Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



It seems somewhat unintentionally the Weasel Patrol have almost legitimately defected to a certain extent. What was the silo event that was brought up?


That’s Marx’s backstory, which was first explored by West patrol over Summer. He led a small rebellion in Woodstuff’s Grove that burned down their communal silo which led to his exile from home. He made his way to Lockhaven, and Gwendolyn took him in to the Guard against the advice of some of her captains who were more worried about upsetting Mayor Cavre.


Ah Gotcha. Danke for the explanation.


Fall 07 - Moose Patrol Experiments With Grass

Isolde is convinced there’s something in the soil. But Moose Patrol’s investigation leads them to a bigger discovery than any of them expected…

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Listening to this episode and the mass shipping of the berries, I had one of those moments going, “Oh. …oooooh. OH!” as I realized what was going on.

It seems the two patrols’ missions are more connected than they think


I think this is the point where it becomes important to say: all of Moose Patrol, from their hasty assembly to their final scenes, takes place during the 3rd and 4th Weasel Patrol episodes.


Had a same moment here. On the other hand outside of the weird cult stuff, an extensive campaign to just get the weasel rulership high as a kite in a tornado might not be a bad thing.


Fall 08 - Weasel Patrol Can’t Go Back

Lily, Sable, and Marx continue to spy on Darkheather, gathering all the information they can without blowing their cover. Attention is inevitable, however, as spies are not appreciated in Darkheather. They must escape, soon, or else they’ll be trapped down here forever.


I made a thing!


Fall 09 - Moose Patrol Pursues The Juice

The mysterious drug known as Wolf Juice is being smuggled out of Wolfepointe, made from the sacred fruit of the oracle. Moose Patrol is in pursuit, and the trail leads to Tander’s hometown: Port Sumac.


Fall 10 - Weasel Patrol Runs Home

Sable and Lily escape by night as Marx is held in captivity, and must find their way back to Lockhaven and an uncertain future.


So I can only imagine that part of the report is “So there was a somewhat sizeable time where we went almost native. The cover almost stopped being cover.” I really want to know how Marx ended as he did, that was an extremely mean cliff hanger.


Unless something happens it’s going to be a full month until why Marx dies gets revealed. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. You are so mean.


oh no.

I guess Lily had the right idea to start using the shield.


Well. Shit.




Fall 11 - Moose Patrol Blows This Case Wide Open

Moose Patrol have found their smuggler, and are chasing them through the port town! With the smuggler’s dead drop in paw, our mice have a solid lead for the first time since they arrived in Port Sumac. But where will it lead them?


Quality, Really Like Francisca. That entire session went super well…like, too well. If you proposed that script to hollywood, they would shoot it down for lack of dramatic tension.

Really liked Francisca casually warning Tander about their imminent immolation at the hands of Isolde, and Tander being confused after sticking what I’m sure was a super hero landing after a 3 inch hop (which is actually pretty long for a mouse?..3/16 inch hop)


Fall 12 - Marx Alone

Hail all those who are able.

Any mouse can.

Any mouse will.

But the Guard will prevail.