Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



If you’ve listened to this episode, you know something big is coming in North 3.

Place your bets: https://strawpoll.com/524acsg


The results of the poll surprise me not at all, which means it’ll probably be the person people least expected instead. That’s usually how these things go.


crab…battle…UH OH WATCH OUT…

(artist is here, because the pinterest page I found it from offered no help on source but saucenao.com exists so hooray)


On Grain and stuff - I think this was something discussed in a geek nights episode interviewing Luke Crane about the Mouse Guard RPG back in 2012. The fact wheat is human engineers like cows and pigs - it was something which was sort of written out of the mouse guard comics to only feature in the back matter now.

A Link to the episode.


I’ve always wondered what it is like to live on a mouseboat.


A lot of Port Sumac is buildings on bridges over the water so I imagine it’s sort of similar to living on a boat.


If that is in fact three mice riding on a duck, I think it’s safe to say the patrol took the wrong form of transportation across the bay.


I’m not sure many ducks would be willing to transport a large mouse with her large axe across water.


You never know unless you try.


(It was just a houseboat joke)


Ducks are prone to suddenly flying away or diving underwater, both of which are not places mice like to be. Riding ducks for long periods of time is not recommended.


All I’m hearing is that we need to domesticate the ducks to become our own boat/submarine/plane hybrid.


Hey neat, I finally get on the ground floor of one of these.I recently got a long commute to make, this will make it tons easier.


Curses. Puns have started eluding me since I keep recording with Drakkel.


Hey folks! We’ve been keeping a bi-weekly update schedule, and that will continue going forward. But just a head’s up, we’ll be missing this next weekend. Some things got in the way and the process got slowed down a good deal. Nothing major, just sometimes things happen.

We’ll be updating two weekends in a row after this to compensate - May 28th and June 4th both. And on the 11th… Well, we’ve got something different coming up then.

Please look forward to it!


Spring 4 - South Patrol Prepares

The South Patrol finally has all their permits in order, and heads to Sprucetuck to gather everything they need to lay the Scent Barrier. Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde split up to get everything they need here, but quickly find that not every settlement in the territories thinks well of the Guard…


Guide to the Territories pt3: Models

This one’s a bit different. Let’s go behind the scenes. David Petersen’s method involves building models of props and locations to figure out what they’ll look like, and help with composition. I was planning this session when he shared his process for the scent barrier barrel carrier. Serendipitous!

You can find more of these model videos on his YouTube channel, and even more models besides on his blog.


Spring 5 - North Patrol Puts It Together

With news of a crab attack, the North Patrol sails to Calogero Outpost to face this new threat. They arrive to find the outpost under assault, and only through ingenuity can they hope to win the day and save Calogero.


Marx’s wildlife spotting guide:


Tander was great this episode - I really like both patrols’ tenderpaws, but their semi-in-character prologue was especially good.