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Hey in case you missed the news, Australia’s gay and it feels pretty swell.


For all of you trans residents of Illinois: https://twitter.com/ACLUofIL/status/944613052984578048


This is good.


Melt is the total best and everyone should go watch all of her everything.


Ah I should for sure post here. I’m Riley, I’m genderflux trans woman, pansexual, polya, I voice a red panda and a mouse for silly tabletop fun. I wanna just share that for as bad as some things have been in my life, I’ve thankfully been welcomed completely when I came out.

As far as gay games go, Stardew Valley with the Anthro Mod installed makes for easily my most played game of 2017, second place being Night in the Woods, there’s a theme here.


Hey Riley, I dunno how much you want to talk about it but how’s all that stuff shaking out with your situation from Dec?


Sebastian is my wolf husband


Places I’ve hit up aren’t biting, and my plan to go across the country fell apart because it costs a LOT, I was looking at almost a thousand. Right now I’m looking more one state over which would be much better and I can be near my brother so I have some stability nearby.

Thankfully this snow storm and cold snap gave me some extra time, I guess.


Going in today to the doctor to finally start my HRT. I’m really nervous but also super duper excited! Will ask about electrolysis recommendations as well. I’m well on my way to being best girl 2018


Alright i took the girl pills now i save up for electrolysis. Good thing my hormones are somehow covered under Medicaid.




I don’t think anyone here needs to be told this, but here’s some ammo for y’all’s belt.

Sometimes it’s just good to see it reaffirmed.

Edit: I was tired when I posted this and very shortly after realized that study is over a year old. Still, a good read.


There were medical practitioners in favor of the disorder classification for treatment and insurance purposes, but it’s barbaric, much more important that they update the way things work to show a basic level of humanity. We recently saw Illinois de-medicalize being trans, maybe we can all live in that utopia some day


This thread and the quoted tweets.
Get in folks.


Aw ye, had another visit with the doctor after 5 months on the girl pills and I just got my daily dose doubled!

I don’t know how much that’s going to affect changes, but I’m excited either way!

The LP Zone 1st Birthdayversary Awards!

my one-monthyversary of girl skittles is drawing near :>


Same here~ it’s actually tomorrow!


Nice! My six-montheryversary is in a couple weeks. c:

I actually can’t wait to see how I look come November, since I’m heading back to a con I went to last year. See how big of a difference there is!


My one year was a couple of weeks ago. It’s a surreal way of measuring up the passage of time when it’s basically at the start of the year.


I am so excited for all you peeps!