Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



I recommend the Phidippus audax aka the Bold Jumper spider because they don’t get too huge. Granted they aren’t web weavers, they’re hunters, so they wouldn’t be at a silk works. So better to go with the Steatoda triangulosa aka the Triangulate Cobweb spider.


Stencil’s voice is a delight, so that’s a welcome concession even though spiders can’t actually vocalize (though some can stridulate, or produce sounds by rubbing their bodies like a cricket chirp).

Spider mouth parts are called chelicera, which I don’t expect anyone to remember (pincers or mandibles or whatever is fine), but it might be cool to learn about the pedipalps, which are little multi-purpose limbs near their mouths that are often used for fine tasks like crushing food into an edible state and bringing it to the mouth. They’re sort of like a spider’s hands.

The final nerd fact this episode brought to mind was that spiders hear, smell, and “taste” (really it’s just their way of testing whether or not something is edible rather than a developed sense) with different types of hairs on their legs. Lovin’ that West Patrol family, very excited about their newest member.


My friend said spiders will eat their own webs when they don’t need them anymore to replenish their webs inside their bodies.


I have heard from an entomologist on a podcast that the eating of their webs is incidental, it happens because their prey is wrapped in web and they simply don’t bother to remove it. It’s still true in the sense that the protein of the consumed web is recycled to make new webs, but spiders that don’t wrap their prey do not exhibit that behavior


My favorite spider fact is that male tarantulas will die because their reproductive organs get caught in their old exoskeletons.


Summer 16 - East Patrol Witnesses Wildseed

Tonight, a new city is born, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Francisca, and Tander, and Marx. After everything they’ve done, both right and wrong, it all comes to fruition right here, right now, in Wildseed.


Summer 17 - Summer’s End

Our patrols have reached the end of their primary missions, but Summer isn’t over just yet. Every mouse has their own personal goals to work towards this time. Whether its fighting pirates, fending off birds, training spiders, or getting a girlfriend, every mouse has a lot to do while the weather’s still good.

And the weasel overlord continues to advance their mysterious agenda…


West Patrol, everyone keeping the conspiracy they discovered in their minds as they continue through the season. East Patrol, HIGH ADVENTURES! (and aww Tanzer)

Ron Paul…oh dear oh dear oh dear. Well…we do know that war is upon us come Winter but this is…yeah concerning is a good word for it.


Hello Zeke,
My name is Sylvia. I don’t think you know me. Maybe you do, I was so little back then I don’t remember much. When I think about the… old neighborhood I’m not sure what’s memory and what’s old dreams. Anyway! Henson and I still write, and he told me that you met. He sounded proud, like you were doing something he couldn’t. I’ve been doing things too! There’s a brand new settlement called Wildseed and I’m their youngest, most eager weaver. I’ve been working my fingers to the bone, but that’s the game. Sorry, you probably think I’m being too familiar, but after spending so much time with Guard and knowing someone like us is part of it, I wanted to see if we could be friends from afar.
-from Sylvia

To Marx, of the disgraced order of Lockhaven,
I know what you have done and there is no devious excuse you can devise to cover your malcontent tracks. Before, I thought your acceptance was a single black mark on the Guard, an otherwise honorable organization. Now, I see my mistake. You sent an entire Patrol to evade your exile, burgle my home, abuse my trust, and purloin my personal property. Our course is clear, and I have communicated the same to your maligned matriarch. Woodstuff’s Grove will no longer have any business with Lockhaven. We will ask no support from, and provide no means to, the Mouse Guard. No silk of our farms will go to your keep or cloaks. Any intermediary who attempts to circumvent this policy will find themselves similarly cut off. No more shall I be loyal to my sorrowful country.
-The Honorable Mayor Cavre

It’s your good buddy Loomis! Thanks again for helping my friend, even though we aren’t that close after it all happened. She’s dealing with making a new life, in like, a way bigger way than most people mean it, so I get it. But I wish she made time to talk with me about why I never knew about this guy or this plan. I’m responsible, right? It’s like there’s big things and there’s little things, and some mice think they’re separate and some think the big things are piles of the little things. That’s why I like you, Isolde. You’re aware enough it doesn’t confound you. But anyway, look at me going on about someone else when I’m trying to talk to you. I’m just all messed up and you were a real good listener. I have other friends, I have other things to do. I just thought I was one of the big things.

Hey Tander!
How’d your first two seasons on Patrol go? I bet you’re already looking forward to winter, wondering if you’ll get a cloak or a second year as a tenderpaw. Maybe even wondering if you want this to be your career. It’s okay, I know I did around that time. How many times I’ve stood here mapping things out differently. But I can’t go back. This is my life now. It’s one I’m proud of. I’m pretty good at it. From the gossip I catch, you are too. What color do you think Francisca’s going to give you?
-Taryn, Guardsmouse

For the eyes of Fancisca alone:
Wildseed still grows. The work continues as it becomes a Haven. Some discreet builders are working on some projects for me that I’ll have to share with you as one of our number. I have to say I was upset with your partner’s insistence on a triumvirate; I’ve never been the best at compromise or persuasion. But, I’ve come to appreciate the ability to share the load. You can understand. Guardsmice are hunters, couriers, diplomats, and whatever else the territories need. Are there days when you don’t want to face being everything to all? Anyhow; let’s pledge to share any information we find regarding our shared quest with one another.
-Faolan, councilor of Wildseed

To Sable,
We’ve never met but I owe you my life. I thought for sure everything was ruined when Robin crested the ridge and we rushed our plans but thanks to you Rosalee met me in jail and we busted out. I can’t tell you where we are, or what names we’re using, but we want you to know that we thank your patrol every day for bending the law to uphold justice so we can live the best part of our lives so far. Thanks to you we’re young and united, fighting of course, and happy to be.
-the late Duncan Hodai

Where have your patrols been taking you? I’ve been painting some of my favorite places repeatedly; trying to use the same subjects to illustrate new moods. Thank you again for showing me the view from under Oak Bridge. There’s a certain time of year when the evening shadows- well, I’ll show you I’m sure. There was a huge hubbub here when an accused murderer and a thief escaped. I hope they don’t hurt anybody. They had better watch out for you out there! I almost did a study of the townsmice’s faces of fearful gossip, but dignifying distraction only beautifies a mess.

No, I haven’t heard from Spicket; but I’m sure his account of the snake is a total lie.


Hi, Yes, Hello. I like Stencil, but I also like Sable’s VEHEMENT TOLERANCE of Stencil. It makes me think of one of those people with an aversion to dogs, and then kids like “Hey pet my adorable best friend” and then it’s just “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok…”

My friend’s mom is cat averse, so when she comes over we have to hide my kit, but I remember carrying my cat to this woman in the awful way children carry small animals and saying “Look! Look!”

I hope winter happens.


I was wondering what consequences of the Lockhaven shenanigans would be. I kinda hope the guard end up laying siege to Lockhaven as they promptly cut off contact with most of the various mouse towns.

That said i bet the Weasels are going to be making contact with the good mayor of Lockhaven.


Lockhaven is the capital of the Guard, in the middle of the Territories.

The city that’s defecting from the Guard is Woodstuff’s Grove, lead by Mayor Cavre.


Who’s one step removed from a monarch, and all around unpleasant.


You made me think of this;

Sabel and Commander Badass are both good parents. ^^

(from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)


To celebrate the season, let’s go on an Easter Egg hunt! Why aren’t I waiting until tomorrow to post this? Because I don’t wanna! Each of the Letters From Friends for this season contains a lyric from a Ted Leo song, six of them from his latest album, The Hanged Man. So, let’s take a look at the specific examples! This is your last chance to do the hunt before I ruin it alllllll

Zeke: “I’ve been working my fingers to the bone… but that’s the game” (Lonsdale Avenue)
This is probably his saddest song. It’s about trying to move on after a tragic loss because what else can you do? I think the mood fits a pair of Brown HOllow survivors, but the lyrics don’t, so that’s why it’s stitched together from two separate lines.

Marx: “No more shall I be loyal to my sorrowful country” (Loyal to my Sorrowful Country)
I just love this phrase. It matched Cavre’s point and his syntax, and this is when I got the idea. The only pause I had was that it might make people fuzzy on the point that the Territories are a unified political “thing”, when they aren’t. Cavre means “country” as in, like, countryside. Just go with it.

Isolde: “You’re aware enough it doesn’t confound you” (You’re Like Me)
Loomis needs a friend, and he thinks Isolde does too. Why not reach out with a statement of empathy?

Tander: “How many times I’ve stood here mapping things out differently. But I can’t go back” (Can’t Go Back)
I thought it would be funny to have Tander’s advice from a mentor come from someone only about a year older than him. Taryn’s around 18 and basically a rookie. I think having her say this says more about her than about Tander.

Francisca: “Are there days when you don’t want to face being everything to all” (Anthems of None)
This is my favorite song on the album. Just listen to it.

Sable: “young and united, fighting of course, and happy to be” (Used to Believe)
Taking this line out of its context turns it into a hopeful image, but knowing where it comes from might foreshadow trouble and disillusionment for our smuggler lovers. But, that’s life.

Lily: “dignifying distraction only beautifies a mess” (The Future (Is Learning To…))
The original plan was to have someone share the full title with one of the Tenderpaws, but that felt too paternalist and didn’t fit in anyone’s mouth. I still think this one is a stretch, sorry about that.


I’m currently listening to episode 25 on my way home and I noticed a lot of harsh s sounds. It may be a good idea to invest in a desser when mixing the audio. It’s particularly harsh in earbuds. I didn’t notice it so much with my other headphones.


Fall 01 - Moose Patrol Assembles

Gwendolyn has something important to talk about with Francisca, who may have made a few mistakes. But it isn’t long before some bad news comes down the vine, and Francisca needs to put together a crack team to handle the most dangerous disaster the Territories could possibly face…

…A moose has crossed the scent border.


Is it just me, or will I always be nervous of “your actions shall be heard across the land?” That’s just me being overly nervous about stuff that might not happen right???


I assumed that meant she foresaw them solving the moose problem with some sort of loud noise. Probably an explosion, lets be real. Isolde is a science mouse.


Pft, forget the weasels. Mouse Guard vs Moose Guard is where it’s at.