Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17






Just boyin’ it up at the Gold Saucer with fellow boy Yapping Eevee.


So I’m the weird person who decides to not grind everything on one character and instead makes alts. So guess what I’ve been doing for my weekend so far!



I may have made some expenditures.


A big point of conversation lately is how to get properly prepared for Stormblood as its release gets closer and closer.

Most answers are way off, 'cuz all you really need is to bring your glamour A-game. Case in point, my Bravely Default inspired RDM outfit:

Also, my quest to find the most feminine looks you can give a male character recently struck gold in two ways.
For one, the Sky Pirate’s Coat of Casting has frills, you guys. Motherfucking frills!

Meanwhile, the Wolfliege/Wolfsye Coat has kind of a poofy gown/dress thing going on (although I’m kind of un-fond of the toothy collar).

(Couldn’t decide if I preferred the Claws of the Beast or Hailstorm Gloves for this so I just use whichever I feel like at the time; good thing I can make as many glamour prisms as I want.)

(I have some findings regarding the aforementioned quest that I might share at a later time.)


I’m not sure why, but I turned my boy into a tomboy.


So someone dropped the Stormblood dungeon boss theme and ohmygodyes. SB is going to be so good, I can feel it.


For the sake of coordinating folks, may I suggest a registry of characters and servers in the OP? Particularly with Stormblood around the corner.


I thought that sounded like a good idea, so I put together a google doc that people can use for just that purpose! Right now it’s just your LP Zone name, your character name and your server, but people can feel free to add more if they feel it’s relevant.


Would this game be overwhelming for a newcomer? I’ve never played an MMO before but i’m SUPER hyped for getting the collection on tuesday but also super nervous lol.

I’ve seen videos and had no idea wtf I was looking at, but I’m sure when you actually play it it’s easier to comprehend.


FF14 is -very- newbie friendly. The devs went -very- out of their way to convey the needed information to the player.You won’t have to contend with things that might be out of your depth until you’re able to deal with it.


That’s SUPER nice to hear! makes me extra excited to finally get started next week. Thanks!


I can confirm that, being an MMO newbie before jumping in. The game does a great job of breaking you in slowly and I never felt overwhelmed at any particular point in the main story.


I couldn’t stay away with Red Mage on the horizon. I’m so damn excited to swordmage everything in the face while wearing a sweet hat.


I just played for around 10 hours straight and honestly god this is so addicting(code for “my eyes are burning”)

here’s my big boi who started out punching things but now really likes swords


cute freckles :blush:


For a few days there i played an unhealthy amount(like 35 hours within 3 days) and took a break, but now im back with my ex-fist, ex-sword, Maelstrom Pirate Dragooner (feat. bug baby)

(yes i realize the doublet and no arm/head wear puts me at a disadvantage but idc, anything for fashion)
this game is like liquid heaven, i honestly love it so much


What a beautiful color coordinated boy.


The lovely thing about head-gear at least is that you can hide it in your character menu and it’ll go invisible. You’ll still gain all the benefits of wearing it, but nobody will be able to tell it’s there. As for arm-gear, when you hit 50 you can begin the true end-game of Final Fantasy. Glamours.

Meanwhile I’ve been burning through Stormblood at an alarming rate. Main story is finished (god what a ride), so now it’s onto the Extreme primals and tying up some loose ends from Heavensward. Also Samurai is wonderful. All of the damage all of the time!