Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17


I’m glad they fixed the issue Heavensward had where the Steam preorder became available about two days before early access started.


Anybody played this on PS4? Does it perform well?


I’m a PS4 player and for the most part it’s pretty smooth! Only real drops in frame-rate have been when I’m in Idyllshire (so many players and particles, ugh) and particularly effects-intensive raids. Otherwise it’s silky smooth and plays pretty nicely!


I might pick up a copy since it’s on sale. (Also I like the controller controls.)


I also play on PS4. I used to play on my poopy laptop and the PS4 was a huge jump up. Sometimes frames drop in Idyllshire but that’ll happen to a lot of PCs too. The load times aren’t bad either.

Controller support is great in this game, but you can also just plug a mouse and keyboard into the PS4 and it works just like PC (this is what I do)


I ran Burden of the Son today.

I think I have a new favourite raid now. Oh goodness, that was so much fun.


The Frankfurt Fan Festival is going on right now and Square has released the full trailer for Stormblood! We also had a confirmation during the keynote that only two jobs are being added, Red Mage and Samurai, both as melee DPS.


Stormblood: The new area looks really cool. I’m way into Fantasy Edo Japan


What’s the class requirements for samurai?

I grabbed the PS4 copy, might start a new axe-boy and relax by making armour.


Probably will either just be “Beat Heavensward” or just level 50. They’ve mentioned tying jobs to classes was kind of a mistake and they want to move away from that going forward. They’ve said Red Mage will be picked up in base game areas IIRC but I have no idea if that also holds true for Samurai.


All we know for sure is that it starts at level 50 and that you will be able to pick it up in an Mor Dhona. We don’t know for sure if you have to beat the entirety of the Heavensward campaign to access it but its a pretty safe bet you have to.


I thought they were implying you could get it as soon as you can get the main plot done.


I think they explicitly said you have to beat Praetorium.


Kind of disappointed that both new jobs are melee DPS (was secretly hoping that maybe SAM would be a tank of some variety) but damn do those Doman towns look rad.


Yeah i figured Red Mage might fit into a different category then Melee DPS. I suppose we’ll find out how they really play when it’s out.

E: It’s installing! I still got a good dude in Excalibur but I don’t know I might start a new big dude and go do some relaxing smith work.

E2: “Download time: 130 mins” Oh god

E3: Here comes the handsome boy!


I only played the trial and sadly my Miqo’te will probably be gone if I ever decide to buy the game again, but I had fun, and maybe one day I’ll go back as a thaumaturge because conjurer seemed cool and then I realized it was just not that fun to play as one (plus Gridania isn’t that great)


So Red Mage is actually classified as a ranged DPS, going by the keynote slides that were the Las Vegas Fan Festival four months ago. If I’m understanding this slide correctly, you start by casting and chaining spells together which then leads you into melee range to hit them with your rapier.

I’m glad to see that you’re giving it a shot! Let us know if you have any questions, it’s a little overwhelming in the beginning.


I’ve been ducking in and out of this game since ARR came out. Never really got super into the raid scene, and I always felt a bit intimidated by the whole anima weapon chain so never really made much progress into it. Leveled up a Summoner because goodness gracious I dig the whole aesthetic of the class in general, and now I’m super excited to see Samurai and Red Mage when the expansion comes out.


Cheers, when I get back up to speed I will definitely have more questions.

I felt like starting a new guy on a EU world cause, well more folks will be active round my times.

Old guy was Golden Goat on Excalibur (I made it originally to play with goons)
New guy is also Golden Goat down on Moogle.


I’ve been playing/raiding sense 2.0 and honestly FFXIV is pretty fun. The dps classes are pretty balanced which is a surprise. Sadly healers and tanks, not so much. My raid group beat up Robo Dad (A12S) a few weeks back, pretty nice to beat the final boss before 4.x comes out.

I’m Vifs Vorom on Excalibur if anyone wants to play.

Also, check out my stylish glamour!