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I’m not crying about Laika I just have sadness in my eyes


Bonus Episode! Alaina and I went to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo over the weekend and talked about what we did, what we bought, and who we met during the show! That episode went up in both feeds, identical aside from the intro and outro songs, so if you subscribe to both don’t be confused.

History Honeys version/Sex Archie version

And here’s links to plenty of things we mentioned:
Album of pictures we took: imgur.com/a/a75Jp
Gextra Life 2016 playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr…Ucy7WWYQ49-bP-ZTe
Adam Fotos: www.adamfotos.com/
Roboism: www.roboism.fm/
Friendshipping: friendshipping.simplecast.fm/
Unlearned: www.unlearnedpodcast.com/
The Chicago Podcast Cooperative: chicagopodcastcoop.com/
Sex Criminals Leggings: https://shop.bombsheller.com/products/sexcriminals?variant=37540857290
Mouse Guard on Six Feats Under: www.sixfeatsunder.com/mouse-guard/episodes
Sparkle Designs: www.shopsparkledesigns.com/
Our friend’s absent friend’s art tumblr: just-add-dog.tumblr.com/
Twisted Toonz’ Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/twistedtoonztv/


Sex Archie Episode 11: King and Queen of Hell

Everyone loves Jughead so much that they have no choice but to hurt him. Is Cheryl into her dad, too? What kind of homecoming dance doesn’t have crying in the bathroom? How can I get a daily milkshake delivery?


Riverdale most recent episode spoiler: Nana Blossom didn’t have the ring in the earlier scene, she was asking Betty (who she thought was Polly) why she wasn’t wearing the ring.


Sex Archie Episode 12: Sticky Dirty Secrets

Plenty of stuff goes down, relationships get tested, but who cares because THE KILLER IS REVEALED! If Jughead’s hat and hair are one and the same, is he a JoJo? Does Veronica still think her dad is to blame? How long has Betty had Cheryl on speed dial?


Sex Archie was brought up in the discord - I haven’t listened to it yet because I am wanting to actually start watching Riverdale without spoilers but the name alone was enough for me to download all the episodes so far.


History Honeys episode 26: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s part 3 of our Disney series. Disney-MGM Studios opened in 1989, dedicated to the art, craft, and magic of the movies. Today it has a new name and new focus. Alaina teaches us about how the park came to be and how it transitioned. How does creativity shine through a web of license agreements and legal challenges? If the working studios were so needed at the time, why weren’t they sustainable? How important is a consistency of experience in planning a park?


Gigantic Riverdale spoiler. (And gigantic spoiler for Twin Peaks as well.)

With all the talk of this show being “Twin Peaks for teens”, I’m surprised I only just realised that both have the same culprit for killer. Though very different motives, or course.

Non-spoiler - anyone who likes Riverdale and doesn’t mind a bit more horror and a deep spell of the doldrums in the back half of Season 2 should watch Twin Peaks if you haven’t. (The movie turns the horror up to 11 but is utterly fantastic. And has David Bowie in it.)


I always thought the S2 slump was overstated, except James’ motorcycle cougar adventure. That bit sucked but the other plots in those same episodes were good.

Anyway! Here’s a recipe!

The Sticky Maple
(A coconut maple white chocolate chip Blondie with a maple glaze!)

By Alaina of Sex Archie

Celebrate the season finale of Riverdale by joining us for a Sticky Maple

1/2 c. butter
1/3 c. maple syrup
2/3 c. brown sugar
1 egg
1 t. vanilla
1/2 t. salt (if using salted butter, this can be left out)
1 c. flour
1/2 c. white chocolate chips
1/3 c. coconut
1/3 c. nuts (pecans or walnuts)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line 8x8 baking pan with parchment paper.
Using stove top, put butter in pan and make brown butter (there are lots of great step by step instructions for this online if you have never done it).
Cool to room temp.
Add syrup and sugar, mix.
Add egg, vanilla, salt, mix.
Add flour, mix.
Stir in chips, coconut and nuts.
Bake 25-30 minutes. Test with toothpick. Let cool completely.

Maple Glaze
1/4 c. butter
1/2 c. syrup
1/4 c. brown sugar

Melt butter on stove.
Add syrup and sugar and bring to boil, stirring constantly. Let boil for 2 minutes.
Remove from heat and let cool to room temp.

Cut Blondies (Jughead hat shape is optional) and spoon glaze over.
Its best to only glaze ones you plan to eat right away. Extra glaze can be stored in fridge.


I still have to watch Twin Peaks - I have what 2 more weeks to catch up on the two seasons and movie.(I was on episode two or three last attempt.) A question I have about Riverdale has it introduced a supernatural element yet in the show? I did see some interview things talking about the possibility of bringing Sabrina (as in “The Teenage Witch”) to the show in future seasons and a supernatural undertone even if under the surface not known to the characters would give me more reason to watch a more modern less lynchian show (as much as I love David Lynch as a Director - I think he works better at movie length. (I watched Mulholland Dr in the cinema 2 weeks ago.))


Not yet. There’s a gothic horror zombie scene, but it’s a dream sequence. Archie also has his fears represented by werewolf masks, an adult waves sage to dispel spirits, and someone mentions their dad seeing a ghost when he was young. Either this is groundwork being laid, or just folks talking about spooky stuff like they do in real life. It feels to me like a show where a vampire could jump out at any time, though it may never.


[spoiler]So if the Blossoms have been paying the Lodges for 75 years, it looks like the Lodges might have also been criminals for a while, with the Blossoms paying the Lodges to help them with their drug running. The payments would have begun in 1942, so assuming that there weren’t additional payments that just aren’t recorded maybe the Blossoms were involved in bootlegging too, but couldn’t make the transition when Prohibition ended on their own.

Also I (grudgingly) agree with Clifford, Jason and Polly are third cousins, so at least legally it’s in the clear. The bigger issue is how incest happy the Blossoms seem to be in general, which would explain the powerful attraction between Jason and Polly…[/spoiler]


Sex Archie episode 13: Greek Suburban Tragedy

The mysteries have been solved and our beloved teens have time to take a look at themselves and their relationships. Jughead gets a new look. Veronica gets a playmate. Fred gets a [SPOILER]


I’d like to suggest doing a Sex Archie episode where you watch through the series again to talk about how cohesive the entire season is, any themes or foreshadowing that stick out now that you know how things end, etc.


I’d like to potentially see discussions of other shows that Riverdale has been compared to, and how well the comparison holds up. I think the Twin Peaks parallels became even more pronounced in the final few episodes, but people have also mentioned Veronica Mars and to a lesser extent Dawson’s Creek. (Other shows people have mentioned as being a bit similar in tone and structure are The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.)

Also a History Honeys crossover on Quebec’s Maple Syrup Wars, though it might be a little too contemporary.


History Honeys episode 27: The Cochabamba Water War

Bolivia, just like most of the developing world, spent the end of the 20th century pursuing a neoliberal agenda to gain the benefits promised by wealthier nations. In 1999 that meant privatizing a city’s water supply, and the people revolted. By mid-April 2000 the country’s trajectory had changed. Why weren’t Americans interested in the involvement of American interests? What is the path for improving the lives of Cochabamba residents? Is Tank Girl worth a rewatch?


History Honeys episode 28: Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Happy Anniversary honey bunches! We’re going back to where our show began and hitting some of our favorite themes as Alaina teaches us about some famous shipwrecks of the Great Lakes! Each of these events has at least one folk song about them, too. How much history is lost on lakebeds? If folk music preserves these stories, do musicians have a duty to the facts? Will anyone from Cleveland ever listen to our show again?


Sex Archie Memory Lane 1: Return to Riverdale

Before the CW slathered us in saturated syrup, there was another live-action adaptation. This 1990 NBC Sunday Night Movie ages the crew up 15 years and then puts them right back in the same situations, to awkward and disappointing results.
Did Veronica inspire Courtney Cox’s look? How much did a stamp even cost back then? WHAT AM A SEX?

New logo by Callum!


History Honeys episode 29: Richard J Daley

Six months ago, Grant mentioned he’d come back to talk more about a significant person, and now he’s making good! Hizzoner, Richard J Daley, was Da Mare for over 20 years. Last and perhaps greatest of the big city bosses, he wielded unchallenged power in the city which came with national influence. Even so, he was always the South Side altar boy, diligently studying the financials. Where there is power, must there be ambition? If everybody’s getting a piece, is it still corruption? Who doesn’t love the Sox?


History Honeys episode 30: Lost Disney

Alaina brings us back to her Disney series, talking about things you won’t find there anymore. Is Walt Disney World a living time capsule? What obligation is there to the memories of past guests? Why are some species of birds treated so differently?