Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



I believe the term Isolde was looking for is meese.


Fall 02 - Weasel Patrol Joins The Crowd

The weasels in Darkheather are up to something. Posters have been found throughout the territories, advertising job openings in the Weasel tunnels to capable science mice and brewers. Gwendolyn is concerned, and decides to send her most diplomatic mice to Darkheather to see what’s going on - Marx and Lily, with Sable to make sure they don’t do anything TOO risky.

Any Guard interference is sure to be taken as a sign of war, so our heroes must tread very, very carefully.


Diplomat mice? …diplomice?

I’m loving hearing the mixed groups interact already and how they contrast, with Moose Patrol having to drag Isolde away and Weasel Patrol coming together so quickly that they can convincingly lie together. And both groups have very different tasks, but they’re both up against seemingly insurmountable odds… I’m sure this will be a fun season of drama and contrasts!


For future descriptions, the term is emergency blow. You were close!


Fall 03 - Moose Patrol Starts A Fire

You can’t solve a problem as big as a moose without an equally big plan.


Not a huge deal but you misspelled Dvac’s name in the show notes today. :kissing_heart:


I think Harford is my new favourite NPC mouse. He’s just so unerringly confident in himself.


oh hey, I’ve apparently been misspelling it for a while now. Oops! Fixing it now, thanks for pointing this out.


Um, is it just me or did this not show up on the patron feed? It’s also not yet on the regular RSS feed either.


I am glad that you didn’t use the wolf skull because a moose would kill the hell out of a single wolf. They are much more scary than wolves in general to me. Unless the wolves are in a pack of course, that’s different.
Of course, I don’t know for a fact that this is the case, and it could have worked out differently​ for you​ but the fire worked better for my immersion


All the operation code names were fantastic and I’m 100% down with Isolde’s New Groove.


Also a good name for Op: Scorched Earth - “Operation: Griffin McElroy voice LIGHT THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP!”


Fall 04 - Weasel Patrol Ignores A Feast

As new arrivals to the weasel tunnels, Marx, Sable, and Lily are having a feast thrown in their honor by the Tunnel Lord Fulbert! He has some very important questions for our heroes, and they have some very important anything else they’d rather be doing.

Scheduling update! We’re returning to our weekly updates, with three Mouse Guard episodes in a row! Last week, this week, and next week will all feature our little mice, and then the week after that (May 26), Fellowship: To Winter’s End will end its hiatus and continue updating with season 2. Please look forward to it!


“Haha! Oh Marx doing his Marx’y things! What a nice way to e-”

“…oh no. OH NO.”


Ikks: Six feets under’s go to villain voice.

Which, of course she does extremely well, she is very good at sinister.


Fall 05 - Moose Patrol Eats A Berry

With the moose defeated, our heroes have a mystery left before them. Who is this prophet? Why can she see the future? How can she see the future? Is magic real, or is science fake? Are curses real? Is it a good idea to eat magical berries you found in the dirt?


On the Bonus Feat front, part 1 of Final Bid, the next game from Gnome, is now live! Stay tuned for the Kickstarter and part 2 coming soon!


I feel like this is relevant to picturing the characters of this series:


Final Bid news continues, in three parts! First, the Kickstarter campaign is now up. You can get this game for yourself! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1552912590/final-bid-the-cinematic-auction-game

Second, the conclusion of our Bonus Feat is also up! What lies in store for Beeby Speakers and her (former) Beepettes? http://www.sixfeatsunder.com/final-bid/

Third, I’m writing a film for Final Bid as a stretch goal! Once the tweet below gets 200 retweets, you’ll unlock Glenbrook, a teen melodrama. I’m so excited to be working on this project with Gnome!


Fall 06 - Weasel Patrol Goes Undercover

Marx, Sable, and Lily are trapped in Darkheather for the long haul. Over the weeks they spend in the tunnels, they decide to spy on the weasels, figure out what they’re up to, and keep their cover intact.