Let's P'zone - Enter a Realm of Pizza Discussion 🍕


The most beautiful of pizza boys.


They’ve been pushing “Detroit style” pizza in michigan lately and I didn’t realize that was a thing. It’s just square deep dish pizza.


I am now looking up different pizza “styles” and I am lost at how many there are

So a deep dish is like a pie with a thin crust or is it mostly base?


Deep dish is a regular pizza but with a much thicker crust. And it’s usually square and not round, and the toppings just go up to the edge. At least here in the great lakes state.

it’s the sheet cake of pizzas.

I think they started calling it detroit style to diffentiate it from the actual deep-dish chicago style, which is more like the pie of pizza.


Okay so that’s the one I’ve been getting from Dominoes, their deep pan pizza

So Chicago style is more filling/cheese style pizza?


Chicago style deep dish is it own whole thing. First of all its shape and toppings:crust ratio is more like that of a quiche or an actual pie. Also the order of layers goes
In my experience the tomato sauce is also more chunky than on your average pizza. Also the crust is a lot more buttery and rich than average.
It’s a really filling pizza. I can normally destroy a 'pie but one or two slices of a real Chicago deep dish and I am full for the rest of the day. It’s so good, but definitely one of those “sometimes” pizzas.


Yeah I had chicago style pizza late last year when I was visiting a friend in the city. It’s real good but boy does it take a long time to cook. It’s not a “gimme a slice right now I’m drunk and hungry” meal.


I think the only place I can get it would be the US so maybe some time in the far future I take a pizza tour of the US.


That looks a bit like Sicilian-style pizza. Rectangular pizza with a thick crust and honestly better than NY-style pizza if you find a good restaurant that does it.


Pizza existing is rough when you’re trying to lose weight and on a training plan. Some days I’m tempted to run an extra mile just to earn enough calories to have a slice :pizza:


Pizza honestly isn’t THAT bad for you assuming you keep it real basic and get it from anywhere NOT a huge chain/frozen food isle. It’s the greasy meats that gets you. :V

I really wish my town had a Neapolitan style pizza place…for the most part I’m stuck with the big four and a few places that serve really flat and bland stuff. It’s tragic.


I just learned about Windsor style pizza. I wonder if Detroit style and Windsor style are the same, as Windsor Ontario is right across the border from Detroit.


It’s not that bad for me, just means once I switch back to heavy training I kick it off with a good pizza.
Pizza & dieting is grand as long as you keep it every once in a while and keep it simple like Zera said.

Tastes amazing when you haven’t had one in ages.

E: About a month back I was getting these pizzas

The base is some sorta pea protein mix and it tastes okay but 100% not-a-pizza


When I had that photo taken there were a bunch of old people nearby playing volleyball. I hope they don’t think I’m some kind of beach pizza fetishist. Also the pizza in that photo was just some Jet’s pizza. I really wanted to use a slice of some local pizza since the area around here has some actually pretty decent places, but I was just way too busy and couldn’t get fresh pizza on the day of the shoot. For the record, I think Jet’s is just okay. It’s really oily, though.

Lettuce Play Overcooked! (with Chef Cheezum)

Thank you for this wonderful behind the scenes commentary.

I really need to buy that damn calendar.


I didn’t want to send the thread down this dark road until it had some normal discussion, but, uh… I love seeing really bad pizzas. It’s like watching a horror movie. And this might be one of my favorite messed up pizzas. Like, it might not actually be that bad, but the video for it is just…



I can’t even deal with the part where it extrudes a solid sheet of cheese and pepperoni like some kind of pizza printer :no_good:


That machine is literal hell. I wonder if Dahir Inshaat had a hand in designing it…


This is some dystopian cyberpunk pizza future shit.


I love how he’s not eating it, just nodding at it like “yeah that sure is some pizza shaped thing”