Mass Effect: Everyone's favorite alien dating sim / shooter


Here’s the patch 1.05 list:

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.05 Notes
Added option to skip autopilot sequences in the galaxy map (does not include going to different systems, just different planets)

Increasing the inventory limits (saw a video which said it goes up to 200 with the two commerce cyro points, 100 without.)

Improving the appearance of eyes for humans and asari characters (More ‘depth’, ‘not as flat’ according to a video)

Decreasing the cost of remnant decryption keys and making them more accessible at merchants (420 creds)

Improved lip-sync and facial acting during conversations, including localized VO
Fixing Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern
Improving matchmaking and latency in multiplayer
Improved tutorial placement
Single player balance changes: Ammo crates, armor, weapons, nomad, profiles, attacks, and progression
Multiplayer balance changes: Weapons, cover, and enemies (check back for detailed notes on balance changes)
Improved logic, timing, and continuity for relationships and story arcs
Fixed various collision issues
Fixed bugs where music or VO wouldn’t play or wasn’t correct
Fixed issue where global squad mate banter sometimes wasn’t firing on UNCs
Fixed issue where player was unable to access the Remnant Console Interface after failing decryption multiple times
Fixed issue where fast travel is sometimes disabled after recruiting Drack until the player reloads a save
Fixed issue where Ryder can become stuck in the start of Biotic Charge Pose
Fixes issues related to some saves
Fixed issue where objective sometimes becomes un-interactable for players in multiplayer
Streaming and stability improvements

Hope that helps!


After spending some time with the MP tonight, the change to melee isn’t nearly as bad as I initially thought. It feels like the nerf specifically punishes Vanguards who leap into a group with two Anointed before they realize it shouldn’t be a good idea, which is completely fine. (I’d like to think I’m not an idiot when I Vanguard since I’m generally careful about what I’m charging into)

The devs have said that the next MP update will focus on weapon and power balance, so hopefully things get better for a lot of builds.


It’s amazing how much Addison looks like a person now. Why couldn’t they have had this from the beginning???


This is still a game where there’s about four guns in the entire game that are useful.


I still can’t fuck a Vorcha. This is criminal.


Yeah well I still can’t fuck a Krogan or a Salarian so nobodies happy. Well except for everyone who wanted Dude Ryder and Jaal to get together that is, because that’s going to be a thing now.