Mass Effect: Everyone's favorite alien dating sim / shooter


new trailer showing off Guns.

Mostly pretty worthless stuff in the vein of “shotguns shoot things that are close, sniper rifles shoot things that are far away”, but I like the look of some of these mods that seem to completely change the function of the weapon. Good capacity to add more variety & perhaps replace some ME3 favorites that might not make it, like the Brothean particle rifle and the Reegar.

Seems like Ammo Powers probably aren’t a thing anymore, if we get mods that do weird shit like turn your assault rifle into an electro-beam. Good move in my book, always thought that was a waste of power slots.


Mass Effect is probably one of the highest series on my list of games that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but haven;t played them through for myself. I wound up getting all three once I could pick them up for cheap, but for some reason haven’t gotten around to doing a full playthrough yet. Probably because I always get stuck wondering what class setup I should pick for Shepard then second-guessing myself afterward.


good news friend: you can switch classes in between games

or mid-game, with a handy dandy save-editor some people cooked up a while back


Just remember: ABC



Then there are the ABCs for Vanguards:



In combat, sure. No debates here, but for everything else:



Is Andromeda bringing back Paragon/Renegade? If so, I hope it lets you be both a no-nonsense hardass and a Paragon at the same time. The best Paragon option Mass Effect ever had was this one in Lair of the Shadow Broker:

Speaking of: now that we’re going classless, I wonder if there’s any reason at all for every build not to have Charge. It seems like it’d be really useful for mobility even if you’re not doing the Vanguard “Charge and shotgun” thing.


Unless they’ve nerfed it somehow I can’t think of a reason. Its a powerful mobility tool that also recharges your shields so even a sniper might want it just as an emergency exit tool.

I suppose they could also just have made it more dangerous to use by throwing in more enemies with instakill grabs (like the Banshees from ME3) but I really hope they don’t do that since those attacks were really annoying to deal with.


Personally, I’m just glad to see Bioware embrace the horn (TM Waypoint, 2016)


Nah. It’s been reported that Andromeda will have a tone-based convo system, much like Inquisition, and that there won’t be a paragon/renegade scale.


You know what really makes these janky facial animations stand out? Putting a skull on your heroines face:

It’s amazing and, I love it!


I got ME:A on Tuesday and have only played it for a few hours after work each day so I only met Vetra last night. I think I might just only like turians and this is my shame


If anyone has it on PS4, feel free to add B-w-g-m-o-n to join some multiplayer sometime.
(Yeah, I know my tag is obnoxious, my original account got screwed up back in the early PS3 days, and Sony still doesn’t let folks change their name at all)

I’m sticking with Bronze until I get a few guys to level 10/rank X. My Human Vanguard might be able to handle Silver though, since he’s rank VII and built as a punchboy.


So is anyone else fed up with SAM and his constant interruptions? Like, shut up I’m trying to hear what this person is saying.


I am praying for a “Disable SAM tutorials” toggle in a future patch, like Firaxis did with Xcom: EU.


Having a great time with Andromeda so far. It’s got some flaws, but it’s definitely not the franchise-destroying trainwreck that the internet decided it is after they saw some wacky gifs.

Here is my Ryder, she is cool and loves to hit shit with hammers.



^The sky had Kett babies :3

I actually just finished the game yesterday, so I’ll be careful what I say, but I think a lot of the criticism was over-exaggerated. The animations were funny and buggy, but didn’t hinder the game like people think. The combat is fantastic, its visually stunning and I think the crew has a lot of potential and were intriguing characters. I think if people stop thinking it’s Mass Effect 4, it could probably secure it’s place in the series.

It’s a spin-off, not a continuation of ShepSaga.


Been playing it for a few hours (enough to meet Drack) and I have some strong words for a lot of the dialogue in this part of the game. I’m also really mad at whoever designed the menus and the control layouts. They’re absurdly unintuitive and frustrating to work with.

Combat’s decent, at least. It’s not ME2, but it’s fine.


Hoo doggy, the multiplayer balance changes are pretty out of touch.

“Oh, looks like the Mattock wasn’t working right, let’s fix that.”
“But then players will be able to shoot fast enough to do damage.”
“You’re right, let’s nerf the damage to compensate.”

“So it looks like people only use Melee builds and the Vanquisher on Gold.”
“Maybe it means everything else is garbage and needs to be buffed significantly?”
“Nah, let’s just make Melee useless when there’s more than one enemy around.”

“People don’t like that most Assault Rifles can’t really hit anything more than 3 yards away, and that Shotguns require a full clip at point-blank range to kill a generic mook.”
“Tell them to use scopes and barrels to boost accuracy and damage.”
“They already are.”
“Tell them to use them harder.”

I know it’s undoubtedly the first change of many, but yeesh. Hopefully the next one makes the ARs that act like ARs usable, or improves combo damage, or something.