Final Fantasy XIV: Catgirl Simulator '17


The Heavy Iron set is nice, but the Heavy Steel set’s shoulder pads are where it’s at.


Dye it blue and you could be a slightly different Shovel Knight.

(How are you guys doing the cool poses?)


Type “/cpose” to change your pose. There are two stances for “weapon is drawn” and several for “weapon is not drawn” as well as multiple sitting and lying down poses (if you /doze on a bed)


Take a look. I’m reading a book that has a face on it.


And here I thought I was the only one with this problem. I have like a dozen.

Everyone uses that cowboy set for MCH glamours but I have something I think is better:

I already linked the BLM version of this but it looks better standing up:

A work in progress, my valiant attempt at creating the most flamboyant and effeminate outfit one can put on a male character:


i used to love playing this, but a few months into Heavensward my free company sort of died out and i ended up losing interest. aesthetically, it’s my favorite mmo so i’d like to get back into it when i can afford it.
here’s an old gif of my character


I’m not actively playing currently (quit over the summer, game was feeling too much like work, it’s a good game but MMOs gonna MMO, plus I was kind of getting frustrated with my FC), but I do miss playing dress-up with my 7’4" musclelady.


I can’t slam the like button hard enough for this.


I started playing recently after years of friends talking about it and I’m enjoying it. I haven’t had as much time recently and I have anxiety over the dungeons but its a fun game anyway. (I’m on Excal)

Also apparently noone plays Duskwight Elezen except me because i never see them, RIP


You can toss Yuki Hamsterlady a friend request if you ever need to solo queue for a dungeon and are anxious about it. I’ve done every dungeon in this game way too many times.


Llmae Yuao on Cactuar

Got the most recent stage of the relic completed since my static’s training 3 role changes to accommodate our new 8th, so we’re back to re-learning A11S as people acclimate.


I’m always happy to help out with dungeons. Arashi Washi on Excal if you need a barely competent Dragoon to lend a hand.


Heh hey! I play Quintalian Palidor on Sargatanas. My main job is Ninja, I’m excited for Red Mage, and manage a Free Company consisting of… myself, and one friend who’s able to log on occasionally. We have a small house in a prime location in Mist, with all the trimmings (workshop, two airships, orchestrion, etc.), and would like to share it with new members, if anyone’s interested!


Pretty Bad on Excalibur, my hobbies include finding cool hats and not healing my friends.


I’ve been playing this game… basically since launch. I just love it a ton and don’t want to stop, especially since it’s basically the best Final Fantasy story we’ve had in ages (Well, I haven’t heard much about 15’s story, but I get the feeling it was pretty alright?) Currently I’m just trying to push all my classes through to 60 before Stormblood, which leaves me with about four months to get three combat classes and 5 Crafters from 30 to 60, and all three Gatherers from 50 to 60.

It’s… probably not going to happen in time. But I’m damn well going to try!

Here’s my adorable character, named in honor of one of the greatest tabletop RP characters of our day, Miriam Webster. You can find me on Cactuar, standing around doing nothing most of the time.


For those not aware, the release date for patch 3.55 was announced to be February 28th.

This won’t be the final part of the main story, its just going to be the Diadem revamp, a new PVP map and a crafting / gathering version of the Khloe Wonderous Tails.


Huh. I knew 2.5 split up it’s plot so I was kinda expecting it this time.


For the past few days I been trying out Conjurer so I could get the spells I need for Astro. So far I gone from…

“Oh god oh god I’m going to mess this up so hard what am I doing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!”


This song on repeat.


They did, it’s just weird this time. It goes like this:
3.5 part 1 > 3.55 > 3.5 part 2


This just in, the Stormblood expansion just became available for preorder through Steam if you want to pick it up now. Remember, you should only do this if you purchased A Realm Reborn and Heavensward through Steam.