Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread



Since you didn’t say it in the video those rolling enemies can only move in one direction which is shown by which way their eye moves. Once you know which way they move you can just walk next to them and kill them that way. Also even after playing through the game one and a half times I never knew you could shoot the rockets at angles. Never tried it because I figured they were locked to just left and right.


Huh, could of swore I said that. Maybe I just forgot, it’s been awhile since I even edited this dang thing.

Glad I showed off something you hadn’t seen before though!


It’s time for the return of a good boy.

A Taste Of: Super Bomberman R

Video Length: 14:42

Today we take a bite of Super Bomberman R, the revival of Bomberman basically everyone thought would never come out ever. If you’re curious about my thoughts on the multiplayer I haven’t played that at all, I’m the dumb huge nerd with no friends to play multiplayer Bomberman with. That said I’m sure it’s fine, especially after the patches to the netcode I heard it got. At any rate, this’ll be focused on the story mode, which seems really funny and incredibly cute. Gameplay wise it’s Bomberman, though much like quasi Bomberman inspired puzzle game I did like a year ago Burnstar, it has the problem of everything being on a grid based system EXCEPT then player, leading to some control issues. That said, it’s a fun game…though the story mode not having any checkpoints between planets is rough too.


Let’s Check Out: Book of Demons

So after much procastination, being actually busy, and learning how to video stuff, I finally managed to make this video for Book of Demons, the first in a series of 7 “mid-core” games, inspired by “the early golden days of PC gaming”, with Book of Demons being an homage to Diablo.
Overall, this game is very fun, and good for those moments where you dont have a lot of time, or are killing time while waiting for something else, and the blend of mechanics works very well; the only thing I could say I have a problem with is the humor, to be honest.

(This is the first time I’ve ever made a video, so any criticism is welcome.)


Let’s Play the Monster Hunter: World Beta!

I decided that in preparatioon for a possible LP of Monster Hunter: World, that I’d try out the beta and do a mini LP of it. The beta lasted for roughly three days and helped test out the online matchmaking while giving people a taste of what is to come. I really enjoyed it and for those who were unable to play it but are still interested in what it is like, here’s the LP. Episode three will be coming soon.


Just thought I’d say episode 3 is now up! And with the announcement that the beta is returning I’ll be recording episodes of the other monsters available when it is back.


Finally after 10000 years I am back in my own thread!!

Let’s Check Out Haymakers (Demo)

Haymakers is a cute little game currently available as a playable demo on the ol’ itch.io. It has elements in its art style and writing to Paper Mario, and the gameplay is some classic platforming action focused on fast-paced movement. I like it a lot, it’s fun to pick up speed and the mechanics are generous enough on timing that even a bad at video games person can feel cool playing it. Hope all of this can hold up in a full game, because I’d love to see what this looks like at full release.


You weren’t there man! You couldn’t know! @LoakaMossi and I try out We Were Here.

:siren: :tw: has some creepy sounds/music and other miscellaneous atmospheric spookiness.


Let’s Play Tokimeter

Once again, hap inc. proves the versatility of mobile gaming! Tokimeter is the latest game in the Hidden My Game By Mom extended universe, where a young man must win the heart of a fellow student. Over 18 days, he must solve a series of WarioWare-style minigames in order to charm the girl of his affections, leading to a fated meeting under the cherry blossom tree. What can we learn of young love and modern romance from this game? With just enough time to start acting on these tips and tricks before Valentine’s Day, hopefully you can learn something too!


Ripping out my nose hairs by hand seems like a pretty painful step on the way to true love, but Hap Inc. has never steered me wrong before.


Let’s Play Toast Girl

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we look at hap inc’s more humble beginnings with Toast Girl! Late for school and on the hunt for love, nothing can stand in Toast Girl’s way as she makes her way to homeroom. Not for lack of trying though, as some suspicious characters try to stop us from reaching school in time. Join DeviousVacuum and I for a quick race for love!


Hap Inc is a genuine treasure.


I have to wonder where Toast Girl fits into the Hap Inc canon. My guess is that it’s in its own enclosed timeline, unless there’s a cameo I’m forgetting about.


Toast Girl is part of the Hap Inc Extended Universe.


I’m happy to see that, even before they had found their thing, Hap Inc definitely had their style and humor.


Hap is a treasure and we must cherish them.


Let’s Play Money Idol Exchanger

Today, my friend TheJayOfSpade and I become deadly rivals in the most competitive puzzle game money can buy: Money Idol Exchanger! Known as Money Puzzle Exchanger in the West, this pastiche on magical girls plays a lot like Magical Drop, but with coin denominations. Math has never been so much fun! Join us as we just kinda shoot the shit and sabotage our own plays in a fierce best-of-five competition!


ChorpSaway and I look at a little game released for a game jam. It’s very cute, join us won’t you?


Let’s Check Out Part Time UFO

Sometimes, HAL Laboratory makes a not-Kirby game. Before, the big puzzle series from them was Box Boy on the 3DS, and just recently they released a mobile game called Part Time UFO! It’s a cute little puzzle game where you play a UFO catcher that has to move objects around to accomplish goals. It’s a fun experience with plenty of variety and charm to carry it through its hours of puzzles. I adore the game, its customization options, and the ease with which HAL could continue to release puzzle packs for the game later down the line. It’s only $4, well worth your money and time.


So this was part of the first lp i ever did. my mics not good and i was still working on the kinks. plus ps4 shareplay blocked the last chunk of the game. But the chaos seen in this video is too good not to share. So i present to you Rohan destroys the universe and d’arbys worst day ever.

to see the good stuff time stamps are 16:00-20:07 and 46:30 till the end of the vid