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hi i’m a trans lady who wandered here when i wondered where all the good SA LPers went post doxxathon 2016. Seems like I’m in the right place. Using a different name here so ppl who have already doxxed me before don’t follow me here :slight_smile:


Welcome to T H E . Z O N E


The 5th Annual “Gender Census” is open. It was previously called the “non-binary gender census” but now to be more open they removed the non-binary label and just clarifying that it is for anyone who DOESN’T fit into the categories of “Female - all the time, solely, and completely” or “Male - all the time, solely, and completely”.

It is anonymous and asks about the term non-binary, titles and pronoun usage.


I am really glad that both LP zone and this thread are still getting posts. Such a positive space!


hi everyone, my gender/sexuality can basically be best described as a long droning tone, or more effectively, “non-binary, not cis, doesn’t date men”

i find it interesting that someone posted earlier in the thread (well… like, a year ago, but yeah) about harvest moon games allowing you to crossdress and artificially create same-gender pairings. rune factory 4 (originally an off-shoot of harvest moon) actually allows something similar - after you beat the main story, you can switch your ingame avatar’s sprite and expression sheet to any character in the game, including the protagonist of the gender you didn’t choose. i doubt this was their intention, but it lets you easily pretend to be a gay girl.

harvest moon actually previously flirted with same-gender relations in prior games. they had a ““best friend”” system built into at least one of the Harvest Moon For Girl (female protagonist) games where you could, instead of a husband, acquire a Best Friend by…doing literally all of the same things you’d do to court a girl in the male version. seeing all of her heart events, giving her gifts, and eventually proposing with a blue feather and having a, quote unquote, ““friend ceremony””. you then live with her and sleep in the same bed as her in your house, and can never have a husband. you can even be gifted a child by the harvest god

they, of course, took it out in the english localization. i’m glad stardew valley exists lmao


Morrowind was a really formative game for me for similar reasons. I didn’t have a lot of the “awesome executions 2000!!!” mods (none actually), but any fashion pack that existed I had, and my female Nerevarines defeated Dagoth Ur many a time kitted out in the gothiest fash from Metal Queen Boutique. I think that was the first game I ever played where I was allowed to make a character I felt connected to on a personal level. They only did what I would do, dressed how I wished I could, were beautiful and powerful women instead of ugly introverted boys.

games are gender therapy :slight_smile:


uuugh i remember being really really in awe of the gender change coffin in Dark Souls 2, its such a silly little thing but I went out of my way to learn how to kill the ogres and the Pursuer just to use it.


My first of that sort of thing was being a cute girl in pokémon Crystal.


Well, good news! I’m on my way to getting laser hair removal. In about a month I’ll get my first full face zapping. I can’t wait to be rid of it, tbh.


oh i always instantly went for the girl characters in pokemon but i never really thought about it at all cuz like, i didnt talk to people about video games back then. or about anything lol


My trans discovery was because I instantly fell in love with female Pandaren in World of Warcraft and proceeded to refuse to play any class they couldn’t be.

Also the red panda thing may come into play there slightly :v


I went to Anthrocon with a friend to sell furry art and it was pretty much the first place where I really had my bisexuality confirmed and accepted. There was so much queer positivity and a bunch of older furries took the pair of wide-eyed 16 year olds under their wings and I had a blast.

I never quite got that kind of queer acceptance offline or outside of fur cons until very recently.

Edit: I still remember when I came out to the friends I made that year online, one of them was just like: “You’re gay? That’s great! Now tell us what your fursona is you coward so we can judge you for something that really matters.”


Yeah, the fandom generally is super inclusive. I’m eagerly awaiting my next trip to MFF!

And never be ashamed of your fursona. EVER. :B


I’ve never been to a con because I would not want to go alone and also all of them are far away.


I’m still too afraid to come out to my dad who i’m currently living with as a trans girl, what do i do? Obviously I wont be able to keep it a secret forever because boobs are a thing.


It’s a difficult subject to bring up naturally. Best advice I can give is to prefix it with “Hey, I need to talk to you about something very important” so he starts off with your feelings on the subject already in the open.

I did my best to try and make in natural with some people and it… just is very difficult without making things just a little awkward, no matter how well they take it. It’s a new concept to a lot of folks and it’s hard to tell how they’re going to react.

But I do certainly wish you the best with that. Hopefully he will understand. <3


Start looking for places you can move to if he doesn’t like it and try to have a safety net of peers in the area who you can go to if things get rough?


I have places I can go, I’m just paralyzed from anxiety about it…


I found an amazing guy and we’re dating and he plans to come out to his parents today, please lend my boy your strength as if he were powering up to defeat frieza