Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17


Got my man up to lvl 10 so the crafting can begin.

Any thoughts to starting up a free company for the


apparently there’s a “callback campaign” going on

and someone from my old free company invited me back!
i’ll probably hold onto it for a couple days since night in the woods is coming out though


We could also set up an Linkshell as well just in case people who are already in a guild don’t want to leave but still hang with cool people.


I’d definitely be up for a linkshell because yeah, I’ve been in a free company for years now that I would rather not leave.


Cool, I have no idea how linkshells work


yay, back on my character
here’s my glamours:

Black Mage




i might make a second character on excalibur since that seems to be where most everyone here is


I like this idea, because while it is a goon guild, my Free Company is great (I’m in Third Party Tools, the one that isn’t a BYOB cesspit of “”“ironic”"" offensive humor and ascii dick macros)

I’ll probably log in and play this weekend, so if nobody else jumps on it I’ll put a linkshell together then.


So I just hopped back on my character on Excalibur: Gold Goat. Who is pretty much the same as the new one I made, who’s past most of the starting quest bulk/block, the server was actually pretty packed when I played, character looks pretty much identical as well…

I have no idea why I started a new character.


I have zero idea on how to make a Linkshell, so if you know how to do it then go right ahead!


I’m right in we just head to a linkshell distributor and create a new linkshell channel through them, right?


I decided to reactivate my account yesterday, and got my monk back his proper name


Crafting up a storm, I like crafting in this so I got them all up to lv15 min including the gathering classes.

Now to pick up the Marauder again and figure out how to actually tank again.


*This is suppose to be a staire video.


Axes are always the best & strongest class

Edit: Please help
"Oh i’ll start playing Marauder again"
switches to marauder
"Oh looks like I could upgrade my gear a little"
switches to armourer
"Oh looks like I need a little more ore"
switches to miner & mines specifically for HQ ore

Then I just started trying to craft HQ gear and i’m stuck in this endless loop of crafting and gathering.


Handel and I cleared the Final Coil of Bahamut today. Finally free of the trails of Party Finder, insta-death force-fields and several minutes of plot dumping. One more thing ticked off my level 60 to-do list.


The only way to really be cost-efficient crafting-wise is to level all of 'em at once, it’s why I’ve gotten most of mine to at least 50. :V
On the plus side it means you save a fortune on glamour prisms.


I’ve only picked out two crafting classes (Culinary and Weaver) and one Hand class (Botany) so far. And honestly, it’s such a money sink to grind them, even though I’m beyond the half-way level of 30.

Granted, right now I’m getting a bit of a boost from befriending the Ixal. At level 37 in both culinary and weaving right now.


I’m fine with leveling them all at once, the only major cost is teleporting for gathering but i’ve been earning enough cash back to cover most of it. Leveling is simple enough when i’m stuck thanks to 100 leve allowance.

I like that I can access all classes without having to start a brand new character but things would be a lot smoother if I could just insta-change into another class when I select one of their crafting recipes.


Speaking of glamour prisms, another upside of leveling a bunch of different crafts is easier access new and exciting pieces with which to use said prisms.
See, for example, my ongoing effort to assemble the most feminine outfit a male character can wear:


(This was originally just my punchboy outfit but I realized it was also perfect for NIN so here we are.)


Man the song bird dance reminds me of a tune. I wonder what…