Etrian Odyssey Untold: Negative One Games



The Sandy Barrens is… oddly enjoyable to me. I dunno why. The aesthetic just clicks with me, the gimmicks are fun, the FOEs are… less fun, but in a fun way, if that makes sense. In EO games, there are areas like the Azure Rainforest that are fucking incredible when you get there, and then wear off over time until you move on, and there are areas like the Sandy Barrens that peak much lower but pretty much never dip. I tend to enjoy the latter a lot more…


Hey, I literally signed up to say this – I super appreciate your LPs! You’re great at writing all the characters and getting insight on the exact numbers and stuff is not only fascinating but also extremely helpful for my own playthroughs.

Keep up the good work~


Update 22.

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean for this update to take this long again. Turns out my will to work on this was severely diminished when my SO was visiting, and I had to spend a while getting over ennui of not wanting to work because my automated tools for the busywork of writing SSLPs desperately need rewrites.

Boss overview and voting coming later today!


Gudanna voting is open.


Quixote, Sigrid, Afon. To me, “bring elemental walls or you die” reads as a challenge to lock it down instead. So I chose the means to do so, and the means to capitalize on it.


Quixote, Sigrid, Vince
Actually getting to participate in these votes instead of looking at ones that already happened heck yeah


Voting results, such as they are:

Inconclusive, at best…


Vince, Momoe and Sigrid


Voting’s closed.

Fake mobster boy’s getting a lot of time in the spotlight.

Also, in a rare double whammy…something:

Story Update 8! Contains the Story mode version of Explorers guild trial.


Hey do you like EO LPs? Specifically mine?

Good for you, then, because I made a Discord server about them. It has a Byeah for an icon, it’s great.

Please, I don’t have enough people to talk to these things about.


Update 23.


I don’t remember Gudanna being that tough. Must be the difference in difficulty. Heck, I barely remember anything about that bull. Goes to show how uneventful it was.


Update 24. All I had to do was hit it with a book.

By the way: Hey, you. Yes, you, the one bursting at the seams with character ideas. Do you like talking to other people about that and making submissions for EOX characters even though the game isn’t even out in Japan yet?

Good for you, because the EO LP Discord satisfies that very particular desire.


Update 25.

Warning: Things are going to get…pretty heavy for a while.


Well, that suddenly took a turn into dark as all shit, huh.


That’s EO1 for you. They tried to soften it in U, it didn’t work all that well.


I know EO games like to be light on story, but straight up telling your characters to commit genocide and then making very few comments on that is a really jarring decision.


Update 26.


Update 27.

Sorry for the slight delay! EOX (or, well, EON now, I suppose)'s JP release has kept me very busy.


Update 28.


Iwaoropenelep voting is open!