Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



Exciting news! Six Feats Under will be running two simultaneous campaigns, and there’s a thread for the other one RIGHT OVER HERE: Fellowship: To Winter’s End - A Six Feats Under Campaign

Fellowship is a game about individuals from different peoples and backgrounds banding together to eliminate the threat of an evil Overlord. Players each have narrative control over the culture their character represents, and the mechanics are deeply invested in relationships between the players, NPCs, and the Overlord. Gnome will be playing the Overlord, Riley has a character, and the rest of the cast are 6FU notables Ikks, Clove, and Joey! (I make rare appearances as ~mysterious VO~)


Spring 6 - South Patrol Checks Their Weapons

The South Patrol has everything they need to lay the scent barrier, everything but their weaponry. Zeke, Sable, and Isolde try to hunt down the thief, while Lily tries her own tactic to retrieve their lost gear. What’s more successful: Investigation and revenge, or errand running and friendship?


I submitted Plagg through the Patreon, and I was delighted when he was mentioned in the previous episode and showed up in this one! Thank you for accepting my OC and excuse to put regionally anachronistic cheese in the Mouse Guard universe.

Also, I’m sad that mom’s weasel-prejudice ended up being reinforced but I’m proud of Lily for basically solving the problem single-handedly (while making sure she wasn’t getting anyone in too much trouble). Mixed feelings about protecting her from Isile(?)'s betrayal. I want Lily to be treated like an adult, but also don’t want her optimism to be shattered.


I was complaining on Twitter why hasn’t anyone drawn the mice as humans with mouse ears yet, so I had to DO IT MYSELF!! Here’s South Patrol waving goodbye to Isile:

Lily is the light and the heart that holds the whole team together, making all the others try to be their best selves tbh


SixFeatsUnder.com got some updates today, with old episodes getting new pages. One of those is Night Witches, a game about the actual history of an all-woman night bomber regiment in the Soviet army of WWII: http://www.sixfeatsunder.com/night-witches/

I’m sharing it here, because the cast includes Eliza, Arden, and DeviousVacuum; three-quarters of South Patrol! This is the first time that part of the mouse crew played a game together, and I think it’s the first time some of them met. It’s part of the path that brought us to this campaign. Maybe you could even think of it as an AU.


I have caught up now on both campaigns (Mouseguard and Fellowship.) and I have a question - Does the splitting the session into two episodes mean there is a backlog of gaming sessions being stored up for downtime? I do know from the other liveplay podcasts I listen to (Nerdyshow’s Ghostbusters: Resurrection and Dungeons & Doritos in particular) That there can be months between play sessions sometimes because of the players/GM being adults with responsibilities and not college/university students sitting down to game for four hours at a time weekly like I did back in the day. (Damn it has literally been 10 years since I last actually did a tabletop RPG.)


Yep, which is another benefit of doing it this way. We’ve got Mouse Guard episodes recorded out until November, at our current release schedule.

Fellowship only has content recorded out to August, but we’re recording more tomorrow, so that’ll be catching up quick. One of our two campaigns will be updating every weekend until one of em finishes, if I can help it.


For full transparency, it also lightens the load on our composer.


Great fun episode but Lily is going to learn the harsh truth of the world at some point.


Keep Lily Innocent!


[quote=“Mansedan, post:69, topic:1881, full:true”]
Great fun episode but Lily is going to learn the harsh truth of the world at some point.
[/quote]How dare you.


Spring 7 - North Patrol’s Crustacean Conflict

It’s three on three, as North Patrol’s three mice square off against three crabs. With only a fake crab to protect themselves with, can our heroes fight off enemies four times their size?


Wow, Francisca might as well be called Crabsbane with how easily she dealt with that encounter. The sheer number of dice being called out was fantastic.


Crabsbane is a dope nickname and that fight was also dope.

I know nothing of Mouseguard outside of this podcast, what’s that Black Axe thing?


Well I was going to write about Conrad for this one, but your question is more immediately important!

Guide to the Territories pt4: The Black Axe

The term “The Black Axe” refers to one of two things, a legendary weapon, pictured above, and its legendary wielder. The story says that over 500 years ago, the greatest smith in the territories lost his family to predators. He poured all his grief and anger into his work and forged the deadliest weapon known to mouse-kind: The Black Axe. He gave it to the strongest and mightiest warrior of his day, who himself took the name The Black Axe.

Over the generations, the legends around the Axe have grown. He is said to be immortal, speak the language of every beast and creature in the Territories, and to have no rest in his mission to protect all of mouse society. He is a tragic hero, and the Axe itself is analogous to Excalibur in how it bestows incredible power but your life is no longer your own.

Book spoiler/mild Summer campaign spoiler:What we know as readers, and Francisca suspects, is that the Axe is real and survives to this day. It has been passed down over the generations and the impossible skills attributed to the great warrior are the sum total of those of its many holders, plus the exaggeration of a re-told tale. At the time of our game it belongs to an aging hermit named Celanawe. He appears in all three volumes of the comic The third is a prequel about how he came to take the weapon and the name. Below is Celanawe in his younger days.


New update: Kickstarter Podchat

Six Feats Under doesn’t just play these two campaigns. One of our other series is meeting guests and talking about a topic relating to tabletop gaming. Today, we have a new podchat episode with James D’Amato of the One Shot Network talking with Gnome and I about how Kickstarter has changed the RPG scene, and a lot of practical advice for running a campaign. Whether you’re looking to fund a project, interested in how these resources have led to the changing face of games, or just love James’ infectious positivity, I think you’ll like this one.

James is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Season 1 of The Dungeon Dome!


When Francisca acts in the honor of her moms, beware


Spring 8 - South Patrol Lays The Scent Barrier

With weapons in hand and a wagon full of predator stink, Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde must travel the whole Western border of the territories, from South to North. Under their cautious hands and watchful eyes, no predator will threaten the territories this year!

Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum. And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus. Today’s episode was edited by Gnome.

And lastly, we are doing a Patreon drive right now! I’ll only clutter the thread with this once, but you can find our Patreon here. If you like the show, and you want to hear more, please consider donating, if you haven’t already. We’ve completely overhauled the reward tiers and our patreon goals, so give it a look!


Here’s a map I drew up to show the paths of the patrols in their Spring 1148 sessions. About 2/3 of South Patrol’s is in this session because Journey conflicts are powerful things.


Time for a Bonus Feat! These are one-shots or miniseries we do, in addition to our regular campaign episodes. This one is The Spire

Returning guest Grant Howitt brings new guest Chris Taylor to play a session of their new game, The Spire. The Ministry of our Hidden Mistress sends Admiral Cranver Laurant (Chris Taylor), blood-drenched assassin Tears-the-Bone (Nadia), and hoslistic priestess Marchion (Grant) to investigate a small town where some of their number went missing. What secrets does Grist hold? Is this team’s diversity an asset, or their undoing? How do you define “mission accomplished”?

The Spire is funding on Kickstarter now!