Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17

Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth (for those of you who don’t know your Roman Numerals) entry in the little known Final Fantasy indie series. It’s the second MMO in the series, and the first good one.

Final Fantasy XIV was originally released in 2010, and it was basically “Final Fantasy XI but worse” which is an impressive feat, to say the least. Square immediately did damage control by firing most of the team and hiring a new one, headed by Naoki Yoshida, or “Yoshi-P.” In 2013, they released “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn,” a completely rebuilt game released free for anyone who purchased the original FFXIV.

A Realm Reborn reused some graphical assets, but did a lot of heavy optimization on them to make it possible to run on typical computer hardware. Aside from that, they completely redid the world design, designed entirely new dungeons, and redid all the jobs to be more interesting to play.

And then in 2015, they put out Heavensward, the first (second technically) expansion to the game, adding several new zones, tons of new dungeons, three new jobs, and raising the level cap from 50 to 60. We are currently in the 3.x, or “Heavensward” patch cycle.

Coming up in June 2017 is their next expansion, Stormblood! Stormblood will add even more new zones, centered around the city of Ala Mhigo, which is under the control of the evil Garlean Empire. It will also be raising the level cap to 70 and adding at least two new jobs to the game. As of now, only Red Mage has been officially confirmed as a new job, but datamining suggests Samurai will be added as well.

So let’s talk about FFXIV! It’s a really good MMO! I play on the Excalibur server as Yuki Hamsterlady. If you play anywhere on the Primal datacenter we should party up and do stuff sometime!


I played this quite a bit and got to Heavensward, but the grind to get to the expansion kind of killed my enjoyment of the game. Might come back to it in a year or so to try again. A real shame, because it’s finely crafted and there’s a lot of stuff to do in general.

I go by Eric Blakmajik on Excalibur in Primal and am incredibly talented at defeating the purpose of an MMORPG by largely keeping to myself (outside of the Duty Finder, at any rate). Not as a catgirl, incidentally, but a Lalafell Good Boy.
EDIT: Who you can see here.

FFXIV began the trend of Square getting things right as long as it’s the second time they try it. :V

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The grind from the end of 2.0 to Heavensward is absolutely miserable. They’ve been talking about adding Jump Potions to just skip straight to Stormblood when it comes out, to help remedy that really severe issue.

Also if we’re sharing screenshots of our cute characters, here’s me

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My character went through a few makeovers. One for each time I came back after a several-month-long break.

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Oh, this game. The one that’s ruined my life and taken it over. This one. It’s a good game and people should play it.

If not, I’ll probably end up Let’s Playing it for you in the very near future anyway.



Oh man, I was considering making a thread for this game if no one else did. Yours is way better though. I was going to title mine “Hear… Feel… Like&Subscribe…” and fill it with pictures of Aymeric because OH GOSH HE’S SO HANDSOME


I’m not even very into dudes and man Aymeric is hot

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Aymeric is the most handsome boy, good lord. Either his father was a real looker back when he was young or he got his looks from his mum. Anyway, this game has consumed my girlfriend and myself as of the last few days and I don’t regret a minute of it. Well, maybe a few minutes, but still!

And since we’re sharing pictures:


Hey. Currently stressing out and hoping my first payment went through but other than that, I am a Roegadyn named Syngieim Uslyonwym on Excalibur. And past the main story in 2.0, currently taking things patch-by-patch up to Heavensward. Up to Leviathan plot now. Or rather on the start of it.

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My friends and I play in a small (like, 5 people) free company on Behemoth. We’re not super great at the game, but we’ve been slowly undersized party-ing our way through coils while getting braver about 8-man content. I’d recommend the game to pretty much anyone who likes the core gameplay loop in MMOs because FFXIV gets it so right. Plus I genuinely love the goofy plot stuff and characters. It’s nice having lore characters and the story go out of its way to fall all over itself telling you what a huge badass your character is and repeatedly reinforce that your character is important instead of leading you around by the hand with unkillable plot NPCs that give you some kind of “inspired by” buff that makes you roughly equivalent to a fourth of their strength.

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Yeah, that’s’ the good thing about this game. You may be doing menial sidequests but everyone will note how awesome and kind you are for doing so. Outside of Ishgard. Looking forward to Heavensward where I get stuck with more jerks! :+1:

Eh, Heavensward’s jerk-quotient is surprisingly low considering where it takes place in. Still some real arseholes in there, mind you, but less than you’d expect.

The true jerkwads are the Moogles


That the Churning Mists were able to make something as good and pure as Moogles and make them horrible is a feat in and of itself.

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I’ll have to get a screenshot of my character tomorrow. I’ve been playing 14 for three years now and I can’t wait for the expansion in the summer! I’m working on my second character now, playing all of the tank classes (I played mostly healers on my first character).

I’m on Diabolos, name is Faye Rudan.

I play on Excalibur as Ducat Dragonzord, and I like this game quite a bit.

The PBC/DKGK/TPT team of guilds are probably the most enjoyable I’ve ever been in in an MMO.

The community in this game is surprisingly chill and friendly in general. I’ve primarily been a DPS player, but I’ve just started getting into tanking and healing and I’ve only ever gotten helpful advice and support from pubbies, so if they’re mad at me they at least keep it to themselves.

Not really that far into the MSQ stuff (roughly around the Lv. 26 MSQ, on “Foot in the door” but highest class level is 28), but I’ve been enjoying XIV thoroughly. I guess all it took was the Final Fantasy aesthetic to really suck me into MMORPGS.

For anyone interested, I’m on Excalibur as “Toblo Contreras”

Also have a screenshot because I can’t get over how doofy the Heavy Iron Set is:


I have a fever…A fever for Glamours!

I play as Lorelei Allond on Excalibur and I recently fell in to the Glam Pit. Please sent help, I just want to level up classes so I can dress them up in whatever I can get my hands on.

Oh right I forgot to ask, I been thinking of trying to Astrologian when I am free from RR plot. Any tips or advice about someone playing as a first time healer?

Dragoon AKA " I wanted to be a Dynasty Warrior character but failed"


Summoner AKA Disappointed Roe Teacher


I love the Heavy Iron set. Used to rock it in pink back in the day.