Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread



I am disappointed this is not linking a crayon Shin Chan casual let’s play. We had that anime dubbed over here in Europe in the 90s. It and Detective Conan I have seen dubbed in 4 languages.


It’s a monday, and that means time for slashing, explosions, punching, polar bears (maybe even punching exploding polar bears), It’s time for an Oniken Update

“Making Of” you say? That’s right, I streamed the entire nearly 3 hour long process of taking the raw footage and turning it into Part 2. I did this primarily so that people interested in editing their own videos (if this is your first attempt into doing so) can get a peak into what actually goes into editing an episode. I also try to make it as informative and entertaining as possible. If that’s the kinda thing that might interest you, check it out!


Let’s Check Out Mighty No. 9

There are a lot of retro revival games out there, harkening back to the classics of gaming with modern sensibilities. Today, I was reminded that I owned this one and had never thought to boot it up. Join Jay, FutureFriend, and myself as we rediscover the classics and talk about throwback gaming, as well as our own nostalgia!


Let’s Check Out Beglitched

Today I wanted to show off one of my favorite games from last year that I don’t feel got a lot of attention! Beglitched is a neat battle puzzle game that combines elements of Bejeweled and Minesweeper to create a unique gameplay experience with a high learning curve but a lot of nuance and charm. There’s a lot to learn but I hope through this video I’m able to show off the game well.


OS hex is a good operating system for a glitch witch.


##IT’S FIGHTING FRIDAY :muscle::punch:
so that means it’s time for an Oniken update…DOUBLE UPDATE:siren:FINAL UPDATE :siren:

So yeah, part 3 is the actual end of the main game, with a penultimate stage that, in terms of difficulty, rivals any of the games it takes influence from. I also finally take a look at what that ‘Berserk’ button does

Part 4 is more a look at some unlockables and an extra mission they added with a patch. Some of those challenge modes are damn near impossible. I might stream attempts later on (and if I succeed I’ll add the highlights here) but for the most part this LP is done. Thanks for watching~


KNIGHTS is a minimalist puzzle game, which follows the idea of “easy to learn, difficult to master”, with the gameplay based entirely around the titular chess piece, the knight :horse:.

I bought this game on Steam some time ago, since it looked like something interesting that I could use to pass the time, and it’s pretty cheap anyway (it costs 1$,which is too low in my opinion). What I ended up with was much better than I expected, as I went from solving a couple levels every day as I did other things, to completely focusing on a single puzzle for long periods of time because I just couldn’t get. It. Right. And so I´ve always wanted to show it off, because I think it really is a delightful game and anyone that is into puzzles can get a lot out of it.

[details=Summary]The game is meant to be a relaxing and calming experience, with simple gameplay and music to fit the mood (in the form of Kevin MacLeod “Garden Music”).

The game has almost a hundred levels, separated in these 5 level packs, which get progressively more difficult, starting from casual easy, and eventually becoming surprisingly challenging. It also features procedurally generated levels, which are unlocked after completing a certain amount of the normal levels, with new ones being created every day.

In each level you are presented with a grid like this one (in this case, the very first level), where your goal is to bring each colored knight to a space of their corresponding color (the game has a color blind option, which I´ll show in case anyone needs it). You accomplish this by moving the piece from square to square; using its L shaped movement.

And that is really all there is to it! New colors are later introduced, which leads to really complicated boards, but I feel like it was still a relaxing way to pass the time, as even when I was stuck on a level, I didn´t feel frustrated, or like it was just too much to handle (for the most part anyway).

If you are interested, there is a web browser demo, which even includes some levels from the last level pack, so you can give it a try yourself!



This is super cool, thanks for showing this off! It’s a neat game and I’ve had a lot of fun just kinda poking at the puzzles on occasion, and I like the layers of difficulty it builds up, up to the super claustrophobic bits with the yellow knights. I’ll have to pick the full game up soon.


Thank you so much :grinning: This is the first time I´ve done anything like this, so I was nervous, but I´m glad someone liked it!
On my end, I´m super interested in Children of Zodiarcs, which looks like a pretty cool spin on tactical rpgs, and Ghosts of Miami, the characters seem very well written, and having to manage an investigation and the relationships sounds like a good way to make it more engaging; I also really enjoyed all the visuals.


Let’s Play Gundam 0079: The War for Earth

Today, FutureFriend, Jay and I decided to watch a replay of the first Gundam game to be made in English, and the second ever Gundam media to hit the Western market, after the original novel trilogy. It’s a combination of FMV with quicktime events and 3D portions of FPS-style gameplay that the game itself omits from its replays. The localization is spotty and the acting is hammy, so there’s plenty to enjoy with Gundam 0079: The War for Earth!


Let’s Check Out Arcaea

Today, I commit a criminal sin and talk over a rhythm game! Arcaea is a mobile rhythm game reminiscent of such arcade hits as Sound Revolt, but all of the controls are via the touch screen. There are some neat ideas that really take advantage of the format, and it’s just a good-looking music game/visualizer to boot!


Let’s Check Out VOEZ

Today, I find myself once again in mobile rhythm game hell, but this time with VOEZ! Maybe most notable for having a Nintendo Switch version, VOEZ is a Taiwanese rhythm game that’s partially about a comfortable atmosphere and partially about really good-looking systems. The rhythm parts of the game make you feel more involved, as certain notes will actively affect the play and display within the game, and it’s a lot of fun!


I’m really digging these really stylised rhythm games, especially because they seem to take advantage of the fact that they use touchscreens. Also, the music is good, which is somewhat important in these games.
Too bad I’m the worst at rhythm games, because they seem really fun.


These sorts of rhythm games are nice too because their monetization feels less predatory than the idol rhythm games. You can just give money to buy songs and don’t have to worry about stamina or your anime girl trading cards. All of these sorts of mobile games are nice though because you can enjoy them in the freedom of your own home and don’t have to take $20 down to the arcade to play DDR while everyone watches and finds out how bad you are.


I’ve never really been into Rhythm games, but the right aesthetic can go a long way towards pushing me into liking it.



A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build is a charming puzzle game, about building (and hugging) adorable snowmen.

When I had first seen this game, it seemed like a combination of a lot of things I enjoy; cute visuals, interesting mechanic, puzzles, and a relaxing atmosphere, unfortunately, I have to say that it is very short, even counting the secret levels, but I still think it is worth checking out, but maybe get it when it’s on sale.


The game takes place in a sort of hedge maze, separated into different rooms, where you have to build snowmen. You do this by rolling around three snowballs, stacking them into the form of the classic snowman (or snowwoman).


Sometimes you won’t have the three correct sizes of snowballs you need (in the case of the image below, they are all small), in which case you’ll have to roll them over snow to increase their size, but once you’ve increased the size of a snowball, the only way to lower them is by undoing your moves, or resetting entirely, so plan ahead!


Eventually the rooms get much harder to navigate, by making them smaller, putting objects in the way, or even having you build more than one snowman at the same time. So all in all, I enjoyed playing the game, it’s fairly challenging, with a reasonable learning curve, but I also feel like if I had bought it at the usual price of 10$, I may have liked it less, but what a game is worth always depends on the person.

I also feel it is imperative to say, and show, that you can hug your new snowfriends after you build them.



Ah, I loved A Good Snowman is Hard to Build! I just played through it earlier this year and it was hard but fun even though I never figured out anything related to the secret puzzles. I like this team’s most recent game, Cosmic Express, a lot too. Puzzles are cool.


Let’s Check Out Abraxas (Demo)

Today, I am joined again by visual novel enthusiast DeviousVacuum to discuss an upcoming adventure game/visual novel that they sent to me so that I could make this video! Abraxas is a fantasy story where you play as the only human in a world of bird people called Kimets, and slowly discover the nature of this universe and your character’s place in it. As a game made in Unity, the format benefits from the lessened constraints of something like Ren’py, allowing for more dynamic setpieces and greater exploration in a way that’s very cool. The demo goes up to the main(?) plot hook, and it shows a lot of promise in its storytelling.

Also in this video, DVac and I accidentally stumble on a dangerous truth regarding Reese’s. Stay tuned until the very end for that.


Let’s Check Out Hazelnut Bastille (Demo)

Today, I signed up for a newsletter just so that I could check out a game called Hazelnut Bastille! I like Link to the Past, and this game, is very much like Link to the Past. The story is about a woman out to discover the technological secrets of mythological ancients, in an attempt to find something lost to her. This one dungeon demo shows a lot of 16-bit nostalgia, with some cool puzzle elements that really help to make the game stand out. I’m interested to see what the overworld stuff is like, but I guess I’ll have to wait to check that out. For now, there’s this! I still think it’s neat.


Let’s Check Out Antihero

Today, we take to the streets of Dickensian London to talk about Antihero, a digital board game about stealing from the rich with an army of orphans! With a lot of simple but expansive mechanics and an air of charm, this game really got its hooks in me and I adore it. I brought along board game liker FutureFriend and Dickens aficionado TheJayOfSpade to talk about it with me.