Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



I gotta say, I didn’t see “Gain +1 for being a trash-eating orphan” coming. Mouse Guard conflicts are fun!


Summer 12 - Tander’s Big Day

After surviving the hailstorm, East Patrol and their refugees find temporary safety in Ironwood. Marx interferes with politics, Francisca makes a friend, and Tander… Tander does a little bit of everything.


I had forgotten that Tander already got the carpentry skill and thought that the difficulty on that check was intentional for him to get it. But nope, just Pratt pulling an overconfident mouse off of his high horse. XD


I was thinking about Tander at work, and how cool he is for wanting to be cool for himself, and not to be recognized as cool.

Tander is a good boy.

Spoiler for episode 10, summer, 19 minutes in, which I also say so I can find it again,
ALSO! How completely dumbdounded Marx and Gnome are when they hear it is a great moment. If I could/knew how to like… Highlight bits of audio, I would want that scene on my desktop.


I’ll be honest, I went into that scene unfocused and without a plan, with just this idea of impressing how grave our duties are, and Drakkel really rose up to meet me and finish that idea in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do alone. Tander was super great in that scene and it kinda blew me away.


Summer 13 - West Patrol Sneaks Away

Mayor Cavre isn’t happy with being robbed, and immediately sends his task force out to capture the West Patrol. Our heroes must flee the spider farms before the torches find them, but they aren’t the only ones slipping away into the night…


Hooray! Lilly got to have a tiny spider pet! Are there rules for animal companions, or is Stencil like a prop?


Pets count as Gear - if they can help you for a check, you tell us how they help you, and they give you one extra die for your roll. So yeah, she’s basically a prop, but a really smart prop that carries itself around for you.

Working like Gear gives pets some interesting properties. For one, you can only get one die from Gear per roll, so having a whole bunch of pets helping you out isn’t actually any better than just one. Doing something like having Stencil provide silk could give you a bonus die to a repair or craft check, but if you also use a sewing kit, that won’t give you a second bonus die to the roll.

For another, Gear can be taken away by a bad roll, if Grant decides to use a Complication instead of causing harm. So as a consequence of Lily missing a roll, Stencil can become hurt or lost until Lily does something to get them back.


The image of someone sitting at their desk at work just wistfully thinking of Tander is very good!

But really thank you! It’s no secret that I’m not very confident in my ability to roleplay but with Tander for some reason I find it easier to just, react as he would in situations. I still don’t handle everything exactly correct for his personality but it’s been very fun!


David Petersen has started a series of panel-by-panel creator commentaries. Today he posted the first one, covering the first issue of what would become Fall 1152:


Hey folks, I’m not fully caught up on this yet, but I just wanted to say how much I’m loving this series. One of my favorite things about it is how the stakes are generally pretty realistic. Like there hasn’t been “Heroes save the world against an impossible evil” and that’s super refreshing and nice.


Summer 14 - East Patrol Wanders Wildseed

East Patrol finally reaches Wildseed, with everyone intact. Now that we’re here, its time for everyone to get settled in, settled down, and begin the next chapter of their lives. But when you put this many mice together, mice who’ve never met, mice who come from different towns with different cultures, arguments are inevitable.


The SixFeetsUnder tweet promised interesting last two lines and ohhhh my that certainly was an interesting last two lines.


Yeah I pretty much immediately started humming Roundabout.


Summer 15 - West Patrol Finds Family

West Patrol has finally finished their mail route. Isolde meets her mentor, and wants to hide. Sable has a confession, and a proposal. Lily has a new pet, and an apology. Zeke has a declaration, and wants answers. And they all discover a grand conspiracy…

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We’ve got a mole!? The mole is Isolde?! (Wait a moment, she isn’t a mole. She’s a mouse)


I need a supercut of West Patrol becoming more and more of a family, just inject that goodness right into my veins.


Calling her mentor “ma’am” was a good character touch for Isolde that didn’t necessarily need to be noted in the episode but deserves some credit.

I’m trying not to lose my mind over the inaccurate representation of spiders and just appreciate that there’s a spider character to enjoy.


If anyone would like to provide Real Spider Facts we can incorporate, please feel free. I’m told the voice is non-negotiable, though.


What kind of spider is Stencil?