Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread



I would like to ask a question; there’s a game that I want to show here, since I think it’s pretty neat and interesting, thing is, I don’t actually own the game, but there is a demo for it; so my question is, would it be in poor taste, or something like that, to be saying that the game is worth buying, when I myself haven’t bought it.


That’s no prob, judgment statements like that are fine even if you don’t currently own a video game. I’ve done that several times in this very thread, even! If you think a demo is good enough to make you buy the video game when it’s out/when you have the money, say it!


Let’s Play My Brother Ate My Pudding

From the creators of Hidden My Game By Mom and Hidden My Game By Mom 2 comes a hot new puzzle game, My Brother Ate My Pudding! After all his hard work in finding his game, the young boy went to grab a snack, but little did he know that he was eating his sister’s pudding! Now she’s out for blood, and it’s up to you to help the boy hide from his sister. It’s 20 puzzles full of twists and surprises, and I’ve brought Hobotron along for the ride! What a good game series.


I don’t know how these games are so consistently amazing, but I really appreciate them. They manage to nail the jokes so well for a simple phone game.


I hope each family member gets a game. Mainly just to see what Grandpa’s game would be like.


In I Woke Up My Grandpa, you have woken Grandpa with your video games. Get him back to sleep by luring him into bed, but don’t let him find his cane to chase you with!



The Noid is the hero we need in this crazy mixed up world of 2017, and Yo Noid II is proof.
(click through the gif for a video)


From the moment I noticed what game it was, I was waiting to see what would be the reaction to the fact that you can dab, and it was good. :+1:
Also, there are a couple of those pizza chickens, and you can talk to them.


While I would love to watch the video I was taught from an early age to Avoid the Noid and I’m not about to stop now.


Let’s Check Out West of Loathing

Video coming in hot this Saturday because I could wait to post it!!!
West of Loathing is a new comedy western RPG from the creators of the comedy browser MMO Kingdom of Loathing, and I love it to bits. It’s structured a bit like a Fallout, but in the wild west and with fewer crippling bugs. The writing is exceptionally on point, the art style is simple but charming, and the actual game stuff is pretty neat too! This video covers the prologue just to show the sort of freedom you have even early into the game, and the different ways the game allows you to tackle its challenges. It’s still on launch sale right now if you want to grab it!


I’ve been interested in this game since I saw that it was being made! I used to play a looot of Kingdom of Loathing, so it easily caught my intention, but I was waiting to see more of it, since I didn’t know if the humor was going to hold up; but now I’m convinced that I need to get it!


You should check out their podcast, VideoGamesHotDog. It’s really funny, and they’re very often joined by Jim “Frog Fractions” Crawford.


Thanks for not avoiding the noid. I tried that game out and as much as I would have loved to continue playing it the level that required you to wall jump up a narrow path gave me a headache and was not fun to keep trying. I’m glad someone played it so I didn’t have to.


I just completely bounced off Kingdom of Loathing (and other MUD and MUD like things) super hard, so it was nice to see this game and actually kind of like it.

Also man, I keep on intending to post stuff here but the day I usually would do my first impression stuff are the days Chorps does and I don’t wanna be rude.


Just Post! I’m fine with being upstaged if it means the thread sees more content. The more there is, the more people can talk about!


I’ll keep that in mind next Wednesday.


Death rides a pale horse.

I don’t know if it’s a thing other than a Dead Milkmen album name though.

EDIT - a lot of time later: Also being wanted to protagonizin’ is the best joke.


It’s a reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; each horse is notably different in that regard. Red for War, White for Conquest (or Pestilence if you subscribe to the interpretation that started in the 20th century), Black for Famine and Pale for Death.


A Taste Of: Blaster Master Zero

Video Length: 11:00

A modern remake of a classic NES game, bringing basically everything in the surprisingly well loved series together. Despite having never played the original, the design of the game FEELS nostalgic, which is pretty cool. I don’t play too much of the game here, just show off the two main styles of gameplay the game has going for it, but rest assured it gets far more complex and interesting later. Overall the game is pretty good, though the range of fall damage you take is kind of ridiculous.

EDIT: I accidently called the game Master Blaster Zero instead of Blaster Master Zero. Guess I just can’t get beyond Thunderdome.