Mass Effect: Everyone's favorite alien dating sim / shooter


So Andromeda is coming out in less than two months. We still don’t know a lot about it, but I’m tentatively excited for it.

So, let’s start some discussion:

  • Favorite moments?

  • Favorite characters?

  • Hopes / Fears/ Expectations for Andromeda

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I’m also on the tentatively hype train, mostly because I go between really loving the ME series and asking myself “am I wrong about Mass Effect and it’s actually bad?” I know about an equal number of people who don’t like Mass Effect at all as I do people who love it. Also, I’m not super psyched that most of the cast in ME4 we’ve seen so far are humans. I’m sure there will be more aliens, but it’s a fear of mine that it will be mostly humans with humans, doing human things and you can only date humans.

One of my favorite moments takes place in Mass Effect 2 on the Citadel, where you can persuade shopkeepers to give you a discount. At the souvenir store, you can accuse the asari of being a classist. The first time I saw that I went, “there’s no way they’d write that and have people act out this option” but they did, and I still find it funny despite it probably being in poor taste.

The second (of many) that comes to is something I only saw on a very recent playthrough of ME1. Again, on the Citadel, though this one was an entirely human interaction. You meet a representative of the Terra Firma party and if Ashley is in your party, she really gets heated about it. I like the scene because it builds Ash’s character a bit, but also gives some in-game world building and a peek into the politics of the galaxy instead of having to read codex entries for it.

One of the things I liked most about the first Mass Effect game was the establishment of inter-species relations, why some species don’t get along, and an underlying element of the Council having a lot of favoritism to certain races over others (elcor and volus are treated pretty poorly by the Council and didn’t have an actual Council member representing their species).

The details seem pretty scant in terms of story and setting for Andromeda, but they’ve been rolling out the characters over the past week, so that’s always nice to see. I won’t know until I play it, but that combat looks like a lot of fun and I really want to see what playstyles I can bring to it.

The best moment of any Mass Effect game is shooting cans with Garrus on the citadel. Certainly better than trying to talk to him but all he’s got going on is his damn calibrations.

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Maybe I’m biased, but Shepard really has some of the best interactions with Garrus out of pretty much everyone. Thanks for reminding me of this scene.

What are you doing playing MShep? You’re doing it wrong.

My favorite part is headbutting Krogan.

I have opinions.

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mark meer did nothing wrong


The best scene for me is Grunt explaining his drunken rampage through the citadel.

The way he laughs as the very end is so good.



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(gonna spoiler this just in case)

I was gonna put my controller down and not play anymore Mass Effect 3 when I thought Grunt had died while attacking the Rachni. When he came back out all covered in blood, I thought he was about to die. But then he shrugged it off and i was like THAT’S MY BOY!

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I’ve gotten into a lot of discussions about Grunt and how he is just my video game child. They introduce him in ME2 as a fully grown tank-bred krogan/at the pubescent stage of a krogan’s life but by the time I got to the Shadowbroker DLC my reaction to him was, “this is my child, he’s my small rowdy boy, and I’d give my life for him.”

Speaking of which, the entire Shadowbroker DLC in 2 is pretty fun, even though I wish both Tali and Garrus had unique lines in it. Also being able to read all of those logs at the end of it was a hoot and a half for me.

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I really liked how the Shadow Broker aligned Spectre Tela Vesir was first mentioned in Cerberus News Network stories on the loading screens. There’s actually quite a bit of metatextual-pseudomarketing tie in stuff that I like, like the supplementary material detailing the tragic fate of Emily Wong. I’ve never read any of the novels, though I assume they’re A). pretty bad and B). mostly intended to lay the groundwork for Cerberus going from being a series of sidequests to the booty-hugging-jumpsuit-wearing support/villains they’d become.

On an unrelated note…even more than Andromeda, what I’d like to see is a Mass Effect game where the main character is NOT a super-soldier or secret agent. Maybe some sort of adventure or puzzle game, where you take on the role of a reporter dealing with this universe of aliens and secret robots. Anything that interacts with the universe but where overwhelming force isn’t the answer to your problems.

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I think there’s a lot of interesting things BioWare could do in the ME universe that aren’t specifically military-related, and I’d really appreciate that since there’s stuff about it that rubs me the wrong way sometimes.

But in more related to Andromeda things: from what I’ve gathered from the trailers I’ve seen, humanity (and other species, I’m assuming) launched a huge arc ship in the hopes of saving some remnant of themselves if the Reapers were successful, and it took hundreds of years to reach Andromeda because that’s just how travel between galaxies works. If that’s true, wouldn’t there be the very real problem that everything is severely outdated in comparison to everyone else in Andromeda, or at the very least just incompatible?

I don’t think ‘technological progress’ is some kind of magic field that trends upwards for everyone at once, except for folks in ‘stasis’. Judging by sci-fi tropes, we’ll be fantastically advanced beyond SOME, perhaps MOST of the civilizations we encounter in the new Galaxy, with a few (possibly even just one) civilization(s) MORE advanced than us (and they’ll likely get knocked off by the Mysterious New Nemesis which has either technological or supernatural powers far in excess of ours).

Then we’ll teach them the Power of Space Canadian Hearts and crash something really big into them.

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the mass effect games are some of my favorite games of all time, but there is a lot of stupid stuff about them. for example, it would work so much better if it wasn’t set only 30 years after humanity’s first contact with aliens. i suppose that probably won’t matter in andromeda
also, tali is my favorite character

Some of the best fun I’ve had in a video game was playing Vanguard and I’m crossing my fingers Andromeda will still let me spend every fight just charging, slamming and shooting my shotgun. That and the romancing is what I’m looking forward to. Do we have any info om classes/abilities/progression-systems at the moment? I haven’t kept up with the Andromeda Initiative website.

You can change classes and abilities at will. Not 100% sure how that works. There are now seven classes, the new one being Explorer, which I think is some kind of custom mashup class.

Some biotic implant thing maybe? Or perhaps it’ll be some similar plot device to the mark in Dragon Age Inquisition. Regardless, it’ll pretty interesting to see how that flows in gameplay.

You will be able to switch classes by asking the registrar in the principal’s office HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO