Mass Effect: Everyone's favorite alien dating sim / shooter


I killed Kaiden. He came off as a bit possessive and sweaty for me and I wasn’t having it.


“For the crime of being way too freakin’ sweaty, I sentence you to death by unavoidable tragic choice. Enjoy your next life as ANOTHER version of Carth in some future game.”


I like how mass effects greatest debate is to play as a lesbian female Shepard or a male one who romances aliens. Romancing a human female in mass effect is unacceptable I’m afraid.


you’re bad


I’m the villain in the new game.


I romanced Traynor a couple times. It was pretty good. :sunglasses:


oh yeah i forgot about her, this is acceptable.


Apparently there’s something dropping tomorrow that’s showing off weapons and skills in ME4. Anyone have any expectations, wants, immense do not wants, etc. from the release tomorrow or just for combat in general?


I mostly just hope we get a lot of latitude for creating rad power combos, kind of like you could do with custom-class hacking in 3

like let me put annihilation field on my vanguard and snap-freeze on my flamethrower soldier, etc

the variety of powers/equipment we’ve seen in the gameplay clips so far is encouraging, but it’ll be nice to see more.


Here’s the video for those who forgot to look it up.

Man, the gameplay looks amazing.


Finally, the class-less system means I can do what I’ve wanted to do since ME2 and basically play as Thane: a stealthy biotic sniper.


I’m super excited to play with that jump jet evade thing, it looks so rad. I signed up for the multiplayer beta months ago, hopefully there’ll be news on that soon 'case I reaaaaally wanna play this now.


Can’t we just engage the enemy in a rational and reasoned debate? Why do we gotta vanguard charge Reapers?


It’s not my problem reapers can’t give a solid rebuttal to my teleporting fist.


I like the new MShep’s voice actor maybe simply because it sounds so different from VA work in the orig trig


@bob we need the ability to like posts multiple times please.


hell yeah, hammers

can’t wait to turn sarah ryder into a krogan warlord


I still can’t solo gold in ME3 multiplayer, r.i.p. me, bad at video games


Okay fine, I’ll be excited for Andromeda, jeez. They just had to go and make a game that looks pretty fun.


I’ve been wary about combat but this makes combat look better than the other games by a lot. My main concern isn’t “how the hell does this new system work” anymore. Which is good because now I can worry about more important things like “what are my dating options” and “I really hope the game’s narrative isn’t trash.”