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Price of the pills depends on your insurance or lack thereof, but for me it’s $30 a month total for 3 different pills.

And I don’t know whereabouts in Illinois you’re at, but I’ve been to the PP in Chicago and Aurora. Though for some reason I couldn’t schedule the first appointment in Aurora. But all the appointments I’ve had since have been in there.


Aurora or Naperville are what I was considering.


Aurora is good people, IMO.

If you can go there, I recommend it. Especially if you aren’t a fan of the city, like me. lol


Cool, thanks. I always joked that my donations to Planned Parenthood were purely selfless since I was an asexual dude, but turns out they benefit everyone. Not yet sure CT has informed consent, but maybe I can swing by Boston if necessary. I have to wonder if they’ll take the concept of non-binary transition seriously, I’ve heard some doctors don’t, but there’s only one way to find out.


When I talked to the doctor for the first time, she actually asked me if I wanted to be more androgynous or more feminine, so you might get that option! Though I’m not sure what would have changed had I said “androgynous”.

Still, worth checking out!


im afraid i wont be that much help for u, im in Austria and it’s all done thru government medical care here :confused:


I ended up going through an LGBT Pride clinic in Cleveland, since I’m based in Ohio. Really great staff, but it takes forever to get in. Took me 2 months for a consultation appointment, and now i gotta wait till January for my next appointment, when I’ll get a prescription.


Omg I didn’t know you were a fellow Ohioan. Ohio is so so bad but I’m incredibly happy you got the help you needed.

I wanna go to Gaymer X but we’ve had too many expenses this year. :frowning:


Wait you’re from ohio too??? What part? Im in cleveland area.


I was born in Cleveland and grew up in the Grand River area. I got rescued from Ohio five years ago and live in Northern Virginia now but we’ll be going up to Cleveland to watch the next eclipse in 2020! I’ll message you around that time so I can buy you food.

I hear the Lakewood area is really good for LGBT+ folks, can you confirm?


Yes, Lakewood and Columbus are great for LGBT folk.


Following an idea here I checked with a local Planned Parenthood to see if I could get an informed consent release, but unfortunately my area’s consistent lack of any qualified specialists for the subject perturbed the effort. On the positive, the director of the branch spoke with me directly without an appointment in her office to hear me out and said she’d ask around and see if anything that can help me out will crop up. Here’s hoping.


Hey so if any of you are interested in a very low-key queer friendly convention i did have a great time at GaymerX East this year, much smaller than I was expecting it to be. Every panel I went to on Saturday was great and unfortunately I had to get home since I have work tomorrow so I dipped after 404ing it today (Which was also excellent)

Just keep it in mind, i was there all alone on saturday and didn’t really know anyone so it’d be pretty nice to spend that time with people I know


GaymerX is one of those things I’ve always wanted to go to, but my schedule isn’t exactly good for conventions. Some day, though! I’m glad it seems to be doing so well.


It’s alot smaller than I expected? Also I swear I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye wearing a bowser fursuit head but it was only once and I never saw him again and the convention space was only two floors in an office building.

I was only really able to go because I live in NJ and NYC is only an hour drive from my house and only 20 minutes from school. I don’t know that I could’ve ever made it to the one in California


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Finally went out dressed femme for once, back on the 3rd. Didn’t think to post about it, but eh, why not.

It was at MidWest FurFest. Probably one of the best places to have a “coming out” day, given the community!