Etrian Odyssey Untold: Negative One Games



Update 15.


Oh god, the ants. I’m glad they’re short-lived overall, but in the time they are relevant they are the worst.


Update 16. It’s short, but…

We’ve got a mid-stratum boss to vote on a party for.


Vince, Sigrid and Quixote.


Vince, Quixote, and Afon


Current results are:

…Oh dear.


Typically I would vote for Quixote and Sigrid because I want to see Soul Liberator. But those results are making me feel… Mean.

So I vote for Vince, Elowen and Emmet. But on the bright side, there’s absolutely no way you’re going to die with so much defense and Elowen’s Efficiency-boosted Amritas, and Soul Liberator is definitely getting the spotlight. Also the only light.


Queen Ant voting is closed.

By my own arbitrary tie-breaker choice, the Queen Ant party is Vince/Sigrid, Elowen/Quixote/Ladette.


Update 17.

My apologies for the delay, but a lot of stuff has happened in real life lately.


Oh… you can kill the other ants in the room first. Well, I guess everyone needs an unnecessarily timed battle to keep themselves on their toes every once in a while.


Update 18.

There’s a secret near the end, by the way.


Update 19. Ice damage.


Story Update 6.

By the way Dr. Fetus and alcharagia are the two in charge of the Story LP now. Hivac and I will be sticking to Classic, our wheelhouse, since neither of us have much to add to Story if Fetus is the one handling the main parts of it.


Story Update 7.


Update 20. Was that not enough ice damage for you?

Well here comes Corotrangul. Voting time!


Elowen, Afon, Ladette. Elowen’s speed I feel will be important for tackling Corotrangul, for dispelling attack buffs and recovering from Coro’s bullshit. I want to see Afon coming into her own with the Charges, and thus voted for an elemental attacker as well so she can make use of Spear Assist.


Current results are:

How do I always end up with these ridiculous ties…?


Thierry, Katya and Sigrid. Emmett would be helpful, but disables will probably help a bit more and Quixote isn’t even on the board this time. Poor guy.


Voting is closed. Final results:

Shouldn’t be too bad!

…I hope…


Update 21.

I apologize for the delay. I’ve…gone through probably the toughest period of my life in the past few months.

On the plus side, I’ve emerged from it with a piece of paper that says I know how to write code for computers (a degree in Computer Science).