Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17


Yeah, i’m extremely excited for Level 50 as thats where most of what I want is at(Red Mage mostly lol)


my wife Tataru lookin fine


New class, new glamour. Fistfigher’s Jackcoat, Archaeoskin Gloves and Boots of Striking, Glade Slops, Shaded Spectacles (of course) and the Horde Katana make up this look. I slapped it together at level 50 and haven’t looked back.


Meanwhile, I created a simple pants-on-Scion look, seeing as I don’t much care for the skirt. This is also pretty easy to replicate, as everything except for the Linen Halfgloves is at level 1 (and it’s at level 33).

Also it’s normally dyed red for Red Mage.


I have Fantasia’d into a cute girl, where are the cutest clothes please and thank you


2 Weeks later and I’ve finally hit level 50 + Unlocked glamors/Red Mage and DAMN I’m so much more pumped now!

I’ve pretty much taken to the Kill La Kill model of fashion lol.

Yesterday, to help me stay awake to fix my sleep schedule, I played like 18 hours, 12 of them straight. It was exhausting but it got me from Lvl 46 to 50 so im not complaining.


Yeah, once you hit 50 the game opens up in a huge way. So many more things become available and it’s great. Glamours, more dungeons than you can shake a stick at, tuned up versions of past trials, upgradeable gear which will serve you a good way into Heavensward. It’s really nice.


I just started playing this. I’m sort of an eternal MMO newb because I’m bad at them and only play them sporadically. I don’t really know what I’m doing in FF14 but I’m having fun? I just unlocked a cat and dog minion and that feels very, very important.

Sarisa is a level 20 axe lady. I’m not really sure what direction I should go with her… or really how all the job/class stuff works. It seems like I’m supposed to branch out and try other classes and not just stick with Marauder.


I have acquired the Storm of Bloods and now I’m juggling the MSQs as a Monk and leveling my other classes on the side. Mainly getting Black Mage to 60 and starting/prioritizing Samurai after that.



I need to start logging into this game again lol. I’m kind of holding off until I get my new TV in December, because I play all my PC games over Steam Link now and it’s gonna be hell trying to squint at the text in FFXIV on my old 32" screen from 8 feet away.


I went to check out this topic and it’s been dead for months? Nonsense, can’t have that. Take a look at my extremely good roegadyn.

I play Kalmiya Kirveskari on Excalibur. Monk main but I dabble in other things.


dunno if image lewd

but yes i play as that cowgirl hayley simmons on diabolos



To revive this topic, has anyone got a cure to that burnout on the game’s sensation of limited content? There’s lots of dungeons, sure, but I really struggle to enjoy the Main Scenario during Heavensward and duty roulette has me feeling like Groundhog Day.


all i can say is if its burning you out take a few days break play something else then return to it i agree hw is a chore near the end but stormbloods worth it


Excellent, yet another place to post my need to /gpose

I’m on Excalibur, character is Lydia Strados


The urge to /gpose is strong indeed. I just put together an Imgur album to sate my thirst for it. Game is too pretty, yo.


i adore using gpose


Well, can’t say I saw this one coming!