Let's Play banners and other stuff by SuperGraffiti

Hi, I’m award-winning children’s author and illustrator and former Let’s Player Lloyd “SuperGraffiti” Jones. Sometimes I make children’s book like The Princess and the Fog - one of the first books ever about childhood depression created specifically for young readers, but with positive reviews from readers of all ages, and winner of the 2015 bronze IndieFab award in the early readers category!

But sometimes I do other stuff! One of the things I do is I make art for people’s Let’s Plays. You may even have seen some of these arts on this very forum!

This one’s from KalonZombie’s newest LP. But I’ve also done banners for a couple of his previous LPs:

Like this one!

And this one.

Our very own Bob, benevolent founder of the LP Zone, even commissioned me to illustrate a billion things from his Dead Space LP, like this banner art!

I am also working on a couple more as we speak that haven’t gone live yet but I’ll post them when they have!

Anyway I feel horrendously uncomfortable bigging myself up for this long, so I’ll leave you with some links and then go hide under my duvet.
VERY PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO WEBSITE: http://www.lloydjonesillustration.com/
STILL QUITE NEW PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/LloydJonesIllustration
TWITTERS: https://twitter.com/ArtByLloyd, https://twitter.com/SuperGraffiti

Hit me up if you’re interested in having me draw all over YOUR Let’s Play or whatever! My rates are very reasonable and I have a lot of satisfied customers who will hopefully back me up in this thread.


This is some great and classy-looking stuff. I might take you up on the banner offer someday.

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You do good stuff, SG, and I’ll probably use you forever for my banners.

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I am already hooked

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GORGEOUS work!! <3

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I own a painting by SuperGraffiti and can confirm that he is both a talented artist and a joy in general. Highly endorsed.


:3: shucks, you guys

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Supes is a goodboy who does wonderful work!!! Chip and I have a commission of his on our wall :slight_smile:


One of the new ones just went up.

This is for a tabletop game session that you can listen to here. (These are characters from series 2.)


and one more for your pal and mine, @wottermelon (whose avatar I also drew when I was drawing Pokemon on my tumblr)


I have The Princess and the Fog and it’s Real, Real Good. Highly recommended.

For clarification purposes, do you prefer people to just message you via whatever for commissions, or through your Etsy “Anything You Want” items?

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Thanks! I love my little book.

Being messaged via whatever is a bit easier. The Etsy listings are pretty limited to only a few sizes/formats which all tend to be kinda small. They make nice gift items and shelf-fillers and other personal pieces but if you want something bigger, or in a particular size, or for branding or advertising purposes, message me directly via whatever channel is easiest for you. I check everything constantly so I’ll see it.

Forgot to post it here 'cause I’m a dummy but here’s another new bit of work for RealSovietBear’s Twitch channel that he kindly showed off in his thread already.

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