A Series of Unfortunate Vents - Let's Play Dead Space

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Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 1 - Alone in the Clarke
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 2 - Garth Marenghi’s Clarkeplace
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 3 - Clarkley: Shut Up and Tram
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 4 - Necro Morphin’ Power Dangers
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 5 - I Have No Spouse and I Must Beam
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 6 - 2001: A Space Botany
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 7 - Star Dreck: Deep Space Mine
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 8 - Space Ship to the Danger Zone
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 9 - Hammond Hears a Boo
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 10 - No Rules Say the Necromorph Can’t Play Z-Ball
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 11 - Permanent Markers and Growing Pengs
Let’s Play Dead Space - Part 12 - Vent Horizon

Let’s Watch Dead Space: Downfall

Let’s Watch Dead Space Comics

Art by SuperGraffiti


[quote=“drowZebra”]For the person who voted for the Plasma Cutter, even though I think it has no chance…

[quote=“Anoia”]Since somebody already drew a nekomorph, I drew you a bootleg Pusheen.

Necrosheen? Pushmorph?


[quote=“Yako”]Just caught up on the LP. I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far, but I found last episode particularly inspirational.


[quote=“NostalgiaGoggles”]I’m really enjoying this lp! Please accept these Isaacs in my gratitude


[quote=“tlarn”]Isaac finding the BeachBod Suit.


[quote=“Ruho”]Super long time lurker, but just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the sweet ass skateboard shredding and end the sick combo right where Isaac belongs - in a trash.
Also I did this thing on twitter - oh god I hope I’m not fucking up this post oh man:


[quote=“Ruho”]Can there be enough Peng?


[quote=“Ruho”]Oh yeah, also my hand slipped. I’m very sorry.


[quote=“Ruho”]So I took this absolutely amazing MGSV fanart and totally ripped it to make vastly inferior version just for this horrible request. I hope you’re proud of yourself.


[quote=“DialTheDude”]Here’s something I quickly threw together for Kamoc’s favorite poster this episode


[quote=“Ruho”]Here’s some absolute fucking fanship spaceship garbage because why the fuck not



I’m excited for this LP to keep going one day when your workload lets up a bit! (But I’m probably a little biased because I’m in the dang thing…)


I fell off this LP for a while, because going to college. But, I set up my projector so I could watch it while working on other stuff, and caught up. It’s a real good LP so far, and I look forward to future updates.

Fuck I forgot the fanart I made for this, I’m still glad I made those

Looking forward to more, Dead Space 2 is a personal favorite and Dead Space 3 is,


A Thing.

I’m looking forward to Dead Space 2, for sure. I only played the games for the first time last year (except 3, still need to play 3) but the LP was great because it showed off a bunch of weapons I never bothered using, so that’ll be fun to see in 2.

This is an extremely good LP and I hope you get more free time soon bob!!

Hope I don’t heck this up!

Loved this LP. I’m “Ruho” who drew some real ‘great’ shit for this thread. I’m deffo down with this new forum and can’t wait to look some new great threads - or even start my own :eyes:

This was a great LP, and I really liked the Let’s Riffs on the Dead Space cartoons (because I’d never be able to sit through them otherwise.)

Make us whole, bob.

I am a little embarrassed to say I forgot about this LP, as it is in my top 5 of all time! I cannot wait for it to continue!

Oh, this thread is back?

We’re still doing fanart?

Awesome! I’ve been sitting on John Ar-morph-le while waiting for the Dead Space 2 LP to go up.


This is too good to just Like and move on, wow. This is WONDERFUL. :clap:

This LP was fantastic and I’m looking forward to the continuation.

Also, that thread title is just… magic.
Kisses fingertips like a chef

Oh, Peng! How I’ve missed you!

Glad to be reminded of this very quality LP.

The only thing I miss from that other forum is my PENG PALS gang tag :frowning:

I’m making a collection of my favorite faces from the comics at the moment.

[details=The future is populated by human-chipmunk hybrids.]


What’s wrong with your faaaaaaace(s)

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If you happen to have that image file on hand I may be able to make something happen. :eyes:

Ooooh my god… That would be fantastic!

Edit: Here is the actual file!

Alright, there’s now a Peng Pals group that anyone can join. If I set it up right it should come with flair as well as a custom title.

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