Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



“So you’re telling me one of the classes just comes with a hyena? ‘Core abilities: Hyena’ is what you should put on the cover instead of review blurbs.” - General Ironicus of the Six Feats Under podcast



I love all of these mice so much… ;_; I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna draw some fanart.
here’s my favorite broody boy to start


Guide to the Territories pt5: Conrad

North Patrol fighting off a series of crabs at Calogero is a direct reference to the first volume of the Mouse Guard book, and the most direct I’ll ever be. He also appears in his pre-Guard days in the third volume, The Black Axe. Conrad is a sailor from Port Sumac, son of a past Captain of Captains. Conrad has a temper, a drinking habit, and a high opinion of his abilities. He isn’t welcome in the council of Captains that runs Port Sumac, and goes on a quest to prove them wrong. It doesn’t work out great for him, and he returns with one less leg and nobody to vouch for his tales.

He next (first?) appears in Fall 1152 manning the Calogero outpost, and has sensitive information he needs to pass to Gwendolyn and Lockhaven. Older Conrad is loyal and dependable but paranoid in his isolation. He tells Sadie what he saw, and draws the attention of several crabs to cover her escape. Remember in our episode when he said “Those crabs will be the death of me” and Riley groaned? Yep.


Episode 09: Mouse Guard Spring 9 - Spring’s End

As Spring comes to a close, both Patrols are still out and about as they complete their final missions for the season. North Patrol takes off to find Saxon which leads them into political intrigue, bandits, and talk of potatoes. In the meantime, South Patrol leads a mail run complete with a sabotaged cart and deal with the most difficult obstacle of the season: Sable’s parents.

As Spring dies down, the days are longer and the sun shines brighter, ushering Summer into the Territories. The Guard is always prepared for anything, yet unknown to them an ominous wind blows from the west…

Francisca is played by Riley. Marx is played by Gnome. Tander is played by Drakkel. Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum. And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed by Thylacinus. Today’s episode was edited by Riley.


Letters from friends, Spring 1148

To Lilly:
I killed a snake and I bet you never even saw one. I hoisted a big rock into a tree and my mentor laid out a mouse made of straw as bait and at the right moment I threw down the rock right on the snake’s head. It was a huge snake, way bigger than you could imagine. No wonder you got stuck carrying around a stink jug instead of anything cool. I have a new name now, don’t forget it.
-Spicket the Greatest

I told your mentor that you remind me of myself at your age, and I think you deserve to hear that too. The sea calls me. It always has, since I was younger than you. I see the same call in you: the call of adventure. It makes you want to be anywhere but home. The thing is, the sea is full of adventure herself. We could follow our hearts and make a stack of coin as we go. Your work is already holding the ship together. Join my crew and she’ll be yours when I retire. Just think about it. Be honest with the both of us.
-Captain Thom of the Tortola

Dear Sable,
Weaving is well. It’s a cycle. The shuttle goes back and forth in my room. The tide goes in and out from the shore. The seasons chase each other through the whole world. Sometimes, I think back to what I would be doing with the Guard were I still active; it’s own cycle. Last I heard you had just met your new tenderpaw. I should like to meet her. Maybe I can convince her to take it easy on you. Maybe I can also tell her the other side to the stories you’ve surely shared. Speaking with you and your loved ones is its own reward.

Our F,
Some friends of yours were in town like they always are this time of year. Neither patrol stopped by. Your ma wonders if she’s been forgotten, even if she doesn’t say so. I just tell her it’s a bunch of kids from after her time who are in a heck of a hurry. It helps that I’m right. But we heard the news! Word travels faster than you might think when it’s about shucking three crabs in one blow and teaching their language to your charge. Word may not travel accurately, but it sure is fast. We’re much faster to say it’s our daughter people are talking about than we are to ask questions.
Love, Your Mothers

Dearest Marx,
Port Sumac is home to the sky and sea, and I have many miles of land rolled up on my shelves, but it all feels so small now. How does the road from Barkstone measure against another day with you? My mind has replaced lines of latitute with the lines of your whiskers; the contours of rivers with those of your paws. Every night I look out my window and think of the words we shared about the stars, knowing they look down on us both.
Eternally yours, Kearra

My Zeke,
The journey was tough, and I’m not sure it was worth it. There are a few prospective settlers in Shorestone from the old neighborhood but less than I hoped. Not that they’d be advertising it, but there’s a look in the eye they don’t have. I guess these mice remind me of you less than I’d hoped. Sorry for missing you. The schedule was tight. I left specific instructions with Victor to humor Lily so you let me know if he didn’t. It hurts to think I had an opportunity to see you again and missed it, especially for this. The fewer old faces I see the more I’m inclined to see where you’re coming from.

Forgive my melancholy. I’m not myself after a long trip. My greatest hope is to speak again soon. Barring that, I hope the bedspread you used still has your faint smell.
When you’re ready, Christophe

I shared what we talked about with some of our other friends and they thought it was interesting. Have you made friends with any other Guard? Are the neigbors well? Please take care of yourself; it’s dangerous out there. Write when you can.


BRUTAL. How will Lily Stink Jug ever recover from such a wicked burn.


Gotta say I’m digging the Overlord.


Guide to the Territories pt6: Weasels

Weasels are barely present in the comic series so far, but their shadow looms large. They’re natural enemies, both in the wildlife and narrative senses. They are the only other creatures in the Territories with homes, trades, and language. A weasel’s Nature descriptors are Bullying, Gloating and Burrow Stealing.

The network of tunnels stretching from Darkheather is complex, and no mouse is aware of just how far it spreads. Much of it is reclaimed from other species, and weasels are nothing if not discerning scavengers. Their close relatives like ferrets and minks are a part of Weasel society. That relationship is off-screen in the comics, so we’re free to make it up to suit our needs.

What’s not up for debate is the Winter War of 1149. Overlord Rampaul and the Mice of the Territories, organized by Gwendolyn and the Mouse Guard, went to war. That’s why the map drawn in 1150 shows a smaller border than the one South Patrol laid, and why several settlements have been struck from it. I said before that it was important for our game to be a prequel to the books. Now the cards are on the table. My campaign pitch to the players was “The Weasel Cold War of 1148”. David Petersen’s work shows us the aftermath of the war, but our show will be about how it came to pass, and maybe even how it was fought.

For a more canonical take, David Petersen is currently at work on the 4th volume: Weasel War of 1149


I have to say the scene with the overlord at the end was rather disturbing. It captured the decadence and deadly nature of the weasel court quite well. Kudos to who ever did the music for that part, it added a lot.


Thank you; glad you liked the music in that scene. The basic idea was "let’s find out what post-rock sounds like as played on a dulcimer, flute, and piano."
I was so taken with that tune I had to re-record it with a slightly more modern instrumentation:


Summer 01 - West Patrol Delivers the Mail

Summer has come to the Territories, and with the fresh start of the season comes one of the most important tasks of the Guard: delivering mail. Lily, Sable, Zeke, and Isolde stand together again, setting out to keep the territories well-connected and well-informed. Be it rain, snow, floods, ravens, or weasels, nothing will stand in the Guard’s way to ensure their postal delivery!

Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum. And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus. Today’s episode was edited by Riley.


Holy shit, Isolde.


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In this episode of Mouse guard, it turns out that Isolde was secretly hulk.


Well dang, I subscribe to the DriveThruRPG deal of the day but not DriveThruComics.

Anyway, this was a great episode! Some of my favorite things:

Everybody’s goals were great and adorable, good job mice!

It feels like everybody’s gotten used to the combat system to the point that they spent more time talking about what to do from a roleplaying/in-universe strategy perspective than they did from a game mechanics perspective, which makes for much better radio (that may have happened in previous combats but I was thinking about it after watching a livestream last week where new players were learning the system).

I got chills when everybody seemed safe and the owl appeared. 2spook4me


The Owl’s theme is amazing. It’s a good, ominous song, but the hoots really make it.


Hey there folks, North Patrol’s summer adventure is going to be a little bit delayed, due to a scheduling snafu. So instead, today’s Six Feats Under episode is another for Fellowship: To Winter’s End, and we’ll have Mouse Guard for two weeks in a row after that to get our schedule back on track. So our update schedule ahead is looking like:

Aug 26: Fellowship 6
Sept 2: East Patrol 1
Sept 9: West Patrol 2

But in the meantime, we have a twitter control poll up on our Patreon! If you follow us on twitter, you’ll know Barnold was in charge for the past month, they did a great job. So help us decide who should be in charge for September!

And next weekend, on September 2nd, from 10am Central to 10am Central, is Gextra Life 2! Our very own Grant will be part of a 24 hour charity drive for Hurley Children’s Hospital, along with Chip Cheezum, Voidburger, and Snugglebeast. They’re playing a wide variety of animal mascot platformers, and it should be very good. So if you can, try and stop in for a bit!


I’m finally caught up! I really enjoy how cute this game and campaign are. All of the players seem committed to making the game as adorable as it can be.

Which is why I’m super excited for the Overlord to come in to conflict with them. I don’t like relentless grimdark, but I do like tonal clashes. I love seeing a vile, despicable, monstrous villain force their way into a cute setting, and the Overlord is fitting that role to a T. The fact that Ikks is clearly enjoying herself makes it work all the better.

And that owl was terrifying! I’m impressed that a couple of hoots was all it took to get my heart racing.


Just caught up today. Never really felt a desire to buy this game before listening. The world seems so wonderful and neat!

Question: In early episodes you mentioned mixing up the patrols, and Gwendolyn mentioned it in the first west patrol episode, but it looks like summer 1148 will have same patrols. Will they be mixing/interacting more in the future, or focusing on themselves?


It’s still the plan, but between the seasons we decided that each patrol still had more to develop internally. They had just gotten to know each other and shuffling everyone now would mean starting over fresh rather than digging deeper. Once more Summer episodes go up I think you’ll see what we mean. There will be a shakeup in the future, but not this season.