Let's destroy one last ancient civilization in UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF'S END



My only problem with Nadine’s survival was that it was telegraphed way too obviously. And maybe that was the point, to make it clear that Rafe is suicidal when it comes to this ambition of his, that he’ll literally threaten to kill her…and then claim that since they’re partners she’ll never betray her. Literally every single person in her company is dead or abandoned. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE. Rafe please, the only reason Nadine doesn’t shoot you is because it’d be a further waste of her time and money.


I’d heard she does something that makes her more likable but I was honestly a little disappointed. All she did was punch Rafe in the gut and then leave Nate to deal with him. A little help would’ve been nice but I guess she just wanted to leave at that point. I spent quite a few episodes hoping for some payoff but it just left me feeling kinda empty. I was fine with her kicking the shit out of Nate but when she took him and his brother on at the same time it felt a little contrived. I’d be more willing to buy it if she’d gotten more screentime and we got to see more of her exploits because every other time in the game, enemies can’t really deal with the tagteam. I can buy her kicking Nate in because he’s less of a fist-fighter and more of a gun boy but Sam probably had to spend quite a bit of time beating the shit out of other prisoners in fistfights. I guess my point is that it kinda screwed with my suspension of disbelief. And yeah, I know the other games had supernatural stuff and all that but this game was going for a more grounded-in-reality feel.

I dunno if any of that made sense or not. I do really want to like her but I guess I got a little attached to Nathan by this point. I mean her kicking the shit out of Sam? Whatever, guy was asking for that. Something about seeing Nate getting splattered made me feel bad though because it was a reminder that he’s been out of the game for years. I do not like how many haters she has for other reasons, and I don’t hate her I just, I feel like she’s a little superfluous? She made a couple of cool setpieces but it just felt like you could’ve replaced her with any random henchman of Rafe’s. Which might’ve been the point since she was also just hired help.


That dog was very good. I was cuddling my real life doggo while watching and repeating everything Ironicus said to him and I think he appreciated it.


i wish you could be able to play fetch with doggo :c


Thanks for the LP! I can’t wait for the Salim/Tenzin spinoff where they become ghost cops. That is they police supernatural affairs, not they’re dead and cops.


I really didn’t expect an ending like this, especially after playing The Last Of Us and how many of it’s mechanics and ideas were put in this game. That said it’s a good way to finish the series off, or at least Nathan Drakes story since it sounds like there will be spin offs with other characters. Thanks for the LP Chip and Ironicus.


My only problem with Nadine is that she’s not in it enough. It might be just how the narrative focus is very much on Nate, Sam, and Elena. Rafe and Nadine are off to the side. Rafe is super simple, but Nadine seems interesting and ready for something to happen with her.

I dunno, to me it just feels like there’s something missing with Nadine in the last act.


Man, that epilogue. Got me directly in the heart. I’m a sucker for everyone living happily ever after.


Thank you for all the kind words. If you like my stuff and wonder what it would be like if I was working with a different person, creating content about different things, here’s a thread about two podcasts I make with my wife I make Two many podcasts: History Honeys and Sex Archie


History honeys is so good and makes my morning commute so much better



Cameron does a phenomenal job at explaining such strong threads I have with the video game medium.

I absolutely adore the LP and the ending is incredibly fitting. Just a big smile for the last half hour or so. Chip & Ironicus are wonderful.


This has been a truly excellent LP of a really well-made game - thank you guys for bringing us along on these ridiculous adventures.


Aha! This LP was technically finished, but I became swamped with work before I could put out the bonus episode covering some unlockables and a little something about our next project. Let’s put that in here for completion’s sake!

Episode 26: V for VenomCut Commentary


Damn you Chip, now I have the biggest jones for Superman ice cream.


Rainbow Fun Land sounds amazing.

As for the next project…I’m excited.


My girlfriend and I watched this last update while she was very tired. I had to reassure her a few times that she was not asleep and yes, I could see it too.


V has come to.


Thanks for the LP. I’m gonna miss you riffing on Drake and his Drake-ness.

Looking forward to the next LP.


It was 3 a.m. and I was trying to sleep after coming home from a dinner and Eurovision party, while people drunkenly threw fireworks 50 meters away from my window while celebrating a soccer victory.

I would very much like to say that the ending of the update did not creep the hell out of me in that environment, but that would be a total lie.

Eagerly awaiting the new LP.