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Etrian Odyssey Untold is a remake of the first Etrian Odyssey game–Etrian Odyssey being a series of first-person dungeon crawler JRPGs, with heavy influence from old-school RPGs in the same sub-genre, like Wizardry. The original was developed and published by Atlus in 2007, and Untold was released in 2013 (2014 for our unlucky compatriots in Europe). Untold’s main feature is its addition of a Story mode, where the player’s party is pre-determined, each party member has their own concrete personality, and the player follows a story that the characters actively influence. Compare with Classic mode, where the player’s party is created by them, and the party participates in the story but doesn’t necessarily influence it too much.

Upon release, EOU pretty quickly became a divisive and somewhat-maligned title in the EO community, due to its slapshod and disappointing Story mode, and some glaring flaws with how Classic mode was handled. In my opinion, and my cohort Hivac’s opinion, this reputation of being a bad game is a bit undeserved, at least as far as Classic mode goes.


Ah, yes. Much like how I had Clarste and alcharagia for co-commentators in EO5, I will be joined this time around by Hivac. You can tell who’s talking at any given time by the colors of our commentary boxes, and our commentary portraits:



Also, saying I will only be joined by Hivac is a lie, because Dr. Fetus will be handling Story mode starting with Story Update 6, due to my low tolerance for the tedium involved with it.

Dr. Fetus

Are you just doing a narrative Classic mode run again?

No. Well, yes, that’ll be in here, but more to the point, I will also be running a condensed Story mode LP alongside the primary Classic LP. It’s handled by Dr. Fetus primarily, starting with Story Update 6.

Spoiler policy?

Don’t. That’s my policy. Please avoid talking about any plot details, for either Story or Classic, that happen beyond the point the LP is currently at.

Classic Table of Contents

1st Stratum: Emerald Grove
Update 0: Overture
Update 1: Tenebris
Update 2: Antlerlust
Update 3: Those Which Reap All
Update 4: Howl
Update 5: Hungry Like the Wolf
Fenrir Overview
Update 6: Guild Tenebris vs. Okami (Fenrir)

2nd Stratum: Primitive Jungle
Update 7: Guild Tenebris vs. Something Completely Different (Coeurl)
Update 8: Bears in the Jungle
Update 9: The Thorny, Not-Too-Tearful Trail
Update 10: 1st True? Dragon Wyvern
Update 11: Ellfan
Update 12: Wood Zone
Cernunnos Overview
Update 13: Guild Tenebris vs. Rammstein (Cernunnos)
Update 14: The Most Tedious Camping Trip

3rd Stratum: Azure Rainforest
Update 15: Welcome to the Abyssal Pain
Update 16: The ???th Door
Queen Ant Overview
Update 17: Guild Tenebris vs. An Actual Monster From Power Rangers (Queen Ant)
Update 18: Guild Tenebris vs. Vespiquen (Queen Bee)
Update 19: Overtime
Update 20: Petal Lake
Corotrangul Overview
Update 21: Guild Tenebris vs. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Corotrangul)

4th Stratum: Sandy Barrens
Update 22: Placeholder
Gudanna Overview
Update 23: Guild Tenebris vs. Cow? Cow? Did Someone…Mention a Cow?! (Gudanna)
Update 24: Guild Tenebris vs. A Rock (Golem)
Update 25: The Forest of Shifting Sands
Update 26: You Can’t Go Back
Update 27: Here Lies Guild Runaway: peperony and chease
Update 28: [2:40 AM] Rea: if you think about it, Thierry’s much like Zero, and Emmett’s much like X, and
Iwaoropenelep Overview
Update 29: Guild Tenebris vs. The Helmaroc King (Iwaoropenelep)

5th Stratum: Lost Shinjuku
Update 30: Guild Tenebris vs. The Towering Pair (Ren and Tlachtga)
Update 31: Not Pictured: 25 Minutes of Trying To Kill a Bone Lizard
Update 32: Sigrid Goes to Space, Even Though She Doesn’t
Update 33: Guild Tenebris vs. A Baneblade (Gimle)
Update 35: Rea Resurgent
Update 36: Melody of Eternal Parting
Etreant Overview
Update 37: Sins of the Forebearers (Etreant)

6th Stratum: Claret Hollows
Update 38: Guild Tenebris vs. A Computer (M.I.K.E.)
Update 39: Nonsense… This is an Election Year
Update 40: Battle Network Ladette.EXE
Update 41: Gaze Into the Face of an Uncaring Labyrinth
Update 42: Guild Tenebris vs. The Seven Collected Dragon Balls (Storm Emperor)
Update 43: Rage Awakened

Story Table of Contents

1st Stratum: Emerald Grove
Story Update 0: This is Happening
Story Update 1: Dude
Story Update 2: That Stuff We’ve Already Seen
Story Update 3: Wolves Again
Story Update 4: Guild Achievers vs. A Wolf That Needs No Armor (Fenrir)

2nd Stratum: Primitive Jungle
Story Update 5: Guild Achievers vs. Did You Eat the Sun Again, Eddy? (Coeurl)
Story Update 6: Grimoires are Stupid
Story Update 7: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
Story Update 8: Rules of Nature
Story Update 9: Sonic Boom
Story Update 10: World Circuit - Bald Bull
Story Update 11: Dirty & Beauty (Queen Bee)

Dark Hunter

Grimoire Generation

For convenience’s and tradition’s sake, here are links to each update so far:

Update 0.

Update 1.

Story Update 0. Our stupid-looking Highlander needs a name!

Name suggestions for the Highlander in Story Mode

Barkley, Stone, Brown, Huck, Laroc, Collynn, Jrew, Aeryn, Derrique, Zzyzx, Roldan, Jaydien, Kierson, Zaiden, Yx (pronounced Alex), Brylee. All based on real names given to poor children.

Scott. Because Highlanders have this scottish aesthetic going on, and I think I’m fucking clever. Plus an unassuming name like that is a good fit for a dopey kid like this.

I didn’t even glance at the story mode when I started playing the other week, as I’m sure was the reaction from most people when playing this game normally about making your own party. At least I can see what I’m missing. Er, “missing,” if all of the writing is the caliber it’s been thus far.

Also, name the Highlander One, because that dumb joke took ten seconds to think of and I won’t bother dedicating any more time to it.

Highlander, eh? Well, outside of the obvious suggestion of Connor, let’s go with Sean. The actual Scotsman in that movie.

Update 2. Deer.

Story Update 1. This name’s ruining me already.

That camel’s roar is clearly just a man saying “raaaawr!” a whole lot and it’s killing me.

Update 3. Not terribly much happens, except for everyone learning how terrifying Quixote can be.

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Update 4. Bugs. Hate 'em.

Story Update 2. Yes, I knew Arthur would be bitten by a snake.

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It’s time for a m-m-m-m-mechanics t r i p l e w h a m m y.


Algorithms, which doubles as a post explaining the precise effects of each stat.

Grimoire Generation, which vomiting noises

I advise that you read all of these–at least just my short notes/takeaways in algorithms/Grimoires.

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Update 5. End of the stratum. You know what that means…


Oh yeah Story Update 3’s here too.

Gonna vote for Katya, Ladette, and Sigrid

Vince, Quixote and Katya.

Afon, Judith, Momoe. Go risky or go home.

…I don’t know how harsh diminishing returns are in EOU, actually, but I’m sticking with these.

Current results:

Voting is closed. Final results:

The Fenrir party shall be: Judith/Vince/Sigrid, Katya/Ladette.

Update 6. Don’t touch that dial, kids, because we’ve got…


Vince, Thierry, Momoe. I get this weird hunch that CPR is gonna put in work…

Afon, Katya, and Elowen. Although it feels wrong to vote for your own character… But the Somas!