I make Two many podcasts: History Honeys and Sex Archie

My name is Grant and if you know me on this site you probably know the Let’s Plays I make with @ChipCheezum right over here. We also do a gaming podcast called Chipod Ironicast, but this thread is about two other podcasts I make with my wife.

History Honeys is a bi-weekly show where we take turns teaching each other cool stuff in the past. It’s been going for about 8 months now and I’m really proud of it! we cover a wide variety of topics and try to find the interesting stories that open up into larger points about the world.
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Sex Archie is a brand new show, just launched today, where we re-cap and react to new episodes of Riverdale; the CW teen melodrama based on Archie comics characters. Everything you’ve heard about that show is true and more, unless you’ve heard it’s bad. It’s actually the best thing on TV and Sex Archie is here to break it down for you, please. Sex Archie is still really new, so we’re working on things like a permanent logo, listing in other sources, etc. but you can get current in the meantime! #RiverdaleStrong


I love History Honeys, it’s fantastic to hear two people with such a genuine enthusiasm for their subjects. I haven’t started watching Riverdale yet but I think I’m going to have to in order to listen to the new cast.

I started listening to the first episode of Sex Archie and I don’t know if y’all ever mentioned it but the writer of at least the first episode, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is also the writer for Afterlife With Archie, quite possibly one of the best comics in years. One of the other heads behind the series is Greg Berlanti, perhaps most well known for the highly successful Arrowverse shows also on The CW!

Also the actor playing Archie is actually 19, which stands out when everyone else is 20+ in a show about teenagers.

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I dunno if I can get behind an Archie product with a sexy Ms. Grundy who goes after our good boy Archie. :gonk:

I listened to all three episodes of Sex Archie, and I like it because I watch Riverdale but lack the proper grounding in Archie comics. I like hearing different takes on the episodes as well as pointing out thematic elements I might’ve missed because I’m screaming at my TV. I’m surprised that no one mentioned that Ethel’s actress played Barb in Stranger Things, who was killed off fairly early on, but inspired a huge fan reaction - including the hashtag “#JusticeforBarb”. This is probably the BIGGEST pop culture reference in the episode and something extremely meta as well somewhat presumptuous. Or maybe not because I watched Stranger Things and love Riverdale more than anything else. Unless that was brought up and I missed it somehow. History Honeys is also good, but I have fewer words on that.

OF COURSE they brought that back in, of course they did. We watched Stranger Things months after it came out so we missed the whole fan scene. Thanks for the context!

Here’s a question: What characters would folks like to hear featured in the page-to-screen segment? Juggy and B&V are almost certainly on the docket, and Ms. Grundy depending on what happens this Thursday, but who else would people like that extra context for?

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Not a problem! And I personally would like to hear more about Josie as well as just how the comics handled parents. I know that Veronica’s dad is somewhat present in the comics, but it seems like the rest of the parents are kind of non-entities.

Not being from the US, I know next to nothing about Archie, so I’m not quite sure it’d make sense for me to listen to a podcast about a TV-show about a comic I know nothing about. I guess I can give it a try though, its always enjoyable to listen to Ironicus and Aleina.

Oh by the way @Ironicus, any chance of you guys doing an episode on Chicago Blues for History Honeys? I’d be super into that.

Well I can’t force you to give it a try, but I have heard from other people in your position that they enjoyed it! (Tastes may vary, this is not a guarantee).

But today, let’s talk about the other one, it’s new History Honeys day!

Episode 20: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Happy Valentine’s Day! In this holiday special, Alaina talks about the most romantic thing she knows: gruesome murder. How are movie gangsters different from the real guys? Why can’t rival operations just get along? Who actually did the dang thing, anyway?

I’ll give it a try tonight. For some reason, I feel like listening to a podcast about a massacare would not be the best dinner accompaniment, so I’ll save that for later and instead figure out what this Archie guy is up to over dinner. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sex Archie Episode 4: Is she your booty tutor?
Chapter 4 brings us a desperately-needed Grundectomy and then tears our heart out. The tears will not stop burging. When will we hear Veronica belt showtunes? Can true love bloom at a snack bar? Where were Josie and the Pussycats in this one?

SEX ARCHIE is now listed on iTunes and Stitcher!


Sex Archie Episode 5: Maple Syrup
While investigating the town’s recent crimes, Betty discovers Riverdale’s original sin. What a sticky situation! Is any teen in this school not attracted to Archie? Did Archie forget to mention he’s younger than the Euro? What was grandma even doing in there?

Maple syrup’s price is over 28 times that of crude oil, these Maple Fortunes are both real and gigantic. Maybe Jason was killed because he refused to participate in Maple Crime.

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Maple sap flows out of the trees naturally and would contaminate the local water table, so it’s entirely possible that it could have flavoured the local river. Maple syrup is formed by heating the sap to evaporate the water out, though the pure sap is also the basis of some soft drinks (including those made by a Vermont company named Sweetwater).

It’s also used to make beer, something I suspect the Blossoms may have a hand in.

Episode 21: The Copper Country Strike of 1913-1914
On Christmas Eve, 1913, in the city of Calumet, 73 people died in a panicked stampede, crushed under each other’s weight in a narrow staircase. It remains the largest mass murder in Chicago history. But, this is only one episode inside a greater story about the fight for collective action. How much money is it worth to maintain power? Are wins counted in the short term, or the long term? Will Alaina get a puppy for her birthday?


I won’t be able to listen to this one for a few hours but if Alaina doesn’t get a puppy I will hold you personally responsible

He’s really the most obvious target of our ire if no puppy is forthcoming.

Sex Archie Episode 6: Ginger Judas

Betty finds more of Polly than she bargained for. Archie finds his voice. Hermione finds a scam. Is there a rival home across the lake run by the brothers of anarchic mercy? Who tries to impress a jazz man with Disco? Did the werewolves eat all the good moms in this town?

This was a very naughty episode and I am looking forward to the podcast.
Also it’s handy that it shows up onn Netflix on a Friday here as that lines up nicely with when you release the podcast.