s not nearly enough. D:

Also here’s a video of me getting a sextuple kill as D.Va. It was pretty cool and I definitely meant to do it.

Heyo, been playing OW since the day it came out.

  • My main shifts between Roadhog and Junkrat, been having a lotta really good games as Junkrat lately. I can also play a mean Torbjorn when I feel like it.
  • Almost always play Quickplay, nearly every time I’ve gone to Competitive it’s been nothing but exceptional internet coolguys embarassing themselves by screaming over voice chat at the slightest thing.
  • I was worried Roadhog’s hook was gonna get ruined but it’s fine, not happy with how they keep changing D-VA without ever addressing the problem with her enormous hitbox
  • I’d like the Year of the Rooster skins for Junkrat and Tracer, may have to just buy them at this point

Got no gifs to post right now but my favorite recent moment was getting into a Roadhog vs Roadhog duel against youtube drama guy Keemstar (or at least someone going by that name) and blowing them off a cliff :toot:

I actually remember that I really want to get the seasonal hog intro, gonna by that on the 9th if we haven’t won it by then

I was there since the start, but haven’t had nearly enough free time so I’m still level 40 no stars haha

  1. Favorite character: I love my trashbomb boy Junkrat, but I’ve recently been getting better as Zenyatta and Lucio

  2. I’m all about casual play, I don’t play nearly consistently enough to do good competitively

  3. Hog nerf was pretty necessary, but I rarely play him so I didn’t notice all that much

  4. Mei skin

And while I don’t have much in the way of highlight videos, I do have this which I made for a friend, so that counts for something:

  1. Tracer is my fave, but I’m not particularly good with her. My current trinity is Junkrat/Torb/Mercy, but if I have to roll Tank it’s Rein, and Phar or Genji if we need an offensive character.

  2. QP/Arcade are my go tos. Competitive mode still has too many flaws/aggro nerds to deal with.

  3. Thank god for the Hog nerf

  4. I just got the Winston skin, and I’m hoping I can grab Tracer/Junk/Mei/Dva via random loots b4 the 13th. Otherwise I’m spending some fake bucks on skins.