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I’m running a little behind but I really liked the Mayor Daley episode. Chicago politics are something else.


Sex Archie Memory Lane 2: Archie Vs Predator

This episode covers Archie Vs. Predator, the comic series written by Alex de Campi, drawn by Fernando Ruiz, published by Dark Horse comics
Some ideas are just fun. Sometimes those ideas grow to include a nuanced take on the intention vs the actions of “nice guys”. Sometimes they juggle 17 characters and give them all a reason to be there, and most of them a memorable death. Sometimes a crossover is even better than an original property it draws from. We love this book.


History Honeys episode 31: Sherlock Holmes

In 1886 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle changed the world. Aided by a perfect demographic moment, English literature, pop culture, criminal science, and the way we comminucate about media were all shaped by Sherlock Holmes.


History Honeys episode 32: The 1933 World’s Fair

In the depths of the Depression, and the shadow of an earlier event, Chicago staged the A Century of Progress International Exposition, better known as the 1933 World’s Fair. Alaina takes us through an overview of the Fair’s conception, some notable exhibits, and the surviving remains. How much success comes down to blind luck? How much should seeing babies cost? How do you solve a problem like Mussolini?


Sex Archie Memory Lane episode 3: The Archie Show

This episode covers five episodes of The Archie Show, the first cartoon series based on the Archie characters, which premiered in 1968.
Saturday morning cartoons back in the day were cheap, fast, and disposable. We watched 106 minutes of especially cheap examples, and would like to dispose of them. When is Fufu getting the reboot treatment? Doesn’t the law of large numbers say SOME of these jokes should be good? Why does every Archie property on TV hate children?

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History Honeys Episode 33: The Millerites

Grant takes us back to the 1800s to talk about the end of all things. William Miller believed he had concrete evidence that the end was nigh, and his friends built a movement that grew to reinterpret all kinds of orthodoxy. Despite their specific predictions having no clear result, the faith continues. Is the truest faith that which survives evidence to the contrary? What holds a community together, the good times or the tough? Can we be trusted to ever speak on this topic respectfully?

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History Honeys Episode 34: The Golden Age of Piracy

Alaina brings us tales of high seas adventure! For an 80 year period, conditions were right for a wave of piracy. This era has been romanticized and fictionalized to the point it’s synonymous with piracy itself. We also take a look at a few specific individuals from the time. Be sure to listen for the end for a followup discussion on an element from our 1933 World’s Fair episode that’s back in the news.

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Stoked for Gextra Life 2: The Gextraning.


Gextra Life 2: This Time, He’s Outsourced.


Gextra Life 2: Bubsy’s Revenge


Sex Archie Bonus #3: Fan Content

As the off-season ends, we take a look at the myriad things produced by Riverdale fans. We read fanfiction, review fanvideos, and describe image sets. In all, it’s an impressive amount of work and creativity. It’s fun to see people with a similar passion express that passion in a completely different way. (Is that diplomatic enough? Are the teens satisfied? We dunk on some goofy shit, too)

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History Honeys episode 35: The Carnation Revolution

n 1974, Portugal’s autocratic regime was overthrown by a nearly bloodless coup. Rather than descent into chaos or public executions, it was a revolution of steady transition to democracy and soldiers wearing flowers. Can democracy come from an undemocratic act? Who holds the responsibility in decolonization? Can you crack the song code?


History Honeys episode 36: The Prairie Avenue District

Alaina brings the show close to home. In fact, withing walking distance of our home! The Prairie Avenue District is a small part of Chicago’s Near South Side neighborhood that was the hottest piece of real estate around at the end of the 19th century. We learn about the history of the neighborhood, some buildings that survive from the period, and some of the misadventures of their residents.


Sex Archie Bonus 4: Season 1 Primer

Season 2 is one week away! Let’s review and look ahead. We recap our recaps and compress season 1 as much as we can. Then, look at how each of our main characters have changed. Then, discuss all the trailers and official announcements we’ve seen. Then, wrap up with our usual predictions. Well, “usual” might not be accurate.

It’s time to get excited! Please share our show around, leave us ratings and reviews, and help us launch our second season with a shot. You know, like they did to Fred.


History Honeys episode 37: The Roswell UFO Incident

Grant starts October with a creepy topic. In 1947 a rancher thought he may have found pieces of a flying disk, and a military press release agreed. Over the decades to come this story blossomed into a wide-reaching global conspiracy with bodies, buried treasure, and the keys to every mystery since. How do legends develop? How does fact intersect with belief? Who names their child Trudy Truelove?


I think my favorite thing about Mulder’s iconic poster is it doesn’t imply that we do believe, but that we so desperately want to. I think the appeal of the idea of the existence of aliens is something that surpasses what we can prove or disprove, and it’s so powerful it stands up against even the most concrete evidence to the contrary.

Why wouldn’t we want to believe that we’re not alone in the universe.


I just caught up on Sex Archie this week since the off-season started and I feel bad I missed out on the fan content episode. I’m sure I could have found something absurd and wholesome and probably also horny for you guys. Alas, maybe the next big break.


Feel free to send it our way, we’re work shopping new segments for the back half of our episodes, so it may show up sooner than you think!

Sex Archie Episode 14: Jingle Jangle
This episode covers Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; directed by Rob Seidenglanz

Regular Riverdale recaps return! As the second season begins, Fred fights for his life, Veronica fights for love, and Betty fights for what’s right. Where’s Riverdale’s driving instructor when you need them? Is Pop Tate a real character now? You think you can hook me up with some of that Jingle Jangle?


Okay, I have a prediction for next week: Hiram gets two separate scenes to more firmly establish his dominance (than the most Godfather shot possible?) over the Lodge family: Veronica will go out to breakfast the next day and have momentarily forgotten that her dad is back, and he will already be at the breakfast table, and somehow in normal daylight he will be more intimidating to her and start to break her bluster a little.

But then…

In a later scene, Hiram confronts Hermione to ask just exactly who ordered the attack on Mister Andrews, because it was not me and Hermione will remember how on-edge she probably felt at all times when he was around before.

I can’t pick between Hermione and Veronica resolving their issues by the end of the season in mutual fear and loathing of Hiram or if Veronica will find her father is surprisingly kind towards Riverdale’s residents and bonds with him as Hermione, who I keep almost calling Veronica for some reason, tries to take matters into her own hands multiple times through the season. What matters? Matters, of course.


Sex Archie Episode 15: Death Diner
This episode covers Chapter 15: Nighthawks by Michael Grassi; directed by Allison Anders

Archie thinks the world revolves around him as the town descends into severe Cialis addictions chasing a sugar high. Meanwhile, one classic Archie character gets her debut, and another is re-introduced. Can Betty’s spunk save us all? What can’t Hiram buy? Did the sudden snowmelt cause severe flooding in Canada?