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I guested on somebody else’s show! Is that something this thread is for? I guess it is now.

Pat Trek is a show where TNG superfan Pat O shows his Trek-less friend Pat W every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I joined them to talk about Booby Trap, because I can’t miss the chance to hear Patrick Stewart say “booby”.


Sex Archie Episode 7: #SharpenYourPitchforks

Jughead gets arrested and accused of the murder, moves in with Archie, and his dad burned Jason’s car. Turns out Grant is very good at predictions. Did the nightclub do more to kill the Drive-in than the serpents did? Is Polly naturally attracted to horror film settings? Did they get their brand names from MAD Magazine?


Also Jughead’s dad is “FP” Jones, which fits the canon in a way I appreciate.


People have screencapped Jughead’s school and arrest records, so there are some related things confirmed in there too.

Tuesday’s History Honeys is in the can, so look forward to Alaina making herself cry for her birthday episode.


I can’t help but feel that there was something missing from your summation of Betty and Veronica’s relationship in the comics.

Can’t quite put my finger on it, though.


History Honeys Episode 22: Jim Henson

In his short life, Jim Henson re-invented an art form, taught millions to read, and entertained the world. His life, career, and philosophy were even broader than that. Why does a work’s intended audience devalue its creativity? How do you escape your image to break new ground? How would you make a children’s show to end war? Happy Birthday, Alaina!


Sex Archie Bonus 1: Riverdale One-Shot

The Riverdale One-Shot is a comic based on a TV show based on a comic series. These four shorts reveal what our main cast was up to in the weeks before the show began. Turns out our biggest discoveries were the pronunciation of a word and the existence of the Deschanel web empire.

PLEASE send us your Riverdale theories to discuss on our next bonus episode! You can tweet us @Sex_Archie, comment on the soundcloud page, or email us at historyhoneyspodcast [at] gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Could you episodes about other movie and tv adaptations of Archie? Like the movie you got the theme song from.


That is a plan for one thing to do between seasons! It’ll also be the impetus I need to finally read Afterlife with Archie.


Don’t forget Archie Meets The Punisher. Or The Predator.


Sex Archie Bonus 2: Predictions

While we count down the hours until Riverdale returns, let’s compare notes on where this is all headed. This bonus episode has new theories and predictions from us, our listeners, and Instagram fans.

Might as well slap the cuffs on Grundy now, for murder I mean, in addition the other stuff.


History Honeys Episode 23: Impressionism

Fine art has been carefully curated with standard and expectations passed down through the generations with change coming at a glacial pace. Then, in the 1860s, a set of conditions and a cadre of artists combined to make new art and more. How can a movement be defined without any set membership, ideology, or aesthetic? Is there a place for hierarchy in paining? What the heck is Degas’ whole deal?


Sex Archie Episode 8: Bro Whisper

Everyone is building something. For some it’s condos, for some it’s relationships, and for some it’s a fetus. How can you plan and throw a shower overnight? Does Fred not have employment contracts? Does the singing fish know any of Josie’s songs?


“We both know who has business in Montreal”

Maple Syrup Mafia confirmed!


Sex Archie Episode 9: Tapped May Last Tree

Archie sells himself for a guitar. Alice destroys herself for a headline. Veronica prostrates herself to make a friend. Why is everyone putting teens in charge of their corporations? Will we see Valerie again? Isn’t syrup tapping season in the Spring?


Two announcements!

Six Feats Under, the Actual Play podcast I help organize, just launched its new campaign! You can check it out on the 6FU site, or in the LP board on this site: Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign

I was also a guest on Alcohollywood (again)! We talked about the Warcraft film to kick off their second video game movie month: http://www.alcohollywood.com/warcraft-2016/


History Honeys Episode 24: Newsies

In 1899 two newspaper giants were fighting for control of the New York readership, and tried to squeeze their distributors for an extra advantage. Those distributors were self-employed child laborers, who organized themselves and halted the entire distribution system until their demands were met. This drama, a nearly forgotten footnote in US labor history, was dramatized in a commercial flop of a film, and re-dramatized in a successful Broadway musical. Can a success set a precedent if it’s forgotten? Does an adaptation have a duty to be accurate; and what if the facts are lost? How can an unpopular work become more sucessful after being changed for the worse?


Alaina just sounded so pitiful at the start there, you should have let her sleep.

And also have gotten her a puppy.


Sex Archie Episode 10: I’m a Weirdo

Bughead gets rocky as Archie enjoys a few on the rocks. Our very best boy gets a special nightmare day. Ronchie gets Raunchy. What exactly are the rules to Secrets and Sins? Why is Instagram obsessed with secret parents? WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOOOX!?


History Honeys Episode 25: Soviet Space Dogs

The Space Race was contested by governments and scientists, but the first explorers were a cadre of stray dogs from the streets of Moscow. These dogs sit at the intersection of mid-century optimism, political posturing, and questionable ethics.