Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17


What are the personal benefits to crafting if you’re not looking to turn a profit?


Crafting is only really useful for raiding. I guess it lets you repair your own gear at any point, but that’s not as big of a deal. For raiding food and potions are nice. and early on in each new raid patch gear is good.


Aaah I just joined and I’m a little lost so I’m excited to see there’s other FFXIV fans on here ; w ; I play this little cat nerd, Sunil Ciar, on Behemoth

As for the questions on crafting, since I’m a bit of a massive crafting nerd, I hope you don’t mind me haphazardly throwing around a little advice/answers:

  • Crafting is definitely a grind to level, but if you have leve allowances to spare, I’d strongly recommend using them! Try to go for the courier leves (they have green-tinted leveplates with a woman giving someone bread) if the materials for them aren’t too expensive, they give more exp. You also get “free” extra EXP from the ixal quests, moogle quests (only at 50+), and grand company turn-ins (bonus exp for starred items and hq turn-ins)

  • Like vifs said, crafting is mostly useful for raiding (you can repair your gear even inside instances and raise their repair percent to 200%, make food/potions, and get new gear tiers a little earlier than most players), but if you want glamour gear you can end up saving a lot of money on the long run (I helped a friend make the crafted Thordan DRK weapon from materials last week and saved them over 6 million gil). It’s a time/money investment to get crafting to 60, but in my opinion it pays off as long as you’re not super aggressive about how much you buy. That said, even then it’s not necessary if you’re in an FC that already has a resident crafter.


Pretty happy with this new glamour set. Mostly just threw it together to match the new haircut, but I’m probably gonna run with it right up until Stormblood.


While not super huge, it is worth noting that self-repairs can bring the condition up to an upper limit of 199%. I liked that part of having crafters leveled.



I just realized I forgot to post here that I did make a character on Excalibur. He’s Handsome Boy.
My free company did a fashion contest thing.

First place was pair doing Nier: Automata cosplay

Second place was this cool guy.


I made a friend at the Weaver’s Guild yesterday. God, just look at him.


Listen, I’m an alt-holic and this game is not alt-holic friendly.

I’ve got at least three or four characters in each data center, with four or five characters having gotten over level 15 and two having gotten to 25-35. It’s been a trial, to be sure.

My absolute main is on Phoenix (Level 35) and it took a looong time to get to that point. I also haven’t bothered to get into crafting and gathering because of my anxiousness to reach that expansion content. ALSO, everyone keeps talking about glamours and I wanna get in on it so bad.

I also really want a house.
Let me get to the fun parts of the game, i’M BEGGING…


I created alts out of my waiting in the benchmark and coming up with designs for all races. Only two are on the servers and I’ve only touched one of them. And that was in order so he could get to airship travel so he could participate in the seasonal event.

Still doesn’t stop me from plotting out scenarios involving my alts in my head but still.


yeah, it’s a chore doing everything over again on my second character


Oh, this is the canonical proper use of the benchmark anyway.


I have an imgur album of them if anyone is interested.


If there’s one thing that will always remain true, it’s that I am a slave to the glamours.

I finally got my rank up to First Lieutenant in the Immortal Flames for this sweet coat. No regrets.


The next patch, and the conclusion of the Heavensward storyline, is going live next Tuesday, March 28th. More information here.

Also for those of you that weren’t around pre-Heavensward, pay attention to the promotional site for Stormblood. This was around the same time when they started to release a ton of content for Heavensward before its release.


Looks like they removed the 14-day limit on the free trial.


How does that work?
Like every class can only go up to lv35?


Seems like it’s just a level cap now, yeah. I’m glad because it means now I can keep using my trial character without being sad about her being deleted.

On a different note, I wish Central Thanalan had trains running on those railroad tracks. There are NPCs who mention the tracks being used but nothing ever runs along them.


Me and a friend wanted to roll on Gilgamesh.

Don’t try to roll on Gilgamesh.


I’m gonna be so pissed if the New Day aren’t the Bard Samurai and Red Mage instructors in Bloodstorm