Let's P'zone - Enter a Realm of Pizza Discussion 🍕


The only pizza place I order from any more isn’t because they’re great, but because it’s the only one I can find that has decent vegan options: zpizza. They carry daiya (one of the better non-dairy cheeses), and the pizza with zucchini, tomato slices, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers is quite nice. The only problem is they have a $20 minimum for delivery, so I find myself ordering a larger pizza than I want or trying to find something to add on to raise my order total.


I haven’t had Pizza in months due to dieting (I had “protein pizza” which is a poor substitute.)

First thing when I get back into competition training is getting two big deep pan pizzas covered in meat to the point where it’s half meat, half base with a bitta cheese & tomato in the center.




Everything Is Wrong


Pizzaburger Hot Dog? That’s… That’s trying and failing to be three different things at once. That’s the culinary equivalent of a chimera.


At least Chimera’s look cool.

That looks horrid.


Hey, at least it’s easy to eat! Unlike pizza…



Oh god i’ve fallen down a bad pizza hole

Kit Kat Pizza


I’d try anything on a pizza at least once. Even those weird corn and mayo ones that everyone brings up when talking about Japanese pizza places.

Also pineapple on a pizza is fine, just not something I’d order more than the one time I got it and was like “This is fine but it feels weird to have something sweet like this on a pizza.”


That’s why you’ve gotta balance it out with meat, yo.


Pineapple and jalapeno is also a good choice, if you like spicy.

I take every opportunity I can to slather my pizza completely in onions. This includes if pineapple is there :silenthill:


Pineapple and Jalapeño sounds pretty good. I might have to try that sometime.


I have a friend who lived in that area for a few years before moving back. Your post reminded me of the one time he was ranting about how terrible New Haven Pizza is. I’ve never had the chance to try it, and it sounds okay based on the Wikipedia page, so shrugging emoticon. (Except oysters on pizza. No thanks to that.)

Speaking of different kinds of northeastern pizza, I forgot one other kind of pizza local to my home state: pizza strips or bakery pizza. It’s a rectangular thick crust pizza with tomato sauce but no cheese or toppings, sold by the slice and served at room temperature. It’s certainly as far away from normal pizza as you can get and still even consider calling it pizza. I would never say that this is the ‘real pizza’ unlike some places that have their own ideas on pizza. (Hint: if you need an integral adjective so people know what your talking about, your thing is probably not the real thing. This means you, Chicago and Texas.)

But it’s real nice. Damn this thread, now I want some.


I’ve had this kind of pizza before! It’s certainly odd but it reminds me of something akin to breadsticks with the sauce already on them. I prefer the sauce on the light side, though.


I am the reason that pizza places have pickles for their pizzas. I really like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite pizza: Chicken, red onion, green pepper , pepperoni, pickles


Banana pepper, pickles and pineapple would be a good pizza.


Chicken, Feta, Broccoli is an OK pizza.

Like it’s really good, but when it comes to ordering pizza I really like pepperoni.


The worst pizza I ever had was this Sriracha Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut, it was one of their specialty pizzas back in the 90s along with the Meat Lovers and its ilk. It had that cardboard taste and texture with really gross limp chicken that was greasy and cold on warm pizza. The Sriracha and Buffalo sauce they coated the gross chicken with clashed flavor wise with the spicy pizza sauce they put on the pizza. It was real gross.


Making homemade pizza for the first time today. I’m using a pesto sauce because tomato is harsh on my acid reflux. Thinking broccoli and maybe bacon or pancetta. I’m hoping the crust turns out crispy without burning. :pizza:


just gonna leave this here :ocelot: